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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. @Paolo's Circus Story was very dissapointed with HS, I fear now that he's not coming back....
  2. I hear both songs as relationship-themed songs, but according to my interpretation, they are not sung to the same woman. It was previously mentioned somewhere on this thread, that these songs were probably written around the time of his alleged love affair - which is something that can't/mustn't/won't be discussed here - I don't exactly know why cos it clearly influenced his songwriting, even if it wasn't something he had experienced himself, but a situation he had imagined, only for the purpose of songwriting. So, according to my theory, HS is a song in which the narrator is sitting at the bar in a lonely, small town, once again running away from his past mistakes and commitments, revealing and perhaps making excuses for why he wants her to stay... There a connection to It's The Little Things... or hello beautiful thing maybe you could save my life... as far as the content goes. HGMM, on the other hand, is the result of his "misbehavior". She/not the same she as in HS/ left, and again, he doesn't take responsibility - he appears to be blaming her for giving up on him (look what you've done could have easily be replaced with look what I've done..)
  3. I don't have a problem with minimalistic lyrics, if they are meaningful, expressive. I think it's much harder to tell a story, when you limit yourself that way. I believe he did a great job on HS. With this song, the less is more concept didn't work that well. The song is too soft for such approach, I think a little more of the story would suit the song better. Or, he really was going for musical richness, and minimalistic lyrics in order to emphasize the sound of these songs. Who knows..
  4. I said that 'look what you've done' part sounds like him.
  5. That's how I'm hearing it, too. And I think this is what @Frank meant yesterday with his Rain Man comment.
  6. They won't be buying this album, no worries...
  7. I still don't like it. I can't find anything positive about it, except for the "look what you've done" part, where he sounds like himself. It's way too syrupy for my taste. The high tones agitate me. Many have stated that this is old man's writing, but to me the lyrics sound adolescent.
  8. Why is he emphasizing those poor lyrics in the video is beyond me. This isn't Blinded by The Light, where it could have been useful... And the horse stands still, as the background clouds move, and we are actually seeing an animation creating a continuous scene. It's a stroboscopic video with karaoke style lyrics, so bizarre... It makes my head spin. The video, and the song.
  9. He was using the Rhyming Dictionary again...
  10. I've listened to the song a couple of times. The only part I like is "look what you've done". HS is much much better. I'll try again later, perhaps it'll sound better in the dark.
  11. I agree. Heartbreak, heartache, sunset, sundown, moonlight, moonbright, stars, skies, miracles... Bruce has a telescope.