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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. Whichever version, this line always gives me goosebumps, and I take a moment for reflection. The fear of a parent... 'Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight'
  2. I don't know if this is something that other Lakers do, but I sometimes just want to hear Bruce talk. So I pick the songs with the moving intros, socio-political messages, funny moments... I might even skip the actual songs... If I were tech savvy, I'd put something together, with him talking, and less music. I'd call it the Shut Up and Sing Compilation... There's something in his talking voice, that totally comforts me.. I'm odd, I know! Did we ever do a thread about the intros, and all the talking on stage?
  3. Sorry, it's just how I feel. I've been wrong before...
  4. There's a birthday party in London on 21st, but you'll have a great tribute band playing... I never saw them play, but apparently they are very good. Thanks for posting. I'll check on FB.
  5. Is this just random, or are you implying something?
  6. I really do like this song, it's interesting. I like the lyrics, and how the idea is presented. But for some weird reason, I don't listen to Magic very often. When I do, I really enjoy it, but I think the album definitely works better than the live versions we've gotten so fat. Some say the album is overproduced - don't ask me what this means - all I can say is that I think that the live versions somehow pale in comparison to the studio work. Radio Nowhere is another example. Great song, but better on the album, than live.
  7. It's been two days since you posted this, and I still ponder on how leaving the Lake for three years is doable. I'm perplexed...I can't stay away longer than three hours. Welcome back. This place sure is a haven...
  8. I sometimes pick one particular song, and listen to all versions that I owe in one session. I have not established the full purpose of this habit yet.
  9. This is sarcasm, right? Or you just simply admire his physical well-being? If it is sarcasm, I have to agree. It's a concept album, and one of its fundamental themes could be paraphrased as 'Bruce at the gym' theme.
  10. Me too. But I guess I'm slowly recovering because I've started to pair Moonlight Motel with Highway 29, from the Belfast show. I've been listening to both songs repeatedly today at work. It's a long process, kicking off addictions. Small steps, I guess...
  11. I'm not changing my name, but I did find a nice photo online, and I'm going to use it as my new avatar pic. In honour of Moonlight Motel, my latest obsession.