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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. Clearly, there should be both solo and ful band separate definitive categories. Take BTR for example.
  2. There's something about the arrangement that reminds me of Lucinda Williams. Your voice sounds similar to Nils'. You should try doing his Valentine. Keep singing, keep running!
  3. I'm not sure if he's writing music anymore. His comments about new music sound unpromising to me of lately. I'd love to know which was the actual last song he has written, and when that happened.
  4. I was driving around today with my youngest, 12 yo. I was listening to When you're are alone, and I stopped talking to my son for a while, just listened to the song... He noticed I was focused, and shut up until we got home. Wise boy. We have a Dachshund. AKA the Sausage dog. The dog came running to the door, greeting us, and my son suddenly started to sing: When you're long, you're long, you ain't nothing but long.
  5. I think the song captures that one and usually abrupt moment of realization when it hits you that you no longer love the person you should. I hear freedom, a touch of sarcasm, and one very brilliant line: It's just nobody knows baby where love goes But when it goes it's gone gone... So true.
  6. Loved the first kiss story... How can anyone run without listening to the music? It's the best combination, in my opinion.