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  1. Love the song, love the band. I've seen them three times. Twice it was incredible, the third time it was dull. I'm hoping to give them another go soon, though. I trust you're aware that Dave himself is actually from South Africa? Johannesburg, like you. I do indeed! I've heard a few 'South Africanisms' creep in now and then on live recordings, like 'lekker' (nice) and 'boep' which is Afrikaans slang for a beer gut. It's a big part of the excitement, Dave playing in front of South African audiences for the very first time... We're expecting something a bit special. On AntsMarching, a DMB forum, I see many people are making the trip here from the US and Europe because they're expecting special setlists and shows. Two dreams I had, seeing DMB in Jhb, and seeing Bruce as part of his very first South African audience, and both are going to be scratched off my bucket list in a space of two months. I feel genuinely lucky and blessed...
  2. Dave Matthews Band - Mercy Seeing DMB live for the first time on December 3rd... Also the band's first tour to SA... DMB in December followed by Bruce in Jan... Good times!
  3. Shackled And Drawn Live from Hard Rock Calling 2012... Awesome version and sound.
  4. Not that long ago, before mainstream internet and iTunes and MP3s etc etc... As incomprehensible as it must seem to young folks now, I would walk into the local music store and find new albums by artists I loved, including Springsteen, without even having known they were being released. I would buy them on the spot, without having heard a single note, take them home, and more times than not, have an absolute eargasm enjoying the 10 or 12 brand new songs I hadn't known the day before. God we're spoiled today. Spoiled, arrogant, entitled, demanding. Imagine Bruce read some of the crap posted here and went "You know what? Stuff it... Cancel the tours, stop the music releases, I'll go home and enjoy being with my family, you guys can press repeat on BTR for ever and ever." But he never would, and I for one am eternally grateful and thankful that he does what he does. I don't have to like or love all of it, and if/when the new album comes out, I might think it's 'okay' or I might think it the best thing he has ever done. I can't say. But the endless waffle over one freaking song as though it's the end of all civilization. It's one bloody song...Sheesh people.
  5. It's definitely slower. To me High Hopes '95 sounds like a song recorded by a band that pretty much just learned it and are recording it on the fly. Nothing wrong with it though. High Hopes '13 (AKA The most talked about Springsteen song in history) is a song played by a band who've played it live and found their own groove and 'take' on it. Equally not bad...
  6. From another noob, welcome! Not sure if you read the site regulations but no photos of yourself with Bruce are allowed, as they create jealousy amongst people like me who've never had the luck or pleasure... And my personal opinion, I love the new version... It's really grown on me.
  7. Forgive me, I know this is an old post, and thanks to someone posting in this thread today it's come to the fore but I have to say I find this really interesting... I always wondered what kind of sales an artist like Bruce had in SA. I know in the bigger picture we are a tiny rock music market but at least now I have an idea... I had guessed 5000 to 10 000 units, perhaps, so I wasn't terribly far off. Perhaps by now WB has sold around 5000 copies here? We never got the deluxe version, just the standard 11 track version. I know he has sold many many more copies of his entire catalogue here over the last 40 years but I'm now even more glad he is coming to play here!
  8. Indeed a great point. Its certainly obscure enough that 95 percent of people don't know the '95 version. And i can say this with some authority since i am one of the 95 % ...and I own the EP. Apparently I need to go dig it out an listen. This proves the point doesn't it? To most folks out there, they will hear this and go "Wow, what a great new Springsteen track" And nothing wrong with that...
  9. Wow this grows on you... It's a powerful track on good headphones folks. The fact that it's a cover, and that Bruce has done a version previously, does not matter to me. This is a good song, Bruce obviously identifies with it, and I really cannot wait to see this played live. The drums are so powerful and sound great, the much talked about Morello guitar parts work, the keys, and the vocal take is superb...Really, Bruce's voice is better than ever. I now think this far surpasses the '95 take.
  10. Amen... I'm fortunate to have a fellow music junkie/mate as a contact at the Look & Listen in Fourways, but ja... I can give you a laundry list of new stuff I've downloaded from iTunes but still not seen the physical CD's of... Although the Musica in Sandton does have Wrecking Ball on vinyl.... Christmas is coming! *EDIT* I would hope that in light of the momentous occasion of Bruce visiting us for the first time ever, Sony SA will pull out all the stops to make sure the shelves are stocked with Springsteen related merchandise, including whatever new product there might be... ...Including a limited edition South African Tour Edition of said new product, with bonus tracks?
  11. I understand not everything will be everyone's cup of tea. I have never disliked any of Bruce's projects. I love some more than others, listen to some albums far more than others... To me, the bigger picture here is new music from The Boss... Which is likely to be followed by more new music from him. Be it new compositions, covers of other peoples music, covers of his OWN music... (Imagine BITUSA without the Eighties production?) I know I will find much to love... I am just damn thankful he is still so keen to keep making new music and offering it to us, not, as someone else said, regurgitating nothing but 30 year old music as a nostalgia act.
  12. Looking forward to seeing this played live on the 26th of January squire? I know I am! I'm looking forward to seeing it played live on the 18th of January!!!!!! Good for you mate! I thought that with this being a new Bruce Springsteen single and his next scheduled appearance being on the 26th of January in Cape Town, for which DesmondP and I have tickets, we had a pretty good chance of seeing this performed live... But perhaps you have a private show booked for the 18th? Nice!
  13. Looking forward to seeing this played live on the 26th of January squire? I know I am!
  14. Come now... Facebook is saving you time, saving you money, and putting YOU, first...Thank you for that pep talk, where do I sign up?!Those were your words Sir... Or at least, the first way I came to know Mr. Welles as a kid, on a Nashua TV Advert..
  15. Come now... Facebook is saving you time, saving you money, and putting YOU, first...
  16. Kay I know the '95 version really well, so it's a case of trying to hear it with an unbiased ear... Like with the WB version of LOHAD, I first thought 'and now?' but it's become one of my favourite tracks on the album. Yes, Morello is very front and centre on it, which is going to be a divisive factor for fans... (I was a huge fan of the first Audioslave album and I happen to like Morello's guitar work personally) I don't dislike it, I just need to hear it more and digest it I think.
  17. Oh well... MOG not available in South Africa apparently...
  18. I saw our mayor's crack once. It was pretty gross.
  19. James Phillips was a true great.... Sunny Skies is arguably one of the best albums made in SA...
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