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  1. Wonder if American Beauty will be made available again?
  2. Hopefully Ron a will post some updates soon. Hoping for the release of the new album or another product in April
  3. It would be great if on the next tour he rotates some WS songs. and changes each night which ones he plays so that by the the time the tour is done every WS song gets some play.
  4. New Stevie Interview.... To wrap up, there have been a lot of Bruce interviews in recent months where he says the E Street Band are touring in 2020. Are you pretty sure it’s going to happen? Until I see a press release, I don’t care what he says, alright? I mean, I’ve gotten in trouble before, so I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t care what he says. Yes, I hope so. I even may think so. But until there’s a press release, all I can say is that I hope so and I think so. Are you ready fore a two-year tour? Yeah. To be honest with you, it’s like a vacation.
  5. More Info or more music? Where did the rumor about more music come from? also does that mean official info or more non official info from Italians?
  6. Where does it say more music is coming next week? It just says more to come.. that can be more rumors, more information, but doesn’t say more music.
  7. Billboard poll. Who should be nominated for album of year. Bruce Listed
  8. "The showings, which will take place at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. each day, will also feature an exclusive look behind the scenes with Springsteen, never-before-seen archival footage and previously unreleased music from the Springsteen vault ... 203334886/