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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. I see you walking, slowly, down the street, pushing that shiny walker at your feet. I see that hearing aid hidden in your ear, tell me am I the man for whom you put it there? You never smile girl, you never speak, I wonder, darlin', have you got no teeth? Buried two husbands in this shithole town, must be a lonely life, so put your wedding gown on. Silver rose, I wanna marry you.
  2. I can't agree with reticent. I think he actually disclosed a lot. His songs are not to be taken literally, but I believe there's plenty of autobiographical there. I'll take a wild guess, and say more than half of his songs are about relationships, and most of them are based on his intimate struggles. I have written in another thread about how difficult I imagine his revealing of personal matters must have been for Patti, but hey, there are always compromises in life... I'm not that familiar with her songwriting, but some of her songs cover this thematic as well.
  3. I don't think it's funny. Unnecessary, maybe. His relationship with Patti, and with other women, is something he writes about. He has invited us all in, so I think we are allowed to talk about it.
  4. I don't believe there's anything even remotely offensive or disrespectful in this question. Don't you ask yourselves similar questions, for you, or your close ones? I think it's natural... I don't know if he would actually remarry, but I think he would at least try to find someone, a new partner. But only after overcoming the grief, and after the release of another masterpiece album, based on his mourning.
  5. She looks exactly as our Axi. And funnily, my youngest was questioning me just ba few days ago how small Dachshunds are, when they are born. We were watching videos on YT, I will definitely share this with him. Thanks. The look in her eyes is just amazing..
  6. It just seems such a peaceful, natural way to go, while doing what you loved most. Certainly much more humane than dying while hooked to numerous machines in a hospital or hospice. Reading the story, I felt like he died happy. And this is what I would love for everyone, Bruce included.
  7. My five regulars. I am weird enough to sometimes listen to any of these songs on repeat, for a substantial amount of time. If I could add the sixth song, it would have been BTR, NY 88. Brilliant Disguise, Stockholm 88 The Price You Pay, 31.12.80 Highway 29, Belfast 96 Gypsy Biker, St. Louis 08 For You, Roxy 78
  8. Maybe naming the 5 songs you keep coming back to regularly, and listen to them individually, taking them out of the context of the show?
  9. No, not really. My scene had this Tarantino vibe, it was really cool.
  10. I had a vision of Bruce dressed as Freddy Mercury in I Want To Break Through video, and that just lifted my mood imensly. I was listening to My Lover Man.