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  1. A new part in the live series on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7aBU1RPVRyTsH5T0dZMA7E?si=U2AdzGzDQoyugI2PQkxVwA
  2. @sunshine2020 thnx for sharing!! I was wrong it was an IEM-audience mix and not only IEM. I think the versions you shared are the only versions which excist.
  3. Could someone post 2000-04-04 Tacoma dome, Tacoma (IEM recording)?
  4. Question i have the bootleg “The ghost of LA” with the 2 WOAD shows April 15 and 16 2009 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. But I can’t figure out if it’s an IEM recording or a very good audience? Could some one post the Horesema IEM recordings so I can compare it? Thnx in advanced!!
  5. Pay attention: for some reason there is a swap in the first tracks of both cd’s. Track 01 from disc 2 is track 01 of disc 1. and track 01 from disc 1 is track 01 of disc 2. Both tracks are named intro I guess there I made the mistake sorry for this confusion!!
  6. 1996-04-20 Koningin Elisabethzaal, Antwerpen, Belgium A zimmy21 recording ! Taken directly from the mastertape. Edited and remastered by zimmy21.It has different splits, fade in, fade out, added little more bass. Sound quality : excellent recording ! Source : AKG microphones > battery > Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder > PC > EAC > Wav > Traders Little Helper > Flac 8 Download link: https://we.tl/t-irxdsH1Jd9 (link 1 week valid)
  7. I think Covid-19 will always stay and we have to live with it. So I don’t expect big stadium shows with 50.000 or even more people. I really think we will get concerts but with a smaller amount of audience to keep distance even with the vaccinations (which maybe are every year with all the mutations). I really hope end this year or spring 2022 we can enjoy in some sort a concert
  8. If I compare the tracklist on Springsteen lyrics I think it is the Young Dutch master.
  9. 2006-05-16 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam Audience recording in FLAC Link: https://we.tl/t-CFG6GoXiR6 I recieved this one by trade so i don't not know which label and no artwork
  10. Remove The Gospel´s Rain it contain official stuff from the Cristic Shows
  11. The Stockholm show I am searching is a mix with Milton Keys called The lost Stockholm Tv Special https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=3500&category=aud_live1992&page=3
  12. Looking for these SBD/Broadcasts if they are allowed from 1993 tour 1993-05-20 RDS, Dublin 1993-05-28 Stockholm Stadium, Stockholm
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