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  1. I'm certain we'll get some great surprises from the Series this year. Looking forward to an awesome 2020!
  2. I just want to say that I think that 'She's The One' and 'Backstreets' from 15/12 are some of Bruce's greatest performances ever. 25 minutes of pure rock and roll fun, emotion, ecstasy. What a gift this is
  3. Yeah, I get you. I too have moments like that with all my favourite bands / artists. Depends on the mood, I guess.
  4. Oh. My. God. I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to buy this one!!
  5. Well, they're building up the hype... and they got me! Can't wait to see what it is.
  6. I love that version as well (hell - all the TOL Tour versions are awesome), but I'd take LA's and NYC's version over that one. It's amazing that you said that because that's exactly what I do as well haha! I absolutely love that and it's the one thing that makes it a discussion for me. Well, that and the "la la la la laaaaa la la la la la" at the end of the outro. That's awesome and that makes it a great debate for me because both versions are so great with the band and Bruce playing their asses off that I have to (and always like to) focus on the details. And that is exactly what makes the MSG version win it for me. Because although those two details I mentioned are great, there are some amazing, subtle things on this particular one that hooked me from the first time I heard it. Everytime he sings the chorus, he does it differently, Bruce never repeats the same chorus melody and always adds something. For example, on the first chorus he goes up on "IT to you" and I really liked that, but the other two chorus - oh my. The second one gave me chills the first time I heard it. The way he anticipates the melody by singing "baby, you prove it to me and I'll prove it... toooooo you" is amazing. And the third one absolutely killed me, mainly because I was already "in the zone" with my eyes closed just feeling the emotion and the intention behind his singing there and because of his "ohh" when he sings "you be true to me and I'll be trueeee... OHH... to youuu". It really destroyed me and I really felt it. I also really like the falsetto on the outro as well, but these are the details that make this one the definite version for me!
  7. Maybe this is a discussion for another thread, but I think I can make a case for New York's 'Be True' being the greatest performance of that song ever. Although LA's is a great version, I do think the MSG performance is the best one ever!
  8. I talked about this a couple weeks ago, I'd love to get that. The only live performances of some great songs... Hope they release that someday.
  9. I have many, many verses that come straight to my head. My favourite ones depend on the day, on the mood, on what's going on in my life. I've been listening to a lot of Tunnel Of Love lately, since that's where my mind has been in the last few months. This album has always been one of my all time favourites, and I think it has some of Bruce's greatest songwriting moments ever. Unfortunately (I think), I now understand what Bruce meant when he sang: "Nobody knows baby where love goes But when it goes it's gone gone And when you're alone you're alone" I'm not sure if there's a better line to sum up what it feels to be in this particular situation, at least the way I see it. You're left with nothing but yourself and your insecurities, your fears and your own loneliness. Does anybody know where love goes, except that when it goes it's gone? I'm not sure, but I do know this is definitely one of my favourite lines ever.