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  1. Crank the volume - Can't get enough of this tune!
  2. NO.1 ON THE OFFICIAL 'IRISH' ALBUM CHARTS https://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/bruce-springsteen-claims-his-eighth-number-1-on-the-official-irish-albums-chart-with-western-stars__26665/
  3. What are those wee pops in S T O N E S at the 01:35 mark... I love em!
  4. I've gone retro - been playing through a pair of 1980 Sony's in my office - (plus a few other additions) WS is just sublime when pumped up.
  5. Just as Bruces phenomenal WS record your post also nailed it from 'beginning to end'.
  6. One line taken from each track... it's a sad tune Got what I can carry and my song It’s the same old cliché, a wanderer on his way, slipping from town to town Seemed all of our love was in vain Here's to the cowboys, the riders in the whirlwind I drive on down from the big town Friday when the clock strikes five Midst the roar of the metal I never heard a sound It’s all just storms blowin' through I’m 25 hundred miles from where I wanna be Making a list of things that I didn’t do right You said those were only the lies you’ve told me The book of love holds its rules Had enough of heartbreak and pain Last night I dreamed of you my lover
  7. 1, 2, 3 ... Well she drew out all her money from the Southern Trust And put her little boy on the Greyhound Bus Leaving Memphis with a guitar in his hand On a one-way ticket to the promised land
  8. I'm totally obsessed with Hitch Hikin'... I can't stop playing it. I'm riding high on top of the world... and will be for a long time!