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  1. Jerseyfornia

    Ryan Adams ...

    A lot of times when I'm listening to oldies, I'm surprised by how many huge hits there were about underage girls. I've listened to Ryan Adams since the mid 90s, but I've always been of the opinion that he shot his wad with Whiskeytown and I'm not that into any of his later albums. I have them all, but usually just listen to various tracks. I can listen to the three Whiskeytown records all the way through. His music is one thing. His behavior is another and I feel less guilty about pirating all of his music off the internet and I wish him much luck with his future appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States .
  2. Jerseyfornia

    Turn the guitar up

    I like that lady.
  3. Jerseyfornia

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    So here's one As you'll notice, there are categories like Belgian Movies, Boxing Movies. They break the netflix menu down into more subcategories so you can more easily find exactly what you're interested in. You click on a category (I like to right click and do open in new tab, so I don't lose the menu) and it will take you right to your netflix.
  4. Jerseyfornia

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    I'll explain more after work but basically there are secondary sites that show every single subgenre and you click on one and it will take you to that menu in Netflix. I first thought it was no different than using the menu on Netflix but I've been able to do much deeper searches and find a lot of obscure stuff.
  5. Saw this on Southside's site tonight. I couldn't find it posted anywhere here.
  6. Jerseyfornia

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    Maria McKee 1989
  7. None of this has happened yet, none of this has happened yet, none of this has happened yet...
  8. Jerseyfornia

    Interview With Crystal Taliefero

    I remember her saying in an interview that she was the only one of the new players who knew Born To Run.
  9. Jerseyfornia

    Steve Earle's upcoming record

    I agree, but still...
  10. Jerseyfornia

    Steve Earle's upcoming record

    If this tribute to Guy Clark is half as good as "Townes" it will be well-worth listening to again and again.
  11. Jerseyfornia

    Bruce On You Tube

    I like Olli's work and I know he puts a lot of effort into his videos, but they are bootlegs that he offers for sale and using the official audio is piracy. I would rather JLM, Sony and/or youtube leave them up for our enjoyment, but I can't blame them for removing them.
  12. Jerseyfornia

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    A great straight rock album from The Jukes.