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  1. Bruce seems pretty tired and introspective in recent times. Not sure we will get much out of him, which is fair enough.
  2. No. Some local musos who were "randomly" pulled up from the crowd.
  3. I'm happy to wait for an album. Would have loved a rock tour this year though, considering the unfortunate reality of the ageing process...it feels like every year counts now.
  4. I just bought it and watched it on YouTube. And loved it.
  5. I can't find it available online anywhere outside the US either....
  6. Ok thanks, I understand now. I can see it's a very serious situation. All the best with it. Sincerely hope you are assuaged in the future.
  7. Very much this. Some people carry on as if their pay check has been delayed. It's not something that's owed to us, we've had a shit ton of music made available to us, and over time there will be plenty more. In the meantime go and play outside.
  8. He's fantastic. Was hugely popular in Australia, and rightly so.
  9. He previously mentioned touring Australia late next year. And he loves being in Oz for our summer.
  10. That last paragraph is my idea of hell.
  11. I was there and wouldn't describe it as a bad performance. Yes, he was weirdly rambly during the Growin Up story...and maybe a little low on energy early on....but he pushed through it and ended up putting on a great show...and almost 4 hours from memory. The second half of the show it almost felt like he went extra hard to make up for the sluggish start.
  12. I'm glad you and others enjoy it, I just can't stomach her singing at all. Can't please everyone I guess.
  13. Repeatedly saying a Springsteen album sux on a Springsteen site? Nah nothing inflammatory about that. No problem with that opinion by the way, but over and over gets a little tiring from my point of view. Each to their own though, of course.
  14. No problem with that. But how many times do you need to say that on a Springsteen fansite? Probably 5 or 6 might be enough.
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