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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. I never knew there were two lost country albums.
  2. Maybe some songs are exceptional, and he is aware of the their greatness, but he just never planned to put them on a regular album? As this was the closing song on the Reunion tour, maybe it was written for this specific occasion, and this was this song's fate until he needed to patchwork his albums? Similar story like with American Skin?
  3. Another legend gone... This felt soothing to read... RIP "The maestro was lucid until the end, and full of dignity,” said Assumma. The film composer was able to say goodbye to his wife Maria and to children and grandchildren. He also thanked the audience, from whom he always received support for his creativity.
  4. Does anyone perhaps know why the studio version of LOHAD wasn't released earlier?
  5. It's hard for a fan to be objective. It's not impossible, but it's very difficult to remain uninfluenced by personal feelings.
  6. Thank you, both. But shit, I was hoping there's a stellar version I'm not aware of. I get it though, if it was played after the shows ended, it was a nice gesture to get the people out of the venues as soon as possible.
  7. I still don't know what he was referring to. Which acoustic version was that?
  8. Today's show was much more relaxed, they seemed to have been enjoying all the little memories. The music was fabulous, very uplifting, lots of praises going out to various musicians, lots of names mentioned. But I lost focus a couple of times, I overheard some sentences, which hasn't happened to me during the previous shows. It was nice to listen to Bruce as a background radio show, without the intense emotional influence he usually has on me. My favorite so far was the one he was talking about his Mom, and driving around during the lockdown, reading newspapers in the car.
  9. Lonesome, Waiting, and Counting are the three musketeers of the Rising.
  10. I remember exactly the day I received TOL as a gift. It was in 1990, maybe 1991. There was a very popular girl in school, and a group of wannabees crawling around her.... One day, 8 am in the morning, she walked towards me before class, took TOL cassette out of her pocket, and said: "I hear you're into Bruce Springsteen. He's so outdated and old, I found this in my Dad's drawer, and you can have it."
  11. Thanks for the technical instructions. I missed the first hour* of the last show trying to work it out. I still can't access Sirius on my phone, but it works on my computer, and hopefully, it will still work tomorrow. EDIT: * first half hour
  12. I had seen this song live in 2002, I have absolutely zero recollection of it. (I had to check)
  13. Please forgive me, but I have to get this right. I listened to the album version (which reminded me why I had entirely forgotten about this song, mostly because of the lame lyrics) I listened to the Essential version (which is awful, and I love acoustic Bruce) I listened to the D&D version (which is OK, but nothing mind-blowing) I listened to the live version posted above, with the very lovely Nils' intro (the intro being the best part) What else should I be doing?