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  1. All her friends call her Little Wing.... One of my favourite NY songs ever.
  2. This has become my favourite YouTube channel. the last couple of Friday nights I've put this on and just let the songs play one after the other. Some much needed light and happiness in these dark times.
  3. I am ordinarily not one for artists re-recording their own material. But I suspect this might just be superb. The age and wisdom in his voice adds so much more to the song.
  4. Busy listening now @wolfinthepines and I like it.... Thumbs up from me mate. *EDIT* When the track finished it went straight into your cover of My Beautiful Reward. Really nice!
  5. Started watching the first season of Broadchurch again. Still a damn good show and Olivia Coleman really is magnificent in this.
  6. One of my top 3 music concert Blu Rays.I know the audio compression on YT won't do it justice, unfortunately, but if you've never seen the film, definitely worth checking out. Hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Some great music has come out of this pandemic... But I think this has to be my favourite song so far and could be one of my favourite tracks of the year. When he gets it right, man, he gets it so right.
  8. I went on the exact same journey. Even found and downloaded that same album. Counting Crows also did a respectable cover of this song.
  9. A 'Cortina' you say? It ain't no Mustang buddy.
  10. That hat makes my head start itching the minute I think of it....
  11. Listen to it on headphones... Jimbo's bass on that track is stunning. I'm still not crazy about the mix on Be Afraid but the rest of the album more than makes up for it. Last year Jason and the band covered Brothers In Arms live a few times... And on some songs on this album his guitar playing sounds VERY Knopfler-esque... I have no issue with that.
  12. Have you guys seen these lockdown videos the band did?
  13. Best of the 5 songs released from the album so far, no question.
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