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  1. Cynthia could have used a wolf whistle.
  2. I'm still trying to figure out this song. It's not as bad, as it is bizzare and uncommon. Nothing like Bruce. And yes, the whistling doesn't help.
  3. He didn't think much about the entire song, not just about the whistling.
  4. Thanks. Haven't heard this before. Whistling definitely makes the song less pervy.
  5. I think it's him whistling in Working on a Dream? I guess he really tried everything to save that song... Other songs where Bruce is whistling? Or any other band member?
  6. My new brother-in-law's throwin' a football, he tosses me a pass
  7. I don't think desire can even be classified as bad. Desire is one of the most thrilling emotions, and yes, if you feel it for someone you shouldn't because of one social norm or another, it can be very frustrating. But this fact doesn't make the emotion itself bad. I think it's primal and necessary for human existence. It's what's making us mate and reproduce. We have long ago gone through the sexual revolution, I can't really understand this debate going on in 2020. The song is amazing, in my opinion, and perfectly represents the feeling. Not just the desire, self restraint also.
  8. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Leo Sayer
  9. I was listening to The Wrestler for 4 consecutive days, as I usually do when a certain song possess me. The violin is magnificent, Roy also playing beautifully.
  10. Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge for me then.
  11. I agree. I thought Paolo was joking. She really said this?
  12. My jacket 'round your shoulders, the falling leaves.. Put his jacket 'round his girl as the autumn wind send a chill
  13. I know, but it's a quite predictable desease, and this cancellation seems to be a sudden change of plans.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree, but a short statement clarifying this situation would be nice. Their PR isn't top notch, as it should have been.
  15. I didn't sleep well because of this. Not because of the tour not happening, I was disturbed by this uncomfortable feeling that something might be wrong with someone.
  16. I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got Iceman & Badlands
  17. I have to add that the guy I was at my first gig with, was also my first, and he was the one who had introduced me to Bruce. Forever grateful. At the time of the concert, he was already my ex boyfriend, and my wicked plan was to somehow win him back during our trip to Munich (stupid adolescent me ). But he was so into Bruce that I could have jumped straight on his dick in the pit, and he would have just pushed me away, without taking his eyes off Bruce. Excuse my language, please.
  18. Both stared with darkness, lasted longer than I imagined, with sweat and similar level of physical exaustion. It was loud and included some weird movements (Shane!). And the muscle pain on the next day. It wasn't the best I ever had, not even close...