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  1. What an intense show!! I am really enjoying this release. Great to hear Streets of Philadelphia live, brilliant versions of Point Blanc, Factory, Youngstown and Murder Inc.!! And maybe one of the best Jungleland versions ever!! This show will go a lot on repeat this month. This is really a great reunion ESB release
  2. Am I the only who is hearing in the intro of Point Blanc in the notes of Clarence saxophone playing some simultaneously notes of how he’d played The River during the reunion tour?
  3. During the Tom Joad tour he played that song live. and I agree it’s a great song what must be played more often live
  4. Funny to see that on the original setlist Trapped was on the spot were he played Atlantic City. And that Working on the Highway and Tom Joad were replaced for Sherry Darling and Streets of Philadelphia
  5. This show is is high on my list as an archive release
  6. I think it’s a Steve van Zandt thing he likes mono versions and he produced the song maybe that explains a lot
  7. If I am correct there is een IEM (in ear monitor mix) recording floating around
  8. According to the nugs blog : the Réunion show Philadelphia September 25 1999 is the new archive release for June 2020 1999-09-25 FIRST UNION CENTRE, PHILADELPHIA, PA Soundcheck: IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND / INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET (4 takes) / CRUSH ON YOU / 4TH OF JULY, ASBURY PARK (SANDY) / NEW YORK CITY SERENADE INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET / THE TIES THAT BIND / PROVE IT ALL NIGHT / TWO HEARTS / ATLANTIC CITY / FACTORY / POINT BLANK / YOUNGSTOWN / MURDER INCORPORATED / BADLANDS / OUT IN THE STREET / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT / SHERRY DARLING / STREETS OF PHILADELPHIA / NEW YORK CITY SERENADE / LIGHT OF DAY / JUNGLELAND / BORN TO RUN / THUNDER ROAD / IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND / LAND OF HOPE AND DREAMS / RAISE YOUR HAND (with Ali Weinberg) Another incredible show. Sources say that the soundcheck and show was in part filmed. Surprise opener "Incident On 57th Street" is a tour premiere, last played in 1980. Set also includes "New York City Serenade" and the final tour performances of "Streets Of Philadelphia" and "Raise Your Hand". "Atlantic City" returns to the set after a short break; it was last played on July 24. "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" includes "It's All Right", "The Monkey Time", "Take Me To The River", "Red Headed Woman", and "My Girl". "Light Of Day" includes "You Can't Sit Down" and "I've Been Everywhere". Ali Weinberg features on keyboards on "Raise Your Hand".
  9. If you expect a BItUSA recording the following shows were used for Live 1975-85 album which is a prediction what we still can expect: 1984 - August 6 & 9 Meadowlands Arena (the shows from 5 and 20 are released) 1985 - August 19 & 21 Giants Stadium 1985 - September 30 Los Angeles Coliseum so at least these shows are multi-track recorded and presumably the other shows from these stands also
  10. but from Paris (June 29 1985) circulates a full pro-shot video and audio and an incomplete audio and video recording from Toronto (July 26 1984 only the. 2nd set plus encores). You don’t think that Bruce has those shows in his vaults ?
  11. @Buddhabone how are you so sure that Wembley, Slane Castle or San siro are not professional recorded?
  12. It is still a crime that they didn’t release the full final show of the reunion tour on dvd.
  13. If it is a BitUSA show at least we know that today 35 years ago the famous Paris show is recorded and filmed. So maybe that is also a good possibility for a release. We know the East Rutherford 1984 stand, Toronto 1984 (at least the july 26 show 2nd set + plus encores are filmed and recorded), the East Rutherford 1985 stand and the final Los Angeles stand is recorded. So still some choices for an BitUSA archive release. And maybe I still miss some shows which are recorded from that tour