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  1. Billboard poll. Who should be nominated for album of year. Bruce Listed
  2. "The showings, which will take place at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. each day, will also feature an exclusive look behind the scenes with Springsteen, never-before-seen archival footage and previously unreleased music from the Springsteen vault ... 203334886/
  3. exact quotes from bruce..."Before I go back to my day job, the year will be consumed with a break after our Broadway run and various recording projects I’ve been working on." "But just walking around and talking to fans on the street and seeing how the record was received was very exciting. It made us look how for we can further that experience for the fans without going out and playing live right now because I’m still working on some other things.” Gary Quotes: The Springsteen folks have decided to put the tracks Gary just recorded with Bruce on a Springsteen Boxed Set which they said they will release around Christmastime this year. , There is apparently so much material, they had to break it up with multiple releases. Thanks again for the heads-up, as they had just told Gary about it." Debatable on SiriusXM Volume this afternoon. They were discussing the significance of the year 1984 on music with guests. Bob Clearmountain (famous engineer and with Bruce fo a longtime) was part of the panel and as they went to a break, he said he had to get back to work because he was working in something for Bruce.
  4. They might have mulitple studios going working on tracks 2. Same happened with tracks 1... "We realized that there was no way to meet the deadline of September10 if we just used one studio to remix all of this," Scott says. "Themath just didn't work. And there were scheduling issues to deal withwhen you have more than one mixer. Ed was available from July throughSeptember; Bob was booked almost through August; Thom had time in theend of July and all of August. So we had to have multiple studiosworking and multiple mixers mixing at the same time, if necessary." "Meanwhile, Clearmountain was doing the same, but with a three-hourtime difference, with his mixes being played back in real time overNS-10s in the living room at Springsteen's recording compound. By then,Scott's wife had delivered and he was back on-site and, along withassistant engineer Ross Petersen (who was also assisting Thacker inStudio A), using the mornings to handle any maintenance tasks that hadcropped up overnight. "It got so you could hear music coming from allover the place," Scott recalls of those bustling dog days of summer."It was an old building, and you could hear everyone's mixes comingthrough the walls around you." It was a beehive-like production linethat was creating what would eventually become 66 songs for Tracks inless than 90 days." ... cks-376403
  5. Folks in addition to the new reliable information we have.. Here is a photo of Bruce in the studio working today with in the past hour... Tracks 2 is being worked on!
  6. There is a very reliable rumor posted on BTX with in the past hour, They dont state a release date but other very reliable sources have been saying its coming before year end. "Ok don't shoot but I heard from a friend who knows a friend etc etc This box set will be a box set of several lost albums from Bruce's career. That's all I heard. Now, I'm gonna guess that these albums include the 94 Hip Hop record, the Tiger Rose album, the sequel to Devils and Dust, '83 home demos... As well as an alternate Western Stars, the gospel album, the 2000/2001 ESB studio sessions. But that's what I've been told. Similar to Tracks in that they're outtakes, but instead of just 64 straight songs, the box will be like 4-6 different albums (with cover art for each one) packaged together. That's just what I've heard. No idea on release date or anything. I hope my friend isn't messing with me. But he told me about Western Stars (supplied me with the title) about a week before it was announced."
  7. Correct. Very reliable sources have said its not an album specific box set like BITUSA but a career spanning set, that is indeed going to be tracks 2. It might not technically be called "Tracks 2" but that is what it will be. Expected by the end of this year. Extensive work has been done on it for years and its in its very final stages.
  8. Another valuable piece of information is that Bruce is in LA with Ron A.. Also Bob Clearmountains studio is in LA... Clearmountain stated in Janurary he was working on a Bruce project. FYI it was not WS as he is not credited on that album "I was listening to Debatable on SiriusXM Volume this afternoon. They were discussing the significance of the year 1984 on music with guests. Bob Clearmountain (famous engineer and with Bruce fo a longtime) was part of the panel and as they went to a break, he said he had to get back to work because he was working in something for Bruce. He gave no indication of what it it, but Bruce has something in the works. Source here:
  9. Another interesting observation that supports tracks 2 is that Ron blatantly stated they are not recording the New street album and denied it, With tracks 2 he keeps putting smiley faces.
  10. Very reliable sources that are always correct have confirmed a box set is coming this fall. Springsteen dummer gary mallaber has said he was told that tracks he recorded will be out on that box set this fall as confirmed to him from Bruce Inc. This is not just a wish in my imagination
  11. Bailey, however, shared that the film is more than just a standard concert film: those “other things” Springsteen hinted at earlier this year seem to have resulted in an inventive-sounding take on the genre, one that Zimny and The Boss have already had success in together. “It’s largely performance, but there is a framing to it,” Bailey said. “It’s very filmic, which is what attracted me. The album and the film are both about this fading Western movie B-level star who’s looking back on his life and the decisions he’s made. That narrative and that character shape all the songs.” The style sounds similar to Springsteen’s recently wrapped Broadway show, which saw the singer and songwriter performing his biggest hits and interspersing them with longer monologues about their creation and place in his life, both personal and professional. With “Western Stars,” however, Zimny and Springsteen have also threaded in a new narrative. “In between the songs, you’ve got Bruce really talking about this character he invented, the story he wrote for the character, and how it reflects back on his own life as he ages and other kind of narratives he’s had in his previous albums,” Bailey said. “Western Stars” is one of many hot acquisition titles at the festival, and Bailey shared that many distributors have “expressed interest already.” The film will premiere in the Galas section of the festival in September.
  12. Expect Boxset announcement of Tracks 2 like Project around time of Film premiere. Following Darkness boxset pattern.