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  1. Cover me. Only started liking it about 2 years ago.
  2. I am surprised at the surprise. Less than a year ago he said he had written some songs that he hopes are good, and that he needs to get the band together to start recording by the end of 2019. How likely was it (knowing Springsteen) that he would have had that recorded, released and be on the road in 6 to 8 months? There will be an album and shows, it might his next project, but it was always unlikely to happen this year -- if it is going to be an album backed rather than simply a nostalgia tour. And I'd rather wait for the former than settle for the latter. (Also, he needs to return to Cape Town :-) )
  3. Alternate Western Stars: could be the 'live' version we'll hear in the upcoming movie?
  4. It certainly didn't, no song did, but hey, we appreciate the help and the solidarity :-)
  5. The giveaway... the messy pile of CD's. I'm sure Bruce uses his USB wristband nowadays.
  6. Watch the video for Holding On on Youtube. And listen to Thinking of a Place. Now.
  7. True, Steve, but you really SHOULD give War on Drugs, especially most recent album, a spin.
  8. Yes - and if he DOES return to SA, I will ALSO cry! Either way, tears will flow.
  9. solo tour, yes - and then someone must please remind him Cape Town is en route to Perth.
  10. Whether one likes the song or not, I don't think one can fault the playing and the singing... I listened to it on the way to work again today, and it does lit up a Friday morning! Steve, I see Dan Patlansky is opening for Springsteen in Johannesburg. Surprised to see there is an opening act.
  11. Amen... I'm fortunate to have a fellow music junkie/mate as a contact at the Look & Listen in Fourways, but ja... I can give you a laundry list of new stuff I've downloaded from iTunes but still not seen the physical CD's of... Although the Musica in Sandton does have Wrecking Ball on vinyl.... Christmas is coming! *EDIT* I would hope that in light of the momentous occasion of Bruce visiting us for the first time ever, Sony SA will pull out all the stops to make sure the shelves are stocked with Springsteen related merchandise, including whatever new product there might be... ...Including a limited edition South African Tour Edition of said new product, with bonus tracks? You've got high hopes! In Cape Town the better Look & Listen branches all closed down, the Waterfront CD warehouse became Musica, and Musica is generally pathetic. In March 2012 I had an argument with the cashier: he told me there is no Springsteen album called Wrecking Ball, neither as a new release nor as a forthcoming release; I tried to convince him that it not only exists, it is Nr 1 on the US charts and I have heard all the songs... Frustrating. I still have everything up to Lucky Town on vinyl; it's time to complete my collection! They're just very expensive here...
  12. I agree Steve. And because he stays creative, keeps on doing new things, the old songs also sound new, or reinvigorated; they get a new context, become part of new narratives. (Hey, I hope the physical CD, whatever it may be, reach my local Musica before the concerts in January. Yesterday I wanted to buy the new Arcade Fire and they still didn't have it on the shelves...)
  13. Summed it up dude. You list pretty much everything I like about this song. Initially I focused on the horns and the vocals and the guitar, but after a few listens I was also struck by the great piano and drumming -- he is pushing the band out of any comfort zones! Being an E Streeter is no retirement gig! Maybe this recording-on-tour thing (if this is indeed what happened) is a great idea, the band is on fire and his voice is great. The threat is always that bands like this could be reduced to mere nostalgia acts, just reproducing themselves, so I really love that he is pushing for new sounds and arrangements. Maybe it's just me, but once or twice the horns, backing vocals and piano combo reminded me of my favourite groovy bits from Dylan's Slow Train and Shot of Love albums. Some kind of redhot, brassy, inner city gospel groove... (I am getting overexicted )
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