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  1. Definitely inspired by Bruce, but this time it's more Darkness and River Bruce instead of the stadium rock. Brandon went out of his way to mention that he recorded "Terrible Things" on the same kind of tascam as Bruce used on Nebraska, so I don't think the influence there is too subtle. I'm enjoying this new record very much. Some of Brandon's best lyrics to date.
  2. These vocals are definitely fresh. They don't match up perfectly with either live performance of Highway to Hell.
  3. I know his voice sounds strained and old, but it still brings me so much comfort. Glad that this happened.
  4. Wow, for some reason, the mobile GL is doing horrible things to me today.
  5. I'm hearing some "Racing ('78)" on a few of these tracks. Loving the modern-day band's sound with the 70s style.
  6. The Power or Prayer gets better and better with each listen. Even if it reminded me of "Some Guys Get All the Luck" by Rod Stewart on first listen...
  7. First listen or so, some thoughts. Really impressed by the trio of older songs. The band sounds fantastic. What a statement to that prolific period of 1970-1985 in which even his outtakes and leftovers continue to enthrall us today. Only song I'm not digging is "House of a Thousand Guitars." How can you have that title and not have a shredding rocker? I'm undecided about "Rainmaker" at the moment. Its catchy, but something about it feels a bit off. As others have noted, his vocals sound like mid-2000s Bruce.
  8. You already know how I feel about the Killers and Brandon Flowers. This was such an endearing interview for both. Brandon didn't seem like a rock superstar at all, but instead a young kid meeting his hero.
  9. I feel yoy. That judgement always bubbles up whenever something newsworthy is going on, and then it will fizzle out as it tends to do when we are all enjoying the music together. Perhaps it's the climate in 2020 (not just politics but the state of the world at the moment) that has some cynical and stern. Pent up frustration or anxiety brimming to the surface. It's a sad man, my friend, who's living in his own skin, and can't stand the company."
  10. I mean Nils is right, whether we like it or not. It's a commodity, intended for sale on a certain date, and many people instead found ways to get their hands on it that the owner of that commodity does not condone. We do some moral gymnastics ("well I'm gonna buy it anyway") but we know that's just talking ourselves down. I just don't understand those who would go after Nils, his wife, or any member of the E Street family for being upset at what they view to be theft. I guess there's just a meanness in this world.
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