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    Sway but it can wave with Springsteen's whispering z
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    The Beach Boys
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    Cricket (the summer sport played here in New Zealand
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  1. It was really good. My wife thought it was borng, but I simply loved it
  2. No, I live in a small town called Marton in the Manawatu/Wanganui region of NZ. The population is about 4000-5000. Is your town/city famous for anything?
  3. Hot In The City. Billy Idol
  4. Ummm, beyonce I guess: Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher
  5. Beds Are Burning: Midnight Oil
  6. The Banana Splits theme song
  7. There is something wrong in Australian cricket. It started with a bit of sandpaper
  8. God Only Knows, The Beach Boys
  9. Life in a Northern Town, Dream Academy
  10. Daddy's Home. Cliff Richard. Yes! Cliff-freaking-Richard!!
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