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  1. I've done this list a dozen times, and each time it changes. I swear, it gets more and more scatterbrained. 1. I'm Goin' Down 2. Radio Nowhere 3. Atlantic City 4. Badlands 5. Trouble River 6. Murder Incorporated 7. Human Touch 8. Lonesome Day 9. Roll of the Dice 10. Land of Hope and Dreams
  2. I'd venture we get another one not this week but next week to coincide with Bruce's birthday. That should bump some publicity up a bit.
  3. That's what makes me so excited for an eventual Born in the U.S.A. boxset. There were so many strong outtakes from those sessions. From tracks we already have now ("My Love Will Not Let You Down") to demos that I'd love to hear in crystal clear audio ("Drop On Down and Cover Me").
  4. Going to be weird having The Killers going against Bruce for my personal album of the year. Both might be fantastic records. Butch Walker's American Love Story up there too, which also draws upon Bruce is some ways (with tracks like "Torn in the U.S.A.").
  5. Obviously, we don't share files around here on the boards themselves. With that said, if anyone would like to point me in the right direction via my inbox, I'd be grateful.
  6. I would expect the announcement around mid-day tomorrow (well in advance of his 7:00pm EST speech at Boston College), and the single on Friday at midnight. Who even knows when a leak might drop?
  7. If that newer tracklist is legitimate, any guesses on the lead single?
  8. Can we just combine titles from both alleged tracklists? Achilles Heel sounded like a great title, as well as Hung Out to Dry. Meanwhile, love the title Rainmaker and I'll See You in My Dreams.
  9. So does that mean that the "last album" part of the blurb is true as well? Surely that can't be the case, if Bruce has been "prolific" in the studio lately. Then again, there is a certain symmetry with his first album having been a postcard of sorts, and his last album being a letter. Plus, something about winter as a metaphor comes creeping in...
  10. Well, looks like mystery man Alan was right. It's all fun and jokes until, well, the joke is on us.
  11. In all of this excitement, I have to admit that I'm a little bit worried that this might actually be a holiday record. The snow? The title? The release date? Assuage my fears!
  12. Let's deconstruct the signs, then. If Aniello's post was, in fact, a harmless misunderstanding... What should we make of the rumor from Italy, given that source's accuracy with WS last year? What should we make of the comments from the guys on the None But the Brave podcast?
  13. All jokes aside, if Bruce does indeed put an album out this year, that'll make two albums in two years. Perhaps this is a floodgate opening for Bruce? I remember that quote he had around the time of Wrecking Ball, when he made some comment akin to "light at the end of the tunnel focuses the mind." Not that anything is suspect with his health, but perhaps he senses his age catching up with him, and is feeling motivated to empty the vaults, so to speak. Patti did say he has been "prolific" lately.
  14. I know I'm in the minority on this issue here, but I love the social media tease Aniello and others do. It builds suspense, and makes for good speculation on these boards.