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  1. Shows in Holland are also sold out very fast.
  2. Finally i could listen to the new release. What a great show! I’m really happy with a Reunion show. I am a huge fan of the Tom Joad version during this tour. Hopefully he Will take this arrangement in reprise during a new EsB tour.
  3. It is online!!
  4. Dutch rock singer Barry Hay, front man from the legendary Dutch band Golden Earring (with the international hits Radar Love and When the lady smiles) is Going to release a solo album full with covers. And he also Made a version of I’m on fire and it is not a bad attempt.
  5. Why do i never read something if they delay a release on their socials?
  6. Are those new versions then so different to release 4 months after the original album expect the bonus cover? After 4 months of this release we can expect a dvd ? Why didn’t he release the movie and album at once ??
  7. The ticketsale starts monday @Daisey Jeep there are 3 cinema’s in The Hague where i live so i will get a ticket and go
  8. It looks like the movie is gonna get a showing in several Pathé cinema’s in the Netherlands only on november 17th
  9. In the Netherlands the Western Stars movie Will be shown on Sunday november 17 in the theaters. Ticketsale starts monday september 23
  10. The Rising tour was the fist tour i saw of Bruce. The album "The Rising" was at that time heavily on repeat. When i got a ticket for the indoor show at Ahoy Rotterdam i was pretty excited to see Bruce finally live. The excitment went higher after the MTV broadcast of the Barcelona a week before i should go. The show in Ahoy was very intense. He played like 10 songs from his latest record. And even with the quiet songs "You're Missing" and "Empty Sky" the audience was quiet! I really had the feeling Bruce was there to give the world hope and love what everybody needed at that time. I enjoyed the fully more than two and half hour show every single minute and i had the feeling that i experienced something special. And when Bruce said at the end: "We will see you in spring!!" I knew one thing i wanna experience this again and less then a week later the ticketsale started for stadium tour in Europe and saw him again in Rotterdam
  11. Finally i could listen to the new release. I was already happy with this ‘78 release but after listening the show i was blown away. Great versions of the songs and also some great transitions like Meeting and Jungleland. Hopefully we also get more ‘78 shows like Atlanta and the Winterland shows or a surprise show which doesn’t circulate in soundboard yet.
  12. I dont expect anything then i dont get disapointed if there is no release. But of course i hope we get a surprise release
  13. It’s already the 5th Darkness tour release and i guess we still can expect more from that tour with 2 more radio broadcasts and Winterland 2 in the vaults. Plus what we don’t know. This tour is well documented.