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  1. It's a great show. The full show is available on youtube and I'd tell any Bee Gees doubters to check it out.
  2. They should have just made the kid a Bee Gee. That was his dream and they wrote, produced and performed on so much of his music anyway. When I was 12 until I was 15, every girl in the neighborhood wanted to marry Andy Gibb. His last hit was really good. Yeah, the one and only Joe Walsh actually plays guitar on (Love Is) Thicker Than Water and I Just Want To Be Your Everything.
  3. I was thinking you could explain the difference between being called a chickie and being called a lady.
  4. How does he get away with "Hot Laker Chickies" and I get scolded for "Greasy Ladies?"
  5. Yeah, all those loops and computer sounds on Western Stars are driving me insane.
  6. I now solemnly pray to any and all gods that are listening... Please, mighty gods, don't allow this thread to become the rehash of the new album and tour rumor thread.
  7. Maria's Bed borrows some lyrics from Further On (Up The Road). Missing and You're Missing may as well be the same song with all the shared imagery.
  8. What do you mean? He's toured and also released a new album since then.