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  1. According to the blog of Nugs
  2. That doesn’t mean a thing. I have never seen an ESB show with Patti. So she really can do her own thing and the ESB can go also go out.
  3. I also love the outtakes from that period which are on Tracks. Those songs together are also almost a full album
  4. Impossible but for now in random order but tomorrow it can’t be totally different 1. Racing in the street 2. The Ghost of Tom Joad 3. This Hard Land 4. My Hometown 5. Jungleland 6. Long Walk Home 7. Point Blanc 8. The River 9. Youngstown 10. Los in the flood
  5. I am already looking forward to end of the month when the limited edition of Atlantic City 1989 from the Stones archives comes out which also include a different show on dvd from the Tokyo 1990 stand as bonus which they only had released earlier in Japan
  6. I do not agree. Ok the first archives of the Stones were mixed by Bob Clearmountain and they sound great. But the last releases weren’t done by Bob and you really hear the difference. For example Voodoo Lounge Uncut listen to the I Go wild version which was mixed by Bob and was b-side of the I Go wild single and compare it to the Uncut version which is mixed by somebody else you really hear the difference. And most of The Rolling Stones archive releases are shows who were broadcasted in the past on tv. I hope that the Stones also gonna release some lesser known shows which I like from the Springsteen archives.
  7. Or use the official socials from Springsteen or post a message on the website
  8. For me it’s still strange that it’s always Backstreets who brings the news about the Nugs releases. Why do they never bring the delays by themselves on their Twitter account or other social media ??
  9. Of course it will be on iTunes and streaming platforms
  10. This song already way better than the complete Western Stars project. That was really a deception for me.
  11. Did anybody already noticed that the version on Spotify is almost 1 minute longer than the YouTube video
  12. Maybe we get first one cd and later round Christmas the big boxset. Something like 18 tracks album and the big Tracks box. And to make sure we buy both the single cd include some songs that are excluded from the big boxset.
  13. Also on Amazon