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  1. Last time Bruce did a song with whistling, everyone freaked out.
  2. This won't be a popular thought, but I'd like Bruce and Patti to do an album together.
  3. I was nine, lazing on a swimming pool float, when I first heard Bruce Springsteen. A harmonica and piano drifted from a window and the rest of the album followed it out. I spent that late summer afternoon face down on that air mattress, listening to that record blasting out of my friend's sister's bedroom window, over and over again, and I knew it was great. I was wise enough at nine to know it was a fantasy, but I was also the kind of boy who embraced fantasy and in those songs I was sure I heard the secret life of every teenager I knew. I heard the secret life that was waiting for me, just a few short summers in the future. But I wasn't hooked. I was nine, man. I got out of the pool, dried off on the hot concrete and by the time my sunburn started to peel, I'd forgotten about the record. Mostly. When Darkness On The Edge Of Town came out, I was twelve and I'd grown up about as much as any kid could in the three years that had passed. In those three years, I'd lost friends to distance and death, my Gramma to Heaven-Up-Above and I'd learned that darkness could fall on you even when you're still just a kid. I was on the edge of my teens, really getting into music and when I saw that album in the store, I remembered that late summer day in 1975 when I looked into my teenage future. I snatched up the new album, expecting teenage fantasies about hot rods and backstreets and barefoot girls. They were all there...the cars and the girls and the roads, but the only teenage fantasy was one about a lonely prostitute and all of the rest were stark adult truths. I was wise enough at twelve to know that these songs were more a glimpse of my own future than anything on Born To Run ever could have been. It wasn't one song that hooked me. It was those ten, in that sequence, and I've been a rabid fan ever since. Forty-one years burnin' down the road.
  4. It's gonna be hilarious if the "next album scheduled for June 7" mentioned in the Italian blog post was simply referencing the June Archive Series release.
  5. Did you learn about the lead vocals from @BrilliantDisguise's Ben Orr thread?
  6. I thought you'd have a flow-chart with releases, dates and times, man. Slacker.
  7. And before they made Tuesday the standard for U.S. releases, it was Monday, but a lot of shops got the deliveries late in the day on Mondays so they adopted Tuesdays. I like Fridays, but it took some getting used to.
  8. This is Tracy Chapman. This is my friend, local musician John Demps.
  9. Before I bought Bat Out Of Hell in 1979, I thought Meat Loaf was a band with a singer named Jim Steinman.