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  1. I thought the song was really good but Jesus my ears are going cos I couldn't understand the spoken parts.
  2. This is one of the best things I have heard all year. One of my favourite voices in music and these songs are magnificent.
  3. Lola is one of Annie's daughters. Lola's sister Tali, is an artist/painter.
  4. I will definitely check these out @ludomichel
  5. One of the greats. Did you know he played the slide guitar solo on this? According to Ricky he asked if he could because he loved the song, apparently...
  6. And one of the albums by the little boy who was sitting on Johnny's shoulders on the cover above. Time really does fly.
  7. He mentions the Rick Wright daughter thing in the new video, a bit of a humorous story...
  8. Episode 4: One Slip/Wearing the Inside Out (Pink Floyd)
  9. My God.... Thank you @JimCT I can't believe that video has been up for a year and not even had 400 views.... That is sad. And the all star band with her? This is a goldmine. I can't wait to sit and watch this properly.
  10. Watched this last night for the first time in 20 years. Still a good movie.
  11. For Friday Movie Night last night we watched The Breakfast Club. Still a good movie. So much iconic and great music was made in the mid Eighties, and ditto movies.
  12. PS... 'Dop' is the Afrikaans word for liquor...
  13. Okay, so I realise the video quality is not great (I don't think Robin has great internet connection where he is) and it's his first attempt at a live stream (He is NOT left-handed) and I'm sure the next ones will get better and better. But the music is still superb and well worth watching. I've seen him live many times over the years, with and without bands. He is a superb solo artist IMO.
  14. the video with Curt and Diva is amazing.
  15. I've never seen them... I have the Anthology CDs, the 3 2CD sets which were UK imports at the time, but the DVDs were just way too expensive.
  16. He definitely said Murder Most Foul was not new. I still suspect it was recorded around the time of the Tempest album. This one I'm not sure of yet.
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