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  1. I read that online servers noticed that countries that were playing, on that day, they noticed that the traffic for porn sites were down. So, does that mean that football fans are a bunch of w***kers?
  2. For those who didn't want the French to win. take heart, that they can't win the Rugby World Cup. They reached the final in 1987 and lost to New Zealand, reached the final in 1999 and lost to Australia, and reached the final in 2011 where they lost to New Zealand
  3. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that
  4. If there is a time for a comeback...
  5. You gotta be kiddin'! That's a goal you see when kids play
  6. Game over man, game over
  7. This is a very good African team. Just sayin'
  8. Now, that was an excellent goal
  9. Dancing in the Dark fans
  10. France 1 Croatia 1 Ref 1
  11. It's killing rugby as well
  12. Ahh the video. THe death of sport
  13. Just getting interestering