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  1. A surprise announcement, a surprise new song, a surprise album drop? A Surprise, Surprise?
  2. I'm glad you identified some of the people. I was going to guess that the Greasy Men were now lunching as the Greasy Ladies do.
  3. Was going to post the same thing. While we're locked down, digitally release one of the albums he's had in lockdown. I could do with some new old Bruce.
  4. Yeah. I never knew. I was reading his wikipedia page earlier while listening to his Down In Flames boxed set. I had to go watch the video to see for myself.
  5. Heard a lot of his early stuff growing up and he had most of his crossover hits during my early teens. I have his full discography through the 80s, but I mostly listen to his stuff with the First Edition.
  6. Steve Forbert plays Cyndi Lauper's boyfriend in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
  7. Tales was first up tonight, followed by two other favorites.