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  1. I just finished it last night. I also thought it was great.
  2. Yes. Jonathan Cain on his right. On his left is Wally Stocker, who became a well-known guitarist for Rod Stewart, among others. Ricky Phillips, below Stocker, later joined Cain and Waite in Bad English.
  3. If I recall, the lyrics are the same. The song wasn't identified with 9/11 until Bruce did it at the telethon shortly after the attacks.
  4. After I've heard the Archive Series releases straight through a time or two, I tend to listen to them piecemeal. I'll listen to a few tracks from one show that lead me to another show and so on. These Tunnel Of Love shows, though, I have a hard time breaking away from and usually listen to all the way through. The set was so finely constructed and the performances so tight and brilliant that I prefer to get on the train at the first stop and ride to the end. I rode down to the lake today, intending to spend an hour by the water, but I put on this latest show and I've been here two and a half hours so far.
  5. Fred and Daphne were jerks who took all the credit from the nerdy Velma and the stoners Norville and Scooby.
  6. At that time, I thought it was still me and Patti all the way.
  7. I always thought those live versions of Be True kicked ass all over the somewhat lightweight studio version.
  8. To me, it just seemed like another Springsteen tour. I didn't miss the warhorses and I loved all the new stuff we were hearing; not just the Tunnel songs, but the new covers, Be True and Roulette. I welcomed the horns, was in love with Patti and enjoyed it.
  9. Candy's Room is mentioned in Candy's Boy and Candy's Boy is mentioned in Candy's Room..
  10. From Mary, Mary: Hearts of stone and eyes gone deep blue.
  11. From the alternate outtake Stolen Car available on the Lost Masters and other bootlegs. We got married and promised never to part, then I fell a victim to the hungry heart.
  12. I'm enjoying this thread maybe more than I should be.
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