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  1. Is it my imagination or is the audience and also Bruce his talking in between the songs way lower in the mix?
  2. Great to see after more than 40 years this show released as complete show in good quality
  3. Wednesday the new single of The Killers with Springsteen will drop so I’m really curious if they release a live archive next week.
  4. I would say Tracks 2 or the Born in the USA box in the fall and a new album in march followed by an ESB tour. March - May: indoor Arena shows US june - july/ August: Europe outdoor august - Early october: US outdoor And maybe South America october - december: indoor US januari - february 2023: Australia and New Sealand
  5. Good luck to everybody who is going to get tickets for the Broadway show!
  6. Just for the competists under us. Some of the songs from Springsteens performances on Pinkpop 2009 & 2012 in the Netherlands where broadcasted on dutch tv and radio. The songs of 2012 has some dj intro and talk/jingles in between. All the songs are in MP3 Songs from 2009: Badlands / Working On A Dream / Born To Run / I'm On Fire Songs from 2012: Death To My Hometown / Spirit in The Night / I'm On Fire / Shackled & Drawn / Hungry Heart (with Mumford & Sons) Download link: https://we.tl/t-UMyfV02qs2 (link works 7 days)
  7. Don't know if had been shared here before. This recorcing is not listed on Brusebase or Springsteenlyrics.com 2000-06-04 Atlanta, GA Straight Through The Heart (ALD_AUD MIX) (Flynn) Downloadlink: https://we.tl/t-mCcgd6xs0Y (link works for 7 days)
  8. There are some official stuff on it. So it can’t be shared over here. But if You do torrents you can find it on Jungleland or Google it than You can also find it.
  9. His last relevant album for me with quite some political and social statemants and what was going on in the world. High Hopes and the American Beauty EP were ok but could also be one album. The Broadway thing was not my thing. I had the feeling i was listingen / looking at Bruce visiting his psychiater. Western Stars every time i try to play it i fall a sleep so i give up. Even not i a listening a couple of songs Letter to you is good record but i missed a little bit the relevance wat WB has. It´s more for me a kind of farewell album. A tribute to everyone who doesn´t live anymore and were precious for heim
  10. Maybe with “we” means that Bruce and Patti recorded together an album
  11. Always nice to hear in May Santa Claus is coming to town I think this release is pretty representive for the HT/LT tour with 16 songs of those 2 albums. I know a lot of people don't like this tour and band but i still like it. With the HT/LT albums i discovered Bruce and i played the (UN)plugged show to death. After these ialbums I discoved his complete back catalogue and yes his ESB shows are way better compared with this band but i still like it. But i'm still happy with this release to hear HT/LT songs which are rarely or never played live after this tour anymore allthough some songs are still great after all these years. This weekend i go back to my youth and listen to this show regularly and enjoy it!!
  12. The Musicares show of 2013-02-08 is officially released on dvd
  13. Backstreets was /is tweeting since April about the 40th anniversary of the European tour 1981 with pictures and articles about that tour to celebrate it.
  14. This month is the 40th anniversary of the European River tour 1981. Backstreets is celebrating it a lot with a lot of tweets and also articles about that tour so I really hope another European River show from 1981
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