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  1. Oh no please not with the André Rieu orchestra. His ego is too big to share a stage with Bruce. I would prefer the Dutch Metropole orchestra far above Rieu. But that is something really personal. I saw the Metropole orchestra a couple of times and twice with rock guitar player Steve Vai who also composed some songs for that concert. But this is one of my favorite tunes from Vai with orchestra.
  2. I thought If you add a string section to the acoustic version it will work. Just what he did with Jack of all trades which i forgot to add at my setlist
  3. Difficult to make a setlist for such a show but at least I would include in no particular order: NY serenade Secret Garden Long walk home beautiful reward book of dreams i’ll see you in my dreams ghost of Tom joad jungleland blood brothers this land land youngstown hunter of invisible games hello sunshine point blanc the River wreck on the highway
  4. Why not download the show on your tablet or computer and install the Nuggs app on your phone so you can listen to all the downloaded shows and it saves space on your phone
  5. Still a shame that the official recording of that show is damaged/lost. At least a very good bootleg is floating around of this show
  6. Great new release looking forward to hear this release
  7. Thnx for the reminder that I have to buy the new OOR for this article
  8. Totally forgotten that this show was released. Good reason to give it a spin today
  9. If people think it’s a Magic show what about Danny’s last show in Boston November 19.
  10. Maybe this helps: http://brucebase.wikidot.com/stats:discography
  11. Wallonië & Flanders have there own album charts? Belgium doesn’t have one chart list ?
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