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  1. Cool video. Man, those '03 sideburns though...Wow...
  2. If anyone feels like watching one of my favourite South African songwriters a little later....
  3. Amanda Shires is doing daily livestreams, and Jason joins her most days as well. Here is the most recent one: And this one was a tribute to John Prine.
  4. So you walk on in pursuit of those better questions, tentatively putting one foot in front of another through the dark, because that's where the next morning is.
  5. Yes, I actually watched Spectre for the first time a few weeks ago. I definitely felt it was not as strong as Skyfall. My understanding was that No Time To Die followed on quite closely from Spectre?
  6. I was actually really amped to see the new one... I was even contemplating going to a cinema to see it, but alas, I shall have to wait...
  7. Half hour compilation of performances from the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Enjoy.
  8. I'm so glad someone brought this up and said this... Part of why I have always loved that Sessions session is the interplay between John and Jason. I can imagine that for him (and David Jacques, his long time bass player) they must have lost a family member just as much as Fiona or the children.
  9. Bona fide legend. Last of a generation of gentleman racers I think.
  10. If I click the link in the original post i see the video... Might be blocked in your territory?
  11. I can't find a video of the full audio of this, unfortunately, but it is available for download and streaming (I got it on iTunes a couple weeks back)
  12. @lilbud i downloaded your first link which was 1.14gb.... Is there a difference between that and the new link? Did you make any updates? Thank you again.
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