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  1. No 10: Just Jinger - All Comes Round I started my list with a South African album, and I shall end it with one too. I appreciate that this cover will have little to no impression on most all of you, and thats okay. But I had to include it. In the mid Nineties, in the honeymoon of the then newly democratic South Africa, the South African rock scene saw a blossoming and a new dawn that was absolutely glorious, for a time. There was no inferiority complex around the music (if its from America or England it MUST be better, of course) young, new talented musicians and songwriters with no chip
  2. She came here in 1995 with a full band. Saw her, was so entranced I bought another ticket to see her again. She ended the show on her own, this diminutive person on stage alone, no guitar, singing Amazing Grace acapella. Not a dry eye in the house.
  3. No 9: Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman A near flawless debut. One of the first female singer-songwriters who's career I began to follow religiously. Seeing her live (twice) in 1995, an absolute dream come true. One of the most beautiful, charismatic and enchanting performers I have ever seen.
  4. Episode 5: One Of These Days/Money (Solo) - Pink Floyd https://youtu.be/gKFJsxEMHMQ
  5. He is, to coin a phrase, Da Man.
  6. No 8: Sting – Bring on the Night I was 13 years old, home sick with a bad cold, bored. Looked for something to watch (back then broadcast television here started around 5pm) and found the brand new VHS copy of Sting’s Bring on the Night that my oldest brother had bought. He was a big fan of The Police. I put it on and lay back on the couch. My dad had the TV wired to his amp and into his stereo speakers, nothing unusual today but back then, extremely rare. I watched this live concert documentary about this well-spoken, good looking English gent and was trying to come to terms wi
  7. No worries at all. Love Pacino... Carlito's Way is undoubtedly one of his best. Trust me! "Last of the Mo'rican's..." And if you've never seen Glengarry Glenross, it has one of the greatest casts on screen and Pacino is brilliant in that too. Completely different role to the likes of Carlito's Way, but that's what makes him a genius, innit?
  8. And already I had forgotten one of my most favourite movies... Glengarry Glen Ross.
  9. No 7: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend. Cannot think of a best of/greatest hits compilation I've listened to more times. From high school days to present times. This made me go back and delve into the individual albums, and my favourite Bob Marley album will always be Exodus, but this is still a near perfect track listing and can be played anywhere, anytime.
  10. My father had a friend named Peter.... He called him Peewee. He was from the UK (I unfortunately don't know exactly where) and he had the thickest accent... as a kid I understood very little of what he said. But he had a stereo (!) VHS player and a Stereo VHS of Alchemy which he had brought over with him on a trip to visit family. We would go over there for dinner, and then sit and watch Alchemy, start to finish... I recall doing this maybe 5 or 6 times? The version on this of Private Investigations is still one of the most exciting live performances I've ever seen.
  11. Seen a performance of him doing the title track from this on Sessions at West 54th and it was epic. *Edit* Found it on Ootoobs.
  12. Oh gosh squire... Too hard to say. Same as music. For me, a top 3 or top 10 list would not necessarily be about the best movie, or the best acting, or best script or whatever. It would be which ones do I want to go back to, over and over? Which ones do I never tire of? If I had to get rid of my entire Blu Ray and DVD collection and have only 10, which would they be? I absolutely love movies that others might laugh at the thought of. For example, one of my all time favourites, which I recently found on Blu Ray and was ecstatic about, was Joe Versus The Volcano. Ditto The Idolmaker. It fina
  13. About to get stuck into Season 6 of one of my favourite TV Series.
  14. I think I've only seen 10 on the list. (I think) but at least 3 on that list I would put in my top 10 favourite movies, ever. So I will definitely seek out others on the list. Thank you Paolo-San.
  15. He released this one at the end of March as well...
  16. I am very very glad that during the height of CD and people getting rid of their vinyl, I made sure I kept my US Import copy of that box. Still have it today, in immaculate condition. Put it on only on very special occasions.
  17. No 6: Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love I knew BITUSA. I had listened to and loved the Live box set. But this was the first new Springsteen album I listened to and had that 'Eureka!' moment... It was, specifically, Ain't Got You. So incredibly different to every song on BITUSA... That first song on that record, the first time I had a conscious thought of, shit, this guy is telling me something... He is making a statement, something about how that huge album before this, isn't all there is to him... I need to pay attention here. And then, of course, as I got to know songs like Brilli
  18. I posted a Mellencamp album a few posta above this. I first heard the name Mitch Ryder from the Mellencamp song Rock in the U.S.A...
  19. How different/similar is this to 'Let It Be Naked'? I know the tracklisting is different, of course, but I mean specifically the shared songs?
  20. And, I would suspect, not too many in Africa, right? I would seriously love to see him live. This is the thing now. Of the artists and bands I still wish I could see live, very few are 'stadium acts' that are likely to come to SA. Most are singer-songwriters I'd probably be able to see in small theatres or venues in the UK or USA.
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