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  1. It has a sad ending when they accidentally shoot the actor's former girlfriend, who was on the 5:15 to try and stop them.
  2. I want to write an epic modern-day cowboy buddy movie about a washed-up western actor and his stunt double who break out of a Hollywood retirement home and head east to rob the Tucson train.
  3. Well, most of us around here will probably only last half your lifetime.
  4. The song isn't set in the west, but the character isn't from Nashville. Came into town with a pocketful of songs... He's another songwriter who followed, or maybe chased, his dreams to Nashville. He came into town from somewhere else. I like to imagine he came from the west.
  5. Am I wrong in thinking that most of the people who consider this music for old people are old people?
  6. Welcome, Declan. What are your thoughts on Western Stars?
  7. Vaporizing clouds has been a big part of my nightly tour of Bruce's wild west.
  8. I listened to Disc 4 first because it had the least amount of songs I had already heard. I think when Tracks came out, I had previously heard about 30 of the tracks so I wanted to hear all the unfamiliar stuff straight away. I listened to that fourth disc then only the songs on 1-3 that were new to me.
  9. He just poured one out on the parking lot the way you might pour a shot on someone's grave. Whatever is still alive in that song, the Moonlight Motel is clearly dead. Haunted like the fucking Overlook probably, but dead.
  10. I don't quite understand anyone's problems with the promotion of an album release. That's just a standard practice and I felt like this album was promoted less than many previous releases. It seems like most of the comments that have criticized the promotion is that Bruce isn't a cowboy or a westerner. We all know he isn't, he knows he isn't and he knows we know he isn't. What kind of photographs would you have liked to see with this kind of a record? They're just promotional shots thematically staged for an album. It's not the first time he's done photoshoots in character for a record. I will say that I can tell you true that it is more than possible for a New Jersey boy to wander west and be completely seduced by the desert.
  11. I was having fun earlier imagining the kid in Hitch Hikin' as Rainey Williams after he left the Mott Haven streets and headed west.