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  1. Take aim, everybody. I have always found "Factory" to be a real snoozer of a song. It appreciate the sentiments about how the working life effectively sucked the soul out of his father, and I can sympathize with how hard that must have been to witness. Musically, however, has always had SUCH a boring/silly arrangement.
  2. It sounds like I'm in the minority here, but I'd much prefer a Nebraska/BitUSA box set (done up nicely like the previous few) over a scattered Tracks 2 release. As much as I'd like to hear some of his cryptic projects from the past, I'd rather save and celebrate those for darker days when he's, uh, "no longer releasing any music," so to speak.
  3. For people commenting on how "old" Bruce sounds narrating this trailer, did you happen to listen to the audiobook of his autobiography? To me, he's sounded weary like this for several years now. Then again, he's always been a soft and raspy speaker when he's not on stage.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there isn't much to suggest a "Tracks 2" announcement/release to coincide with this film. I don't see why Bruce, who said he plans on recording a new E Street album in the fall or spring, just flooding the market with even more music, especially if an inevitable BitUSA box set would be on the horizon.
  5. Just listened to the full interview, which SiriusXM linked on their Twitter. What comes across to me most in the interview is just how grateful and appreciative Bruce is for his audience and for the reception of Western Stars. In recent years, aside from the autobiography, we are aren't often given an insight into how Bruce handles the reception of his work. However, he really seems to be humbled and happy with how quickly the community has taken to the new record. This quote stood out to me: "That is the greatest gift that an audience can give an artist, is room to be who he is, to create what he feels..."
  6. Can I please just get an official release of THIS version of Blood Brothers instead?
  7. When you list the tracks like that, it helps me to appreciate really how strong Bruce's opening tracks usually are. The man can sequence an album, alright. Going with Hitch Hikin' on this one.
  8. The title track "Western Stars" is sublime, but I can't shake the idea that this song is what you would get if you took "Reason to Believe" and "All that Heaven Will Allow" and you tossed them into a washing machine with some "Devil's & Dust" detergent.
  9. I've enjoyed each song more than the previous one, so this has definitely hyped me up for the album. I wonder if Bruce is going to do the late night talk show circuit to promote the album in June? Personally, I wish he would give the daytime shows a try and stop by Ellen.
  10. Really enjoyed that for some reason. Similarly enjoy the extended version of I'm Goin' Down.
  11. How many singles or songs does Bruce normally put out before an album's release?
  12. In these rare days of super excitement, I hate to be a "Debbie Downer" of sorts, but I'm feeling a bit miffed about one thing, and one thing only: merchandise. I have almost never been able to find some decent Springsteen clothing. Sure, I grab at least one t-shirt when seeing the man on tour, but I've gotta say that I think a lot of the shirts and hoodies that the company puts out are kind of garish and uncreative. For example, I've never been a fan of the "giant square photo of the album cover against a black shirt" design. I was hopeful for some snazzy, new designs to come with this new album release (since I really do like the album cover), but lo and behold, it's another square album cover on a plain tee. Where does Greasy Lake get it's Bruce swag?
  13. A few more photos from that photo session, apparently: (I personally like the second one below as an album cover)
  14. Someone may have pointed this out in the frenzy of these pages, but Wikipedia has the runtimes for the songs on the album. Assuming they are accurate, is anybody else curious about the 1:52 song length for "Somewhere North of Nashville?"
  15. Even after a few spins of the new song, I'm still in that "initial listen" phase, so I can't really come down strong on the song yet. I like it, but I hope there are some more energetic songs on the record when it comes out. Some thoughts: • "Hello Sunshine," a rather slow shuffle of a ballad, is marked as the second-to-last track on the whole record, so I wonder what the sequencing will be like for this whole album. Will it end on some grandiose note, or will it just play it safe and mellow for the closing track? • Many of those track titles sound a little doofy to me, but I'm excited to hear them all the same. I just hope there is a bit of cohesiveness between some of the songs, perhaps some shared characters or something? • Someone may have commented this, but I wonder if "Sundown" will bear anything in common with "Hurry Up Sundown" from his last EP. I wouldn't mind a stripped down version of that song, in some capacity. • There is a hint of sadness to Bruce's lyrics on this track. I wonder what headspace he was in at the time of writing this. Could it have been during that tough stretch after 2009, similar to when he penned "This Depression?" Personally, I sense some similarities between the lyrical sentiments.