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  1. 29k listing already…https://www.fullybookedonline.com/books/renegades-born-in-the-usa-signed-hardcover.html
  2. My Fingers are crossed that its 2008! Fabulous show worthy of a release!
  3. This could be a hint for a Gillette Stadium release.. home of the new England patriots.. Bruce played in 2003, 2008, 2012.. Process of elimination says it wont be 2003 as they cant access the rising tour, 2012 fenway was just released in august.. Most are expecting a magic show this month as its been a while since a magic release.. that would leave Gillette 2008.. Which by the way was a fabulous show
  4. Excuse me! I brought the sign for open all night that he took the next date at Gillette lol. He watned it at fenway 2 but i wasn't sure and Bruce was motioning me with his hand to pass the sign but people where in front of me.. so it didnt happen at fenway.. but he must have remembered and took it at gillette. Hope that gets a release someday!
  5. Agree. Not what i was expecting as a surprise either.
  6. Is there a site that has all the backstage photos of Bruce with all the celebrities that have visited him backstage? Pink Cadillac site used to post alot of them but cant seem to find them. Hoping this happens for the next leg of Broadway shows..
  7. Are there any interesting shows that they might have a multi track other than Wembley? I looked at the service for the other shows that were supposedly recorded from the wembely run, The setlist don’t look very exciting
  8. Bruce did say previously he wanted to do the box sets in the order of release and specifically said he wanted to do one for Nebraska…
  9. Tom Zimny revealed to the podcast host Brian Koppelman that he is working on something, but the host cant say anything other than "He is really excited". Its at the end.. Take your guesses as to what it could be https://shows.cadence13.com/podcast/themomentwithbriankoppelman
  10. I think they are laying the ground work for the boxset release with all these comments.. Its no accident that Bruce gave a few interviews in the fall talking about tracks 2, Max has said some things, Now nils is talking about the unreleased albums. I think we will be hearing more tidbits like this the next few months
  11. Also don’t forget that like max, he has prob been there overdubbing parts for the box set ...
  12. I think Nils would know. He was probably there for the recording sessions of most of them. I think with all these comments from Bruce back in the fall talking about tracks 2, to max, nils, they are laying the ground work of what might be coming in a boxset, Since its rumored to be a lost album box set..
  13. https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/04/11/nils-lofgren-talks-bruce-springsteen-e-street-band-letter-you-boss-dwi-set-up/7181110002/ “Of course when you’re that prolific — he probably has 10, 15 albums in the can and hundreds of unreleased songs — I was really grateful that he stayed focused to complete the record of the week and recognize it for the special thing it was.”
  14. RIP. Very sad. I will miss it
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