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  1. Well, I do have a coat of fine leather and snakeskin boots.
  2. There's also the thought that if you're running into a burning building to save a can carry more than one record.
  3. I hear you, brother. I guess I should be happy that the only one of those I've got is the only one of them you're born with.
  4. What's stopping you from taking a trip across the San Bernardino line?
  5. Everyone's comments and expectations have got me even more excited to see the film day after tomorrow, but there's one thing I don't share with most of you and that's the desire for a nearby showing. Western Stars is going to be showing just up the 15 in Riverside, but a twenty minute ride to watch the film alone seems a little boring. It's gonna be a warm, sunny day and I'll take an 80 mile motorcycle ride over the mountains, enjoying every twist and turn of the Palms To Pines highway, to see the film in the desert with @took me long enough. It will be a cold ride home, but I always feel warmer when my heart is full.
  6. None of his albums are out of print so stay out of the burning building and call the fire department.
  7. The only one being pretentious about it is you.
  8. There's been worse bitching, yes. It's communism to politely request some quiet so everyone can hear the interludes? It's a bad thing to promote a film? Being asked to refrain from applause until the end of the piece is telling everyone how to behave? Moaning about the price of a ticket when a large popcorn costs twelve dollars?
  9. The bitching has entered the phase of unrealistic expectations now. Nothing left to see in this thread.