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  1. Just play the Hyde park 2009 dvd they are both on it or rip the audio
  2. A free download ?? what time we can expect the news in European time ?
  3. I saw the video with Springsteen and the others about the Corona reliëf fund. And I thought if Nugs is smart they donate the proceeds from the upcoming archive release to that fund.
  4. I am hoping for April, if we get one, for a release in these uncertain times with the Corona virus a show with a lot of hope. I personally looking forward to something positive. I am sitting at home because the restaurant where I work has been shut down because of the virus
  5. I was hoping for the Berlin TOL show that one is really an essential release
  6. And if I am correct VH1 Storytellers was edited
  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t know anything about the Vietnam Vets show or heard the bootleg ? what is so special about this show ?
  8. Today I was listening to the Live in Dublin album and the Bonustracks EP and I wondered were those 28 songs all of them? And then when I checked Brucebase I figured out that we are still missing some songs. 1. John Henry (performed all 3 shows) 2. You can Look but better not touch (performed 1st and 2nd show) 3. Devils and Dust (performed 1st show) 4. The River (performed 2nd show) 5. Shenandoah (performed 2nd show) 6. Jesus Was An Only Son (performed 3rd show) Is there a reason that they didn’t release those songs? I think if they released those songs they could have fit on the album especially if they used 80 minutes cd’s. Album 1 duration 72 minutes so at least one song would fit. And album 2 duration is 50 minutes so they could also add some songs. Was this a missed opportunity from Landau management? Or what if they made a triple album out it with all performed songs in setlist order performance. Then it would have been something like this 1. Atlantic City 2. John Henry 3. Old Dan Tucker 4. Further on (up on the road) 5. Johnny 99 6. The ghost of Tom Joad 7. Eyes on the price 8. Jesse James 9. Oh Mary don’t you weep 10. Growing Up 11. Bobby Jean 12. For You 13. if I should fall behind 14. Erie Canal 15. My Oklahoma home 16. Highway Patrolman 17. Devils and dust 18. Mrs McGrath 19. How can a poor man stand such times and lives? 20. Jacobs Ladder 21. Long Time coming 22. Jesus was an only son 23. The River 24. Open all night 25. Pay Me my money down 26. Shenandoah 27. My City of Ruins 28. We Shall overcome 29. Blinded by the light 30. You can look but better not touch 31. When the saints go marching in 32. This little light of mine 33. American Land 34. Love of the common people (bonustrack: Barcelona oktober 24 2006, also bonustrack on the original Live in Dublin album)
  9. I wish for Nijmegen 2013. From that show doesn’t circulate a full bootleg. And it was a great show with the accoustic version The ghost of TomJoad as opener, So Young And in love as sign request, a full Darkness set. And when it starts raining halfway the show the crowd and the ESB gets more energy. Or to quote Springsteen: It ain’t raining hard enough !!
  10. Since today on Spotify the exclusive live EP with live 5 tracks from The Seeger sessions band in Dublin which did not include on the original live album
  11. The versions of Tom Joad, Hard Times , Jungleland and American Land are also stunning on this release. What great way to start the weekend with this release!
  12. Great to have an early Woad release. And also nice have live versions of The Wrestler and Kingdom of Days.