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  1. This is what i have come up with.. And dont mind me.. I make long playlist, The thought is to go from High noon at the beach until about 2 am.. Bright sunny summer day at beach into a hot muggy night and try make music represent that. I did add a stevie song in. Then after jersey girl kinda full circle with some acoustic versions..
  2. what songs are on your Bruce Summertime Playlist.. In what order and why? Making a playlist that sounds like it starts and day time and progresses to night
  3. I think this is one of the best version of My Fathers House i have heard. This show is pretty good. A great story at the start of "Reason To Believe". Anyone think this show was multi tracked and might be a future Nugs Release? Also some other great versions of songs on there.. Point Blank and Racing.. What are your thoughts on this show?
  4. Times have certainly gotten tough for everybody. Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive I are feeling words to head in these times. Godspeed to all my Bruce family.
  5. yes i hope Bruce is safe and stays on the farm during this whole thing. Good thing he has a home studio and can keep working.
  6. with every thing going on, its a good thing there inst a tour. Imagine the chaos.
  7. Not sure why video not showing but it’s “nebraska” by deer tick. Check it out on YouTube
  8. Na not true.. It does work.. Bruce did stunning verisons of Nebraska songs.. RTB, J99, Atalntic City, Mansion on the hill, Open all night in 1992 at the tail end of the acoustic version burst to full band... and there are some great covers like this one that has a good swing...
  9. Nils is going on tour with Crazy horse.. That all about puts the nail in for any 2020 tour.
  10. Correct. That is exactly what he said on E street radio. That he has alot of projects into the future, and one of the reasons he didnt tour in 2019 is because he was busy working on them. Im thinking something is coming this spring and new album end of the year with a new tour in 2021
  11. Im thinking maybe a "big" product in spring...then the new album end of next year, with tour in 2021 Kinda like with High Hopes and River tours all announced before year end then tour the next year, within matter of weeks. This is all just a guess. No "Inside" information. But I dont think people should panic that Bruce or anyone is done. Just think there might be other things they are getting out first while still working on completing the new album.
  12. I wouldn't panic just yet. It could be a reshuffle of products and priority.
  13. Kesha has revealed that she is a Springsteen fan and her favorite album is Nebraska... Article here