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  1. That small club scene would be great. Who knows, maybe he will win a Tony, to go with his grammys and Oscar...
  2. The high price of fame is costly. You can start of as a young and up an comer, and turn the world upside down. And Bruce has done this. He is great at what he does. He does what he wants to do. But, just because he's one of the greatest entertainers to walk into a music studio and stroll on that stage, doesn't mean that he is good at something else. We may dream of fame and fortune, but I don't think most of us could handle it. Your name and photo in magazines (worse now, due to social media) and during the Born To Run shows in London, Bruce must of realise that 'fame and fortune' is too damn scary. Making someone a super hero is dangerous. Bruce, after all, is human. He has issues, he has doubts, and I don't think he's the same person at home as he is on stage. His mother, I think, was his rock. She was the stable one. He married Julianne during Bossmania of BITUSA, and that didn't turn out. Now, Patti, and later, his kids are his rock. He made up with his father, but now, as an older man, he knows what his father went through. Today, we are lucky. It's okay to admit you have mental issues, depression etc, you can seek help. But Douglas had no idea. He was a MAN, and men, in those days, do not have those problems. And this caused Douglas to sink deeper into his metal hell. Bruce saw this happening to him and took action. So, Bruce is playing on Broadway. Well, he is a perfromer, so why not? The hardest part of being a rock star is growing old without growing ridiculous. Bruce has seemed to manage to keeping it real.
  3. This is indeed a great read. And this is the power of Bruce's music. He speaks to so many people on so many levels. You can be the POTUSA or some kid who is too young to understand. We've all done it...driving in our car with the radio on, a Springsteen song comes on, we turn up the volume, and that song takes us to that place, a place that Bruce and you only know. And it's good to know that 'The Old Man' has a special place with Spike.
  4. We had a lady ring us up about the problem with our computer so I told her that I will be charging her for her call and I need her credit card. For some reason, she hung up.
  5. Jay looks like a young Mad Dog Vinnie.
  6. The last time Bruce had a different stage set up was on the TOL tour. He moved the band around and had Patti have a more dominate role on that tour. But I guess, Bruce & The E Street Band will always be a 'Biggest Bar Band In The World" and the stage sets that up. Bruce tries to turn every stadium concert into a bar band feel. Guitars, drums, base, keyboards, and sax Bands like U2 have had big stage gimmicks since the ZooTV tour in the early 1990s.
  7. I always thought that The Fuse was the best song on The Rising.
  8. The Welsh confusing? Still trying how to say Llanelli...
  9. Cardiff Arms Park was once a great place. Then they built the Millenium Stadium
  10. Space 1999 was a great show. I watched some reruns a few months ago.
  11. Part of downtown at Palmerston North. Yes, they have a Kmart at The Plaza. Taken this mornin at 9am. Didn't pay for parking but I could see the parking wardern on double quick time to see if I had paid. I gave a wave, and gapped it out of there. As you can see, it's rather quiet.
  12. The Square at Palmerston North.
  13. I must say, as a shareholder, not a bad investment.