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  1. My second favourite Tracy Chapman album (after that flawlessly magnificent debut, of course) and listening to it is like a soothing balm right now.
  2. I believe you can add David Bryant, keyboardist from Bon Jovi to the list.
  3. Thank you for this. Busy downloading now.
  4. I love this LITF. But.... I don't know that any version will ever top LINYC. Frankie on here is outstanding.
  5. Idiots. His wife posted 2 days ago that he was in his 8th day in ICU.
  6. Sorry mate I headed to bed when you posted this. I think I can do it on this image, but if you crop it to a square it gets more difficult to fit it. the one young Paolo San did looks good though?
  7. This is the show most people expect (hope?) to see included in a BITUSA box set, not so?
  8. I often use a free program called befunky to create cover art these days. But you are limited to the fonts on that particular program. I used to spend HOURS making CD art, back, front, spines... Now it's just a wee square that goes on my phone screen....
  9. I just don't have the font unfortunately... Hoping @lilbud will kindly assist...
  10. Out of interest, I know it's from the night before, but you can get some pretty cool screengrabs from the Drive all Night video on Bruce's channel. Maybe another possibility?
  11. I have a friend who moved to Gothenburg about two years ago... He takes great photos. He sent me one of the stadium... He is quite young, does not know Springsteen but I said to him you have no idea how big a deal that building is to Springsteen fans!
  12. Watched this again last night. First saw it not long after it was released. Very different movie now. Yes, its Hollywood. Its more dramatic and the time frame is significantly quicker than our current reality. But still, some of the similarities are uncanny.
  13. Really off topic but that looks like Carter Beauford in the left of the pic...
  14. Indeed. I'm sure he will. He also happens to be one of the nicest guys on the planet too.
  15. Community just came to Netflix South Africa... Woohoo!
  16. For once I am not at the office in a mild frantic trying to get things out... Finding out what it is after the fact. So I can enjoy the suspense with you guys...
  17. This makes me sad... I love Bill Withers.
  18. As per my signature. The one and only show ever played in my hometown. I made peace back then with the fact that I had a near perfect Bruce experience and that the chances of him coming back here were very very small.... Even before all of this. I just know how it works here. I will forever have the memories, the official audio, the videos... No regrets. No retreat baby. No surrender.
  19. This is the song that, for me, most of all takes on another dimension in the live setting, especially with Bruce and Patti singing together. Wow.
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