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  1. That post would seem misplaced and pointless if its true intent wasn't so easily seen.
  2. We're not supposed to call other members racist, so I always appreciate when they tell us themselves.
  3. Just that brief shot of his face in the trailer, but he looks to be in pretty good shape.
  4. The first live-action Star Wars television series. Looks gritty. Who's that familiar form frozen in carbonite? Can't be Han Solo since this show takes place after Return Of The Jedi.
  5. Most features are very similar across the different media player software and you can always find the setting you're looking for in preferences or settings. That specific instruction you quoted I searched the apple forums for.
  6. I'm so impressed with this album. Been listening to it for days. The last record I expected this guy to make is one that's blasphemous, pornographic, dark, suicidal and brilliant.
  7. Does it have "One of these days, Alice (Right In The Kisser)" on it?
  8. It should do the leveling automatically. This works in all versions of iTunes for both Windows and Mac OS X: From the iTunes menu, navigate down to ‘Preferences’ Click on the ‘Playback’ tab at the top Select the checkbox next to “Sound Check” Now select ‘OK’ You may have to restart itunes.