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  1. Hey, Buddhabone... I'm going to fly to California one day, and you're going to buy us two tickets for a Bruce Springsteen concert, and we'll cry & laugh & dance together that night... Is it a deal?
  2. Well, then it high time he stopped pretending he was one. (Of course he isn't, and Patti paid a high price.)
  3. It's a mind boggling paradox for me. I have never missed a person I have not actually met in my life as much as I miss him. His thoughts, his writings...
  4. He wouldn't return if the mods begged him to. He's a man of principles.
  5. In my opinion Joad's mood is more suitable for autumn, winter. Let's say November. The lowest you feel, before the Christmas parody takes over...
  6. This isn't an unpopular opinion. Delete, or move this post immediately.
  7. Jackson Cage. Until it hit me decades later that I am in charge of the key to the universe. A whole new ballgame.
  8. There will be magic, even if it's not going to be Magic.
  9. Lovely. Just lovely. Horses everywhere. Wild, plastic.. Sam standing on the porch, asking for food?
  10. I adore Loose Change. It's a multilayered gem. Please, ladies, start a thread, I'm at work and can't right now!
  11. I love the Belfast 96 intro to It's The Little Things. And the Freehold show is a must, he talks a lot there... Joad tour is tricky, though. Some don't like it at all, I personally love it beyond words.
  12. One reason why I went with the 80s here is because I love to observe his growth, evolution, transformation from a boy to man. And this journey hasn't stopped by the time 80s had passed, and this is exactly the same reason I love Western Stars so much.
  13. 'Lost' one employee, but he substituted him with two great musicians, one who eventually turned out to be the love of his life? I never perceived Steve's leaving as a loss for Bruce, because if I understand correctly, they remained friends. Same actually with the dismissal of the band at the end of the decade.
  14. Seriously now... Comparing just the two decades, for me Tunnel, Nebraska, and The River outweigh the 70s even without BitUSA.
  15. This is quite an interesting article to read, and hopefully it can stir a debate... The questions examined in the article are: Was Springsteen better in the '70s or '80s, and why? Was Springsteen’s transition to politically-inspired material wise? Born to Run (1975) vs. Born in the U.S.A. (1984). Which is the stronger album and why? Pick a song from each decade ('70s and '80s) that best represents Springsteen during those respective eras. Explain your choices. Springsteen famously dismissed the E Street Band in 1989. He wouldn’t fully reunite with them for another decade. How do you think that change affected his material in the ‘90s? Read More: ‘70s Springsteen vs. ‘80s Springsteen: Which Is the Better Boss? | l
  16. I know you're only human, and men they make mistakes.
  17. Great read, thanks. I mostly agree with the author, not necessarily with his rankings (I can't pick a suitable pair of shoes in the morning, I can't rank anything, I most definitely can't rank Springsteen's songs), but with his observations, and his thinking. I'm glad I'm not the only one not very fond of The Rising album, and how you need to hear a Joad show to actually appreciate the album. Tunnel is a masterpiece, I like to see BD so high. Why isn't Hyden a member here?
  18. 'ranking Springsteen’s songs is an invitation to personal misery. Bruce fans are famously fanatical, and will inevitably take issue with anyone’s list. As a Bruce fanatic myself, I was positive that I would hate my own list. The man simply has too many songs that mean a lot to me. How could I possibly arrange them in a satisfying order?' I love this... So true. ^^^