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  1. I am disappointed in Bruce because he made the choice to drink and drive and got caught. He didn't use good judgement, it was no mistake, it was his choice. Thankfully, no one suffered serious injuries, death and lives changed forever. Hopefully, Bruce will learn from this. He deserves to look deep inside now and find his reasons for this happening. There's no need to ruin his life, a little compassion goes a long way.
  2. Have a wonderful fall day to all. From Facebook.
  3. Finally got a chance to listen in peace! In love with Moonlight Motel. Proud of Bruce for releasing this music. Amazing songwriter.
  4. Thanks for sharing this, BD. I love this picture for some reason!
  5. Bruce at PNC Saturday night for the Bob Segar show.
  6. From Facebook--enjoy your weekend, everyone.
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