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  1. At some point he quit smoking. He was still smoking during The Rising tour. But he was on The Sopranos in which they ate in a lot of scenes. Most of the actors had noticible weight gain. And he was touring while shooting the show.
  2. Steve. It's not about the E Street Band, but about him outside of the band. He's the creative force behind the early Jukes albums. He has two tremendous albums (Men Without Women and Soulfire). He wrote my favorite Christmas song (All Alone On Christmas). He was Silvio Dante on the greatest, IMO, television show of all-time. He created and starred in an amusing show, Lilyhammer. And most importantly, he puts his money where his mouth is. I'm a teacher and got to sit front and center for free at one of his shows. And that's in addition to all of his other charitable work. He just doesn't write a check. He gets involved.
  3. A colleague gave me two electric guitars, both Strat styles. One is a First Act and the other is a Squier. I am curious to know the specs on them. The First Act is tough to find. I was able to look up the Squier by its model number and found it was made in China in 2000. But I am curious to know if it's a Bullet, Affinity, or a Vibe. I think it's an Affinity based on the tuning pegs, but that's the best I can figure out. Anyone know how I can find out? thanks.
  4. I did last release. You have to change the settings to allow downloads from that site. Unfortunately, I don't remember off the top of my head.
  5. I guess I wasn't reading the right message boards at the time. I had no clue. Years later when I visited ATL for a wedding, I drove over to find the studio. And I could only see it from the parking lot of the office complex.
  6. I will never forget the shock and disappointment when they announced The Rising was recorded at Southern Tracks. I lived in an apartment complex right across the street from the studio on Clairmont Road while they were recording. The disappointment was foolish as I never would have seen them, but knowing they were literally across the street... sigh.
  7. And Vinny Pastore from The Sopranos introducing the band for the encores which started with So Young and In Love. Would make a great archive show if they have it.
  8. The peak was from The Reunion and The Rising era. I saw 10 shows on those two tours, travelling to different states. My family and friends were all going to shows together. It all changed during the VFC tour. It was the first show I didn't attend. I don't have a problem with Bruce stating his political views, but I wouldn't have gone to a political show of anyone no matter if agreed or disagreed. And his openly political stances made some of my family members less interested and they were done by the end of the decade. I still love listening to his music, but I'm perfectly fine waiting for NUGS sales to purchase archival shows.
  9. It is amazing how the four years between this and the 1999 reunion seemed like an eternity. And 21 years since then has gone by in the blink of an eye.
  10. I have seen a few of A&A's vids and was done with them because I think they're phony. I don't believe they've never heard a lot of the songs they listen to. Plus I can't stand watching their head swaying and bobbing. Then the Thunder Road video popped up. So I watched. Their reactions seemed genuine, but that's because I believe many college kids wouldn't know Thunder Road. If they reacted to Born in the USA for the first time, I wouldn't have believed them.
  11. I think it was the first one I bought, if not second.
  12. And Vinny Pastore of The Sopranos introduced the band for the encores. Great night.
  13. If night 1 is released, I won't wait for a holiday sale. I was at that show.
  14. I like Soulfire better, but Sorcery is no slouch. My boys, 7 and 9, love Party Mambo.
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