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  1. Looks like Bruce needs to lay off the long lunches for a while...
  2. The one positive from Galway Girl is that it surely takes the place of This is Your Sword as officially the worst Irish song ever recorded.
  3. But recording and touring with the E Street Band is itself nostalgia. I'm all for a new record - but something different with different musicians, not the same reheated stadium dross.
  4. The Teleprompter seems wrong in a show like this. It's as though Bruce is just turning up every night and not really engaged. People who have paid hundreds of dollars deserve better, IMO.
  5. Bruce does as little as he has to and charges as much as he can. I'm sure it is a fine show but it's still essentially a half-length show at several times the price, with no new material whatsoever. I suspect this explains the sensitivity at 'spoilers' and negative reviews.
  6. It began with Born in the USA - a great mainstream rock album but nevertheless a work that is largely a pastiche of Bruce's earlier songs and image.
  7. Unfortunately, I think people are going to be disappointed. Bruce playing acoustic versions of songs most people prefer with a band, and telling the same stories every night doesn't seem remotely worth $850. Something tells me Bruce is going to be bored as hell after a few nights too. How much better if he'd gone back to his roots and played some free shows in Asbury Park.
  8. It probably would have made sense for Bruce to have formed a new band for his albums and supporting tours, and kept the E Street Band exclusively for greatest hits-style shows. That was there would have been no conflict between artistic growth and nostalgia.
  9. I think Patti has an uneasy relationship with fans because Bruce himself is uneasy about her role in the band. Most people need a little separation between their home and work lives, and I sense Bruce is no exception. It is clear from his autobiography that Bruce finds escape in the live shows - and obviously he cannot do that in a meaningful way with his wife there.
  10. We all need a little human touch, that's for sure. I don't use social media but it has to be said that it's much easier and cheaper to stay in touch with family/friends than it was in 1992, especially if they don't live nearby - an email or Skype call gives comfort, even if it's not a physical touch.
  11. I'd like to see these 'albums' released too. The River, Darkness and BITUSA outtakes in particular deserve better than just being scattered across expensive box sets, which casual fans are unlikely to buy.
  12. I think full-album shows of the post-BITUSA could be very interesting, even though I'm not the biggest fan of many of them. This is because a. A live full-album show would energise some of the songs that sometimes seem lifeless on the albums and b. I think Bruce has underplayed his best post-BITUSA songs, so a full-album show would force him to play them
  13. If it's only 18 songs, I think I'd keep the 1995 track listing, with a couple of Tracks highlights instead of Secret Garden and Blood Brothers.
  14. I agree that Human Touch is unfairly maligned.I think it's one of Bruce's best records, as is Lucky Town.
  15. A perceptive thread. I think most people aspire to be extroverts when they are young, and have it drummed into them that need to be confident and make many friends. Bruce's music made it OK to be lonely or shy, and that you can do your best and still fail badly - for a teenager, these are perhaps more subversive sentiments than sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, which are almost encouraged as 'normal' Over the years, you come to accept who are and realise that being a good person and sticking to your own principles are what are really important, not whether you are naturally shy or not. Plus, you realise that the real weirdness usually hides behind apparent success and normality.