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    my first boyfriend wrote me the lyrics of Jersey Girl and I got curious...
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  1. I don't believe mortality is the direct theme of this album. But in my imagination, these are all the stories told by an elderly man, who had fucked up, told at the end of his life. The crux is the reminiscence. Which means nothing until you feel the end approaching.
  2. I'm thinking maybe I'll dress as Glen Campbell for the next tour, and someone from the make up department could do similar with me as they did with Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire... I will have a huge fake shiny ring on my finger. I won't block anyone's view. I will melt, though.
  3. I can't quote or find your original post, but what you have written at the end is really beautiful. I think Bruce feels the same about this album, and this is perhaps why the songs won't get played live. This. "When I re-read the lyrics to this album I effortlessly hear the beautiful music in my head but in the pit of my stomach I again feel the dead weight of dread, loneliness, loss, isolation and regrete as the buzzards circle overhead Now normally I revel in Bruce's paralyzing loneliness but this is something different, this is something more terrifying, more finite, we are on the home stretch but the winer's circle eludes us and the knacker's yard awaits Then the party is over my friends"
  4. Lampi, what's the worst, in your opinion? A. People carrying signs B. Random women dancing with Bruce during DITD C. Sunny Day Kids
  5. I'd say a nostalgia tour happens when it's not focused on the new material. Simple. Doesn't really matter what he decides to play each night, greatest hits or the rarities, if the new songs appear only sporadically, it's a nostalgia tour.
  6. I have to comment how happy your post made me. You weren't impressed with the album, went to the cinema open-minded nonetheless, and are now admiting you have changed your mind. Great attitude!
  7. Just one short comment re this month's show. His giggles. Priceless.
  8. Seeing this list made me realize that these are the albums and the shows I listen to the most. The songs on these albums might not necessarily be the most significant of his career, but they move me tremendously and make me feel connected with my true self. These albums are responsible for my psychical well being. They keep me sane.
  9. Cat sitting for my Mum. Kika refused to come out from underneath the bed, so I just cleaned her toilet, and left fresh food and water. No socializing.
  10. At first, I thought they were both in a serious relationship, and ended up having an affair, but I changed my mind. MM is The Bridges of Madison County, just with a different setting, and different time frame. He was a lone wolf, she was married. It was the love of their lives, but the actual affair took place during a short period of time. But very intense. A snapshot. The whispered secret was when she told him she didn't love her husband, but refused to end her marriage, kids and bills... He promised he'd never tell, and he didn't. He just wrote a magnificent song about it, as Clint took the pictures. Either way, you have to let go, and make piece with what you have, or better, make piece with what you don't have. That's the essence of the song, and that's why the last couple of lines are crutial. He moved on.
  11. I've just changed the ringtone on my phone, replaced Radio Nowhere with Rhinestone Cowboy. You can call me any day or night. Call me. I probably won't answer, cos I like the damn song so much.
  12. And this is why it is called art. It's fluid, it evokes different emotions in people, causes different interpretations. Art makes us tie in with the story, or the song, and we can only add something that's entirely ours, and through that evolves the art into an intimate and unique experience.
  13. I don't mind having this kind of headache. Enjoyable read, as always.
  14. Paolo's essence thread is all about those breathtaking parts of various songs, and this particular part of WS has to be included. Both studio, and live.