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  1. It was really good. My wife thought it was borng, but I simply loved it
  2. No, I live in a small town called Marton in the Manawatu/Wanganui region of NZ. The population is about 4000-5000. Is your town/city famous for anything?
  3. Hot In The City. Billy Idol
  4. Ummm, beyonce I guess: Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher
  5. Beds Are Burning: Midnight Oil
  6. The Banana Splits theme song
  7. There is something wrong in Australian cricket. It started with a bit of sandpaper
  8. God Only Knows, The Beach Boys
  9. Life in a Northern Town, Dream Academy
  10. Daddy's Home. Cliff Richard. Yes! Cliff-freaking-Richard!!
  11. A brilliant piece by that guy that sold Bruce a harley, that broke down
  12. I see that a few days ago the NZ women's team posted the highest ODI runs (Men or women). 490 against Ireland. Great going ladies. Scotland eh? And Afghanistan beating Bangladesh. The minnows are becoming rather good.
  13. Do you know what is wrong with Star Wars? No, not Jar Jar, not the Holiday Special, not Disney, not the Prequels, etc. It's the fans that spew hateful comments online. You don't like the films? Fine, say so and move on.
  14. Oh I don't know, I rather enjoyed it. I like what they did with Luke. In the novels, comics etc, Luke became Super Space Jesus Luke. I like how he ran away from it all. I mean, Han did tell Rey & Finn in TFA Yoda ran away and hid, as did Obi Wan. Must be a Jedi thing. Even Luke tells that the Jedi were blinded in the events. And to top it off, he knew he was wrong.
  15. Flick, The Little Fire Engine
  16. We Didn't Start The Fire, Billy Joel
  17. Bluebirds Over The Mountain, The Beach Boys
  18. Born In East LA (Cheech Marion)
  19. Is that the show where an English mother takes her family to a Greek island? And based on a true story? If it is, my wife loves that show
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