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  1. Western Stars for me, although to be fair albums take me a bit of time to fully appreciate so ask again in a years time.
  2. Just giving this my first proper listen apart from Spotify earlier on. Beer in hand, Stereo is cranking and this is one hell of an album.
  3. Thanks Ross, had a very late night! Listening to it now on Spotify again before i make the drive in to our local JB Hifi to get a physical copy.
  4. This really is a great album. Was grateful to be able to download this morning, looking forward to spinning the vinyl a few times over the weekend with a Scotch or 2. One to sit back and listen to.
  5. Hi, i have a friend who is selling some decent tics for the Thursday the 9th in Sydney at $243 face value.I have asked him for seat numbers.Not sure yet if its 2 or 4 tics. He is doing the Tuesday show and then driving down to Hanging Rock and thought it was too much of a rush. These are print at home tics but as i will be there as well am happy to only exchange money for him once whoever buys them is through...so no risk. Any takers or questions let me know. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the info Humphrey. I will get to the 2nd Sydney show even if I am behind the stage in the cheapest seats. Melbourne on the 4th is a possibility but have spent $1000 in the blink of an eye. Of course, we all know it's worth it but I have been divorced once and not going through that again !
  7. Same for me with Sydney. Premium seats then bloody well timed out! Now up a fair bit but I guess the saving I made will pay for a cheap seat for another show.
  8. The 18th is HV. Good luck everyone....i'm going to wait to see if there is a show on the 4th as it's much easier for us to get away at the weekend. Still have Sydney to buy later though.
  9. Thanks. As long as I get to go is the main thing, where I see it from is secondary. Obviously the closer the better but there's the cost. We have 5 kids between us, 4 of whom are still living at home so it gets hard to justify spending thousands. I have a budget of $1000.....$500 left and I would like us both to get to 2 more shows.... I have been good lately though, she will forgive me if I go a little over. I hope!
  10. I don't know much about AAMI park....anyone got any advice about where to sit if I don't do the front ?
  11. Got Hunter too. Couldn't do front as one of my concessions from my partner, it's a long hot day standing unless you are an absolute devotee. Still got ok seats, better than I did last time. $500 down already.
  12. Why no plane? You can get a coach to Picton and get a ferry over to Wellington in the North Island. Then I guess a coach or train from there. Beautiful scenery.
  13. Great news! I have a very supportive partner who I have converted into a bit of a fan so will plan to go to 3 shows. Sydney, Hunter Valley and one in Melbourne. That will be about all we can afford.The credit card will have to take a bit of a hit but life is for living right?
  14. Hopefully it'll all work out for us Daisy. I think the support acts will only be for the big outdoor shoes which historically here in Oz are like mini festivals. Time to warm up the audience and get some wine in. Last time at the Hunter Valley we had 2 decent supports. For the Arena shows there was none.
  15. Just walking into work listening to Hey Blue Eyes. What a great song.
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