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    Sway but it can wave with Springsteen's whispering z
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    Cricket (the summer sport played here in New Zealand
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So, what would you like to know??

Well I'm a Bruce fan since 1984 and BITUSA was the first album I ever purchased. Born To Run was the first ever CD I purchased in 1986 after getting a stero with a built in CD player.

I also enjoy The Beach Boys, Lou Reed, U2, Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan etc

I enjoy movies and Jaws, The Godfather movies, Star Wars, Goodfellas, The Good The Bad & The Ugly are always in my top 10 list

You can see me at Yahoo/Answers under the name Backstreets.

I wear Hawaiian shirts because Hawaiin shirts are cool.

I lived in Belgium for 2.5 year from 1998 to 2000.

Born and raised in New Zealand.

I enjoy sports and watch rugby (Go the ALL Blacks, The Blues) and enjoy cricket (Go the Blackcaps!)

Favorite Springsteen song of all time? Backstreets.

Fav TV shows" M*A*S*H, The Simpsons, Dr Who, Star Trek, Under The Dome, and 1970's cop shows such as Columbo, Kojak, Streets of San Fransico, Starsky and Hutch.

May The Bruce Be With You

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