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  1. I'm glad you and others enjoy it, I just can't stomach her singing at all. Can't please everyone I guess.
  2. Repeatedly saying a Springsteen album sux on a Springsteen site? Nah nothing inflammatory about that. No problem with that opinion by the way, but over and over gets a little tiring from my point of view. Each to their own though, of course.
  3. No problem with that. But how many times do you need to say that on a Springsteen fansite? Probably 5 or 6 might be enough.
  4. "It stinks" is a little stronger than saying it's not for me.
  5. Meh I responded in this manner because this person is being obviously inflammatory.
  6. The vast majority of critics and fans seem to really like the album. But hey Jerk Off Sucky...tell us more.
  7. I'll jump in to rectify this situation...haha. Definitely the worst part of the song. I hold no Ill feeling towards her, but I will never enjoy her vocals.
  8. Love Hitch Hikin. I reckon it's a fantastic opener, lyrically it sets up the rest of the album beautifully. HH has some decent songs on it, but it's a mish mash which doesn't come together...and has a number of absolute clunkers. WS is far superior, musically, production-wise and for originality. IMO of course!
  9. It's a very well written review (as always), but I reckon you have seriously underrated the album.