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  1. Love Bruce's take on this, and i reckon Bruce does too! His acknowledgement to the crowd at 04.39 mark says yep, nailed it!
  2. Just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in! Outstanding release.
  3. i know we're a bit behind the times here, but in Australia its only 2019. how are things in 2029? Any sign of Tracks 2?
  4. According to Erik Flanagan's essay, less than half of the December 15 show is covered by existing multi-tracks. I'd love to see those released in a similar fashion to the 10 tracks from Tempe not covered by the video release. Such a significant show as December 15 needs a multi-track release, even if it only covers 90 minutes or less.
  5. How's this for a conspiracy theory- maybe they all sound just like Barcelona?
  6. After a long and busy work day, i've finally gotten a chance to download and listen. This release blows away the bootleg. Sound quality is not even in the same ballpark. happy to say that another bootleg bites the dust... And have renamed track one in Itunes as Meeting In The Town Tonight/Take 'Em As They Come... As it should be!
  7. speaking of faces, i think Bruce needs to ease up on the makeup/ botox or whatever it is, or he'll end up looking like Wayne Newton. Great clip tho. Can't wait for the film.
  8. Amazing amazing release! we all know it so well already, but the sound is just... incredible. Racing into Thunder Road is simply my favourite transition ever. There's something transcendental about it that touches my soul and just takes me away. magical
  9. it makes you wonder what those 5 albums will be... would they put out some Nugs releases with proper packaging, liner notes, etc (maybe an upgraded BC mix?). Nah, they would never make us pay twice for the same thing....
  10. i thought after its no show for the last 5 years, it was destined to be a Sony release.
  11. Waking up on a wet saturday morning in Australia and check my phone to see what the new archive release is... thru sleepy eyes i see Passaic and assume night 3... nice one... Wait... WTF?? Night One!! My Holy Grail show! Today does really feel like xmas morning
  12. Andrew Ridgeley's contribution to this song was "interesting"
  13. On to my third listen, and this really is a stunning album. Bruce is in fine voice, and he has crafted something quite different, but yet still quintessentially compelling. The strings are very evocative and occasionally bring a lump to the throat. love love love Sundown!
  14. Welcome to GL. You'd get no complaints from anyone if that was to turn up, but the second reel of the show has been AWOL for the last 44 years, so is unlikely.
  15. Hmmm... "A tour that hasn't been released before, sort of"... That sounds like Seeger Sessions to me as we've only got a festival set, not a full show. Personally i'm hoping for a show from 1992
  16. Can we make sure any Sirius spoilers are kept off this thread. i would rather indulge in the hopes and predictions of Greasy Lakers for a few days rather than pages of recriminations. We can do that after Friday night.
  17. yes, but its always fun to read everyone's predictions. Sirius has pretty much killed the anticipation that builds in this thread in the days that preceed the release
  18. no need. to summon him you just need to say his name three times and he will magically appear...
  19. some people like might to know that our mate JTAsomethingsomething seems to have resurfaced on the Steve Hoffman forum, specifically on the Springsteen Live Archive thread. our loss is their gain i suppose!
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