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  1. Recently I was listening to the New York City album and decided for myself to make for personal use a compilation and add the extra tracks from the dvd and limited single my hometown/ this hard land. I think if they presented it like this it is way better. Disc 1 Code of silence Don’t look back My love will not let you down Prove it all night Two hearts Atlantic City Darkness on the edge of town Mansion on the hill My hometown American Skin (41 shots) The river Youngstown Murder Incorporated Disc 2 Badlands Out in the Street Tenth avenue freeze out The E street shuffle Lost in the flood Born in the USA Jungleland Backstreets Light of day Disc 3 This hard land The promise Ramrod Born to run Thunder road If I should fall behind Land of hope and dreams maybe I can still add from the archive series from July 1 the songs Promised land, further on the road and blood brothers which I now I have excluded.
  2. A lot of people don’t like the reunion version of “The River” but it’s only on one archive release and on the official cd/dvd. So 5 of the 7 releases don’t have it. It is also not my favorite version but I still appreciate it. And I agree 10th Avenue is a little bit too long but overall it was still a great tour with some different arrangements and they played some great deep cuts, album tracks and even unreleased songs like “American Skin”, “LOHAD” and “Further on up the road”. For me that counts more than the songs I didn’t like they played
  3. @doesthisbusstop hopefully this works fine https://wetransfer.com/downloads/0e40385d37ca62c78863373426f4bc1b20220111165601/827a94e621f184af818ea4d1971837fa20220111165619/aa2af8
  4. Here you in FLAC: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
  5. I'm really thinking about making a compilation of all the 6 reunion archive releases with all the songs that are played and maybe add "my Hometown" and "this hard hard" from the limited single. I think you will have a hell of a setlist also because of the rare played songs like TGOTJ, Incident of 57th street, Racing in the street, No Surrender, Mary Queen, Janey, Rendez Vous, Stand on It, Roll of the dice, Point Blanc and Factory for example
  6. It is still a shame that My Hometown and This hard Land were only released on a limited single and weren’t included at the Live in Ny dvd or cd. Still hoping for a release of June 29 in the archive series only for those songs
  7. Thnx for sharing! Only from the Buckshot version Rave On doesn´t download
  8. I really love this release. Some highlights for me are: - Factory: I really love this arrangement - Youngstown / Murder Inc.: the transition between those songs is simply brilliant. I wish they would play it again like this. - No Surrender: this country version works really well and I love it - Racing in the street: simply perfect. One of my personal favorite songs. Listening to this release I realize how much I like this tour. Some great versions, different arrangements of some known songs and some great rareties were played this tour. I am gonna give the other Reunion shows which are released also another spin this week. This release is a good start of another year of the archive series. Looking forward what the rest of this year will bring us.
  9. To be honest I really don’t like this kind of topics what we as fans want when an artist dies. But it is not up to us. I think and see it like this if the family or record company want to release some unreleased stuff I am fine and if they don’t release anything then I also respect that. They don’t ow us anything
  10. What a magical version of Racing in the Street on this release! This version only is an instead buy!!
  11. I am seriously in love with the combo Youngstown and Murder Inc. how it was played during this tour . Listening this release and it really has a very good sound
  12. A great way to start this new year. I played the bootleg very often so i will enjoy this release very much. Also a great setlist!
  13. Besides Corona it can also have different reasons to do't go out on tour: - Because a lot of concerts where postponed and also new shows are already announced and there are difficulties to get enough roadcrew ( a lot of them work for multiple artists) or get enough local crew for helping building the stage, security , foodcorners, merchandise, etc - Maybe something in their private lives happened why they have to change plans
  14. I don’t have any tour information. I only posted a tweet from what I read. And this fansite BeTrueNL is a very reliable source. So what is wrong to post a tweet with some information what maybe is true. They first verify their sources before they post something. And Bruce Inc. Can’t make a statement of postponing a tour what hasn’t been official been announced yet!!
  15. The fansite BeTrueNL is also reporting on Twitter in Dutch that the tour is postponed till 2023 and that the show was planned at the location of Pinkpop
  16. Bruce Springsteen & The Seeger Sessions Band 2006-10-05 Verona Arena, Verona Italy FM Broadcast MP3, 320 kbps Artwork Included 01. Intro 02. John Henry 03. Oh Mary Don't You Weep 04. Old Man Tucker 05. Samson And Delilah 06. Eyes On The Prize 07. Jesse James 08. Atlantic City 09. My Oklahoma Home 10. Outro https://www.solidfiles.com/v/Anea7VZVqzWBy
  17. There is from Verona 2006-10-05 a radio broadcast of the first 8 songs of that show floating around 2006-10-05 Arena Di Verona, Verona, Italy - Brucebase Wiki (wikidot.com)
  18. Pure guess the other shows from the MSG New York 2000 and the other Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelpia shows and maybe also the East Rutherford stand of 1999.
  19. Rumour it'could also be The Rolling Stones they also played in 1995, 1999 over there and 2014 on Pinkpop. And it sounds logical if it will be their only Benelux show
  20. Is there a list somewhere with the recordings of DJ Ed Sciaky which circulate as bootleg? l know there are Soundboard tapes from 1975-11-18 + 24 Hammersmith Odeon, London 1975-12-28,30 +31 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby Are they more tapes from him floating around? Any help will be appreciated
  21. Not all the releases are announced with a hint of Backstreets if I am correct
  22. Except the shows which were used voor the Live 1975-85 box I am hoping for the next shows in the series 1978-09-21 Capitol Theater, Passaic 1988-07-19 East Berlin 1996-11-25+26 paramount theatre, Asbury Park 2000-06-29 MSG, New York 2002 an indoor show from this tour if they can decrypt this 2005-06-19 Ahoy, Rotterdam (father’s day and some nice rareties) 2012-07-04+05 Bercy, Paris (2 great indoor summer shows)
  23. These are the shows which are used for the Live 1975-85 album so we can still expect some shows in the series 1975-10-18 The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood also archive release 1978-07-07 The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood also archive release 1978-12-16 Winterland, San Fransisco also archive release 1980-11-05 ASU, Tempe, Arizona river Box set 2015 + archive 1980-12-28 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale also archive release 1980-12-29 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale also archive release 1980-12-31 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale also archive release 1981-07-06 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford 1981-07-08 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford 1981-07-09 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford also archive release 1984-08-06 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford also archive release 1984-08-19 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford 1984-08-20 Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford also archive release 1985-08-19 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford 1985-08-21 Giants Stadium, East Rutherford 1985-09-30 L.A. Colliseum, Los Angeles
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