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  1. Are there any interesting shows that they might have a multi track other than Wembley? I looked at the service for the other shows that were supposedly recorded from the wembely run, The setlist don’t look very exciting
  2. Bruce did say previously he wanted to do the box sets in the order of release and specifically said he wanted to do one for Nebraska…
  3. Tom Zimny revealed to the podcast host Brian Koppelman that he is working on something, but the host cant say anything other than "He is really excited". Its at the end.. Take your guesses as to what it could be https://shows.cadence13.com/podcast/themomentwithbriankoppelman
  4. I think they are laying the ground work for the boxset release with all these comments.. Its no accident that Bruce gave a few interviews in the fall talking about tracks 2, Max has said some things, Now nils is talking about the unreleased albums. I think we will be hearing more tidbits like this the next few months
  5. Also don’t forget that like max, he has prob been there overdubbing parts for the box set ...
  6. I think Nils would know. He was probably there for the recording sessions of most of them. I think with all these comments from Bruce back in the fall talking about tracks 2, to max, nils, they are laying the ground work of what might be coming in a boxset, Since its rumored to be a lost album box set..
  7. https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/04/11/nils-lofgren-talks-bruce-springsteen-e-street-band-letter-you-boss-dwi-set-up/7181110002/ “Of course when you’re that prolific — he probably has 10, 15 albums in the can and hundreds of unreleased songs — I was really grateful that he stayed focused to complete the record of the week and recognize it for the special thing it was.”
  8. RIP. Very sad. I will miss it
  9. Last podcast will be about BITUSA... interesting that Clearmountain posted a multitrack last week and now this is their final topic...https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bruce-springsteen-barack-obama-born-in-the-usa-1150018/amp/
  10. Is there a YouTube video if this. Can’t remember if I’ve ever heard it on bootleg or not...
  11. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9541910/nick-jonas-dream-portray-bruce-springsteen-biopic-apple-music-interview/
  12. another interesting article.. "Stellantis Chief Marketing Officer Oliver Francois—known for luring big-name stars for Super Bowl ads—has been chasing Springsteen to appear in an ad for years. He discussed his desire to lure the Boss in a 2018 interview with Ad Age. "He's not for sale," he conceded back then. "He's not for rent. And there's nothing you have that he wants." But the circumstances the nation is in this year—battered by political strife and the pandemic—could possibly have changed things, making an appearance by a star who is known for his social activism more palatable.
  13. It is incredibly significant! let’s be real Bruce didn’t just get on a plane on a Sunday fly to Nebraska in the middle of winter, after a snow storm there, just to go site seeing in a state that is named after one of his most critically Acclaimed albums. He’s clearly working on some thing
  14. Hope your right it would be pretty disappointing to see Bruce in a jeep commercial something he’s not even associated with, not a guitar commercial, or one of his nice jackets of his style but a random jeep?! https://www.showbiz411.com/2021/02/04/rumor-bruce-springsteen-will-star-in-super-bowl-jeep-commercial-which-song-will-be-used
  15. I was wondering about the weather myself that would make a lot of sense! Anyone else know about the weather in those areas if there was snow
  16. Video about it from abc news...https://nebraska.tv/features/you-ask-ntv-answers/you-ask-ntv-answers-02-04-2021?_gl=1*svlln5*_ga*Rlh3X2x6SFFWQl9EOE8xRS1LS0FQbm9PSERramJSNUppTngzYm5yQkRjV1ZSZnJWMDZuUVpudXNodXVnbnNZVQ..
  17. could this be for one of the box set surprises in 2021? https://www.google.com/amp/s/journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/nebraska/if-bruce-springsteen-spent-his-sunday-in-nebraska-those-who-would-know-aren-t-talking/article_3c25024b-eb75-5eb0-9bfe-03a8440e5443.amp.html
  18. What outtakes are you folks hoping gets released if there is a tracks 2? Im hoping for BLOOD BROTHERS from the documentary, not the EP version but the one where he sang like a 20second clip.. Also hoping for Preachers Daughter and action in the streets
  19. It’s interesting To see what will happen because some people are saying whatever the surprise is, tracks 2 or whatever that it’s going to happen well before next November. Possibly even this spring. Covid Might’ve changed Bruce’s release schedule just like it upended everything else, he may not wait this year to release it in November, Especially when he said that whatever it is will bide our time for 2021, It wouldn’t make sense for it to come one month before 2022
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