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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. My brother was imitating Freddie Mercury, the broom used as mic, hit the glass chandelier with it. He cut himself, got stiches, and the scar is still referd to as the Queen Scar.
  2. It's OK, I'm not here to argue with anybody.. I come in peace!
  3. Of course he can. If he wants to. The problem is when the woman wants to change her man, and I think this is the case in TT. Intimately, he doesn't want to, and is just trying to please her. It never works.
  4. Sleepy Joe's Cafe is where the narrator can indulge in his idealization and simplification of a happy and fulfilling relationship. He still very naively believes it ought to be easy, ought to be simple enough, Joe meets May, and they fall in love. But then he wakes up on a Saturday afternoon, with his boots still on...
  5. Nothing explicit in the song itself. When the single came out, I haven't had the definitive answer to whether she was on the train, or not. I remember telling myself that the album will give me that answer, and it did. After my first listen, as the MM had ended I got my answer. And it was an obvious one, and it came as a reassuring recognition to me. Men can't change and she isn't on that train. The romantic illusion of a happy ending doesn't belong on WS. It just doesn't.
  6. This makes me so sad... RIP, Ric. The Drive video is amongst the best videos of the 80-is.
  7. I always thought this was intentional. To emphasize the monotonous sound of the machines.
  8. You edited this post, or was I already dreaming? I read it before I went to bed, thinking about posting a funny reply in the morning... Now all I can say is, just don't.
  9. I forgot all about the orchestra. Solo MM would be just as amazing...
  10. I love that they emptied the barn for the Moonlight Motel. If I understand correctly, it's just Bruce, and this grand song as closure? No one else? Just perfect.