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  1. I'm not so much a Meat Loaf fan as I am of his work with Steinman. Meat's non-Steinman stuff is very hit and miss, with a hell of a lot of misses and songs intentionally written to imitate Steinman's style. Now, Jim Steinman; he's a mad genius and a world builder. I like that his songs all take place in the same alternate universe. I know a lot of people don't like his work because it's so bombastic, campy and over-the-top, but no one does that like Steinman. If Paradise By The Dashboard Light were the only song Steinman ever wrote, I'd think he deserves legendary status just for that. Bat Out Of Hell is the greatest motorcycle crash song ever written.
  2. Because I still haven't finished tagging that Dylan set.
  3. Not that it matters after all this time, but all phantom did was post his opinion on the cover version. It was actually "guest" who came back at him hard and butthurt.
  4. I'm actually hoping for a show from that tour next. Been wanting this one since the series started. 1992-10-22 - SHORELINE AMPHITHEATRE, MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA Soundcheck: BETTER DAYS / MANSION ON THE HILL RED HEADED WOMAN / BETTER DAYS / LOCAL HERO / LUCKY TOWN / ATLANTIC CITY / THE BIG MUDDY / 57 CHANNELS (AND NOTHIN' ON) / BADLANDS / THE RIVER / LIVING PROOF / IF I SHOULD FALL BEHIND / LEAP OF FAITH / MAN'S JOB / ROLL OF THE DICE / THE LONG GOODBYE / COVER ME / BRILLIANT DISGUISE (with Patti Scialfa) / SOUL DRIVER / SOULS OF THE DEPARTED / BORN IN THE U.S.A. / REAL WORLD / LIGHT OF DAY / HUMAN TOUCH (with Patti Scialfa) / GLORY DAYS / BOBBY JEAN / THUNDER ROAD / BORN TO RUN / MY BEAUTIFUL REWARD / WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY Originally scheduled for October 9. Last known performance of "The Long Goodbye". "The Star-Spangled Banner" is played as a lead-in to "Born In The U.S.A.". I had a great time at this show. Went with a buddy who was in his 50s then, had seen all the greats in their prime, but never Bruce and he said it was one of the best concerts he's ever seen. Also had an aggravating conversation with some woman next to me who asked me what album Brilliant Disguise was on then argued with me that it wasn't on Tunnel of Love. Full band Real World, Soul Driver and The Long Goodbye make it an essential release for me.
  5. I'm assuming since you're curating a museum @BruceSpringsteenFan, you must have quite a lot of memorabilia. Could we see some of what you've got?
  6. We're not the last generation of Springsteen fans by any means. Hell, in forty years, Rachel and other young fans will still be younger than some of us are now. Will they still love Western Stars? I think they will.
  7. I'll take Pony Boy over Trouble In Paradise and Real Man any day. Stay gold.
  8. The handwritten lyrics I've seen sold have gone for $200,000 and more.
  9. It's not the idea of sharing housework that sucks; it's the song. Bruce is capable of writing about matrimonial darkness without resorting to listing the household chores.
  10. The Born In The U.S.A. one is saved by a quarter inch.
  11. I had Real Man as his worst until Tracks came out and I heard Trouble In Paradise.
  12. I love this record, but I don't agree that Bruce hasn't done anything as good in ten years.
  13. I couldn't open that or convert it, but I googled the headline. I guess everyone has their own way of working, but it seems to me he has other writers do the heavy lifting in exchange for their name on a bestseller. McDonald's sells billions of burgers, but they still suck.
  14. My unpopular opinion is that The Who and The Stones are both better than The Beatles.
  15. I'm wrong about that bike. Looking at the enlarged photo, that left pedal is a clutch, not a shifter, so the bike has a jockey shifter (hand shifter). We just can't see it. I also did some research on choppers and some do run them with no front brake. That would seem pretty perilous, especially if you have to stop on a grade. I'm trying to imagine braking with the right foot, clutching with the left foot and shifting with the left hand. I don't know what they did with the throttle, but I'm assuming I just can't tell from the photo. All my posts about that bike up until now are wrong assumptions (except for it being a choppered out Springer). I think the bike runs and Bruce isn't actually posing at all. If that's his bike and he rides it, he's a badass.
  16. I wish we could see just a few inches more of the bike. It's possible it's got a jockey shifter (a suicide clutch), but if it does it would be located just out of the picture. I actually downloaded the picture so I could blow it up. A jockey shifter would explain a lot, but I haven't ever seen a foot throttle on a bike (just scooters), but I suppose it's possible.
  17. In The Tall Grass, based on the novella by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, is pretty good. I love when King takes something as mundane as a field of high grass and makes it terrifying. I wish there'd been a bit more information about... ...but that's King. Sometimes he over-explains and sometimes he doesn't explain enough and I've seen him go either way to both bad and good effect. I also haven't read the book yet, so I don't know if the film is a faithful adaptation or not. King didn't write the screenplay. It's a good scary movie. I was browsing for something light before I watch the final episode of The Haunting Of Hill House, but I had been waiting for this one to come out so I couldn't pass it up.