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  1. I didn't know anything about this show. So I'm really happy with this release although it's a short show. And it is directly a good reason to play the Christic shows which for me were also unknown before this Archive series started. So these are the real treasures of this archive series!!
  2. The MCCartney songs are no problem because the were already released as bonus on Springsteen & I dvd. There were also appereances of Tom Morello and John Fogerty during that show. The audio on that dvd was mixed by Bob Clearmountain so if they release the full show will it be a full Bob mix or a new mix by John Altshiller ?
  3. Although i am Not a great seeger sessions fan i really like to have the versions of The River and The ghost of Tom joad from that tour
  4. Although the release for august is delayed and will come out today according to a tweet of Backstreetsmagazine there is still no concrete rumour about which show it will be.
  5. I guess one of three broadcast shows which are left over we can expect tomorrow passaic sept 19 cleveland fox Theatre sept 30 winterland San Francisco dec 15
  6. Why dont i read anything on the official Nugs site, twitter or on the site about the delay? and is it for a few days, a week or hours?
  7. The Live in Dublin album was recorded in november if i am correct. But all 3 Dublin shows are recorded so maybe we also get a full audio of one of the shows just like with the Msg show which was used for the Live in NYC album
  8. This week 17 years ago the release of The Rising album so hopefully if they decode more recordings of that tour we maybe can expect a show from 2002 or 2003
  9. The 2002 indoor shows, were shorter and more intens than the outdoor 2003 shows. The 2002 shows had more Rising songs at the setlist which i prefer when you got out to promote an album.
  10. Why won´t 2002 work ? The archive series didn't release any of those shows yet! A reunion or a Rising show would be great as next release
  11. Here you can download the 2004-10-02 show it´s a matrix recording ALD-IEM-AUD, Cleveland OH.rar
  12. From these vintige shows should be exsist in Multi-tracks or in soundboard in archive from Springsteen and maybe we can some of these shows expect in Archive series 1978-06-16 Memorial Hall, Kansas City -SBD bootleg 1978-06-24 Paramount Theater, Portland - SBD bootleg 1978-06-25 Paramount Northwest Theatre, Seattle - SBD bootleg 1978-07-01 Community Auditorium, Berkeley - SBD bootleg 1978-08-05 Louisville Gardens, Louisville - SBD bootleg 1978-08-15 Capitol Centre, Cargo - SBD bootleg 1978-08-19 The Spectrum, Philadelphia - SBD bootleg 1978-09-17 The Palladium, New York - SBD bootleg 1978-09-19 Capitol Theater, Passiac - radio broadcast 1978-09-21 Capitol Theater, Passiac - SBD bootleg 1978-09-30 Fox Theater, Atlanta - radio broadcast 1978-11-02 Capitol Centre, Cargo - SBD bootleg 1978-12-15 Winterland, San Fransisco - radio broadcast 1978-12-16 Winterland, San Francisco - used for Live 1975-85 1980-12-28 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale - used for Live 195-85 1981 -08-20 Sports Arena, Los Angeles - SBD Bootleg 1981 -08-24 Sports Arena, Los Angeles - SBD Bootleg 1984-08-06 Meadowlands Arena, NJ - used for Live 1975-85 1984-08-19 Meadowlands Arena, NJ - used for Live 1975-85 1985-08-19 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford - used for Live 1975-85 1985-08-21 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford - used for Live 1975-85 1985-09-30 L.A. Colliseum, Los Angeles - used for 1975-85
  13. Did anyone figure out already why the remixed New Years show is 5 minutes shorter? Have they edited out crowd noise or also in the songs ?
  14. To be honest what a surprise a re-release of the legendary New Years Eve ‘80 show after 4 years. I didn’t expect that we would get a remix of the show. And great that the new release is the second show from the 3 stand at the Nassau colliseum 1980. It is really an essential release to have in this quality!!
  15. 38 years ago the opening of the meadowlands arena