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  1. Well, around here, baby, I learned you get what you can get...
  2. I still enjoy listening to comedy albums. I have the full George Carlin and Bob Newhart discographies and a handful of others.
  3. Volumes 1-6 and 16-19 are the only ones I really revisit. The three Hollywood Hills Garage discs hold some brilliant songs, though the drum machine can get annoying and there are multiple takes of some of the songs. The fun with these three volumes is finding the version of each song that you find essential, the ones you think are so good they overcome the drum machine fatigue. If you haven't heard Delivery Man, they're worth the listen just for that, but there are several fantastic songs from those sessions.
  4. Part Man, Part Monkey was one. It's still one of my favorite not-album tracks.
  5. I'd love to hear a song I don't know yet at a Springsteen show.
  6. Well, I wouldn't expect he would debut some lost masterpiece at a birthday party jam.
  7. I wouldn't expect that to keep you from knowing all the dialogue, the horse's name and why the hell that guy is so lousy at sweeping.
  8. Something about that's where the next morning is. I'm sure Paolo has all the dialogue memorized or notated or encrypted on a chip in his brain.
  9. There's a darkness on the edge of town. Sorry, I couldn't stick with the pep.
  10. Good idea! Not his lyric, but I think Seeger Sessions songs count. Keep your eyes on the prize...hold on.
  11. If you upload those album files to a dropbox or other cloud service and provide me with a link, I'll convert them, make sure they're properly tagged and get them back to you. EDIT: I may even already have some of the albums. I've got thousands upon thousands of albums already in mp3 format.
  12. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bruce-springsteen-john-stamos-and-john-fogertys-secret-1995-living-room-jam-981611/
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