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  1. I am a huge David Crosby fan. Got to see the Croz one recently and really enjoyed it.
  2. Will be watching this, thank you.
  3. No 5: Jimmy Smith - Respect. Have been a huge fan of Jimmy Smith ever since. Again, a vinyl record my father used to listen to often. From here I discovered the (superior) albums such as Midnight Special and Back at the Chicken Shack. Also, I suspect this is where my love of instrumental music and, particularly, the Hammond B3 organ, come from.
  4. I've never heard the multi-channel mixes... I can imagine they must be amazing!
  5. She said "Hey, it's Romeo, you nearly gimme your record collection"
  6. Have you heard the new stereo mix of Peppers Giles Martin did in 2017? I really hope he gets the opportunity to do that with Revolver and Rubber Soul one day. I'd bet Dollars to Donuts they are already in the can, waiting for the optimal release date...
  7. Agreed, I think this is true of most of the early Beatles stereo releases. They saw stereo as a short lived gimmick back then. I have read that the band did not even give any input into the stereo mixes.
  8. I have not, will definitely do so. Have you heard James Grant's new solo album? It is a free download on Soundcloud but if you pay it goes to charity. I paid 5 Pounds and after hearing the music feel I should have paid a lot more. It is magnificent. Truly. He has one of my favourite voices in music.
  9. One quick point, is this not the second official live released of Frankie, taking the 2014 Mohegan Sun version into account?
  10. I have always seen The Beatles as the genesis of the perfect 'pop' band, The Rolling Stones as the prototype 'rock' band, and Led Zeppelin as the first real 'heavy rock' band... Rightly or wrongly...
  11. No 4: The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. This might seem an obvious or cliched choice. But it really is the first Beatles album I came to know. It was released 5 years before I was born. My dad played his vinyl copy when I was a kid. As a teen, with my own hi-fi system, my mates and I would play it over and over. My amp had the ability to switch both speakers to the left or right channel. I used to play the record from start to finish in the left channel, then the right, then the 'whole' album. It blew me away how the stereo was mixed and how each side was almost a different album. Hugely instrumental for me and I've been a Beatles and more specifically, McCartney fan ever since. To put this into perspective, I was listening to this album at the same time as the then brand new Macca album, Flowers in the Dirt.
  12. No. 3: Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War Of The Worlds.
  13. Sounds like it might have been George Carlin?
  14. My father used to play Bill Cosby's records repeatedly in the Seventies and early Eighties. I remember when the Cosby Show came to SA, I couldn't believe it was the same guy, and I could now actually SEE him. It saddens me that you now can't talk about him and what happened to him. Those records were so good.
  15. Is it too late for me to join the party? No 1: Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World
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