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  1. Are there any updates about The Rising tour if they could fix the problem with the recordings? And except the New Orleans show could we also expect another full Seeger show this year or are they also having problems with that tour to decode it?
  2. Ok i Made a wrong song Joke and I really regret and wanted to delete my post but it is not possible! again Sorry!! And I really have regets and feel sorry for the Australian people and animals who died!! so please i have said sorry it was a stupid reaction of me!!
  3. Sorry that i also Made a song Joke about the Australian fires. I really didn’t thought about to hurt somebody!! I Made a donation to the Red Cross for Australia!! Hopefully everything will be quick under control.
  4. Hopefully Springsteen will release an Australian show and the proceeds goes to the Australian people who are affected by the fire
  5. The delay it very strange because last year they released a first friday Roxy 75 (if i am correct), then Broadway, with Christmas the 2 No Nukes shows and first friday january again a release. So why now a delay ?
  6. From 1988 I would add the legendary Berlin show
  7. I’m really happy this double release. It is really great to have both shows at the same time and especially these legendary shows. I hardly can imagine that these shows happened 40 years ago they sound so fresh.
  8. No both Winterland shows are the December and Christmas release at once
  9. “Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true or is it something worse”