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  1. Dream Baby Dream worked, I think LC also could. Maybe not a fun moment for the casual fan, though, yeah..
  2. Funny how human brain works, and how a brief comment can stay with you forever. This song has never been played live, according to Brucebase, which is a shame. Sign next time, anyone?
  3. I have to make myself clear. I don't like Melania at all, I was never talking about how she's fulfilling the function of the First Lady. With Trump as the president, she is only given the role of his accessory, she's kept away from anything even remotely important. I think she is using the only tool she has, her body, and she's doing this intentionally. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanrabimov/2020/08/24/melania-trumps-mixed-fashion-legacy-as-first-lady-of-the-united-states/
  4. I shortened. I'm not allowed to post what I believe is the truth, because it would have been acknowledged as hateful speech. Rules. I think you misunderstood me. I think she is by far the most elegant and good looking First Lady, with extremely good taste in clothing.There are numerous articles on the internet exploiting the idea how her outfits can be understood as non verbal statements. Please, check if you're truly interested. Meet Helga. We always need humor. Each episode of that epic show is worth seeing. Yes, some good comments on our social media were definitely vulgar and misogynistic, but the best ones were really patriotic, something like this... Imagine what a great small nation we are, so that our native, a failed student and a model, ends up as FLOTUS, and her speech at the RNC is probably the best one the Republicans are going to hear during this campaign.
  5. I'm not allowed to be hateful, so I try to remain objective. She looked great, but not appropriate. She's got style and figure, she knows how to present herself. But this outfit was a statement, not just wardrobe. Do you think she looked nicer yesterday, or at inauguration?
  6. The irony is that she was talking about how proud she was to fulfill her American Dream, after growing up in communist Slovenia.... You should have been able to read the comments on our social media. I would have gladly translated the best ones, but would only get this thread locked. I think her image in front of all those American flags dressed as Helga from Allo Allo will go into history. That said, I know she expresses herself through immaculate outfits, usually very appropriate for the occasion. This outfit was loud, she must really hate him.
  7. These songs.... they often leave me wondering about how much of the content is autobiographical...
  8. This is probably the into I love the most... This song is also in 'my category'.
  9. Hey pretty Daisey, don't wait up for me Gonna be a long list... Edit: I was positive Daisey had started this thread.
  10. I'll repeat what I've written on the other thread. Loose Change is a multilayered gem if doom and gloom is your style. I treasure all Springsteen's songs where the male protagonist is a rootless, numb, probably dysfunctional man. He meets the most ordinary woman, and you instantly know what's going to happen. Despite acknowledging how meaningless encounters will only provide him with feelings of deep alienation and isolation, he always makes the move. On the surface, it appears to be just another song about casual sex, but it is indeed a song about a man who's caught inside his own head. He doesn't possess the strength, or the willingness to get out of that endless cycle. Loose change I think is a metaphor for the void in his life that accompanies him constantly. No serious fan could ignore the lyrical and thematical connection between Loose Change, The Losing Kind, and Highway 29. And on Western Stars, we can again observe the same guy, an older, more died down version of the same man. Musically, the song is interesting, too. It doesn't really go anywhere, it is monotonous, repetitive. The keyboards are distant, the bass and the vocal put in the center, and on the whole, it doesn't sound like a typical Springsteen song, more like 80s alternative pop. Dr. Jekyll's work ended on HT/LT, and Mr. Hyde's on Tracks 4?
  11. In my interpretation it has always been a song about conscience, about the tension that develops after following a "deviating" conscience as opposed to the "rightly formed" conscience of Catholic teaching.
  12. Listening to this one also made me realize that when talking about band accompanied tours, I prefer the tours where he had more instruments and back vocals on stage. I simply love the enrichment, the superb musicianship of all women and men involved.
  13. I also love Blinded, the first time that I can actually follow the lyrics.
  14. The Price You Pay Across The Border Perhaps not most Catholic, but these two were my impulse reaction.
  15. Folk music is timeless. It will continue to unite communities, it will continue to raise social awareness. I'm glad Sprinsteen took that chance, and had such fun doing it. I'm also delighted for all who had attended this show to have this souvenir now. I can hear the joy both on and off the stage, the collective spirit throughout this show is enviably good. My personal highlight is Devils. How it starts with Bruce, and later the band gradually kicks in, the back vocals, and the trumpet.... And how they all subside just before every woman and every man part. Simply beautiful.
  16. If this show doesn't put a big smile on your face, then what does?
  17. First time for me today. I love it. Probably the best part of this show, together with Devils. Absolutely love the back vocals.
  18. You can't ignore the momentum... Long Walk Home premiere, perfect.
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