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  1. Indeed, the sound is gorgeous. And the performance is even better.
  2. Indeed. If it's anything like this single I'll love it.
  3. Well, this aged terribly. Great, great video. Missed seeing the band and I loved the song. Can't wait for the album!
  4. I wouldn't be disappointed with a HH2 concept again, especially for the time being! He has written an E Street Band album (a political one, they told us) and they were recording it pre-quarantine. It was suspended and maybe he just put together an album like High Hopes so he can tour behind that new E Street Band album. There's nothing to back this up, it's just my theory!
  5. "Small craft warning on the radio" I absolutely love that song.
  6. Don't get my hopes up, please! I've made that mistake way too many times now.
  7. I think Man Utd will finish in the top 4 with Bruno Fernandes leading the way and possibly being one of the top players in the league. Man City will be 1st and Chelsea will come in 2nd, with Liverpool in 3rd. The top scorer will be Auba.
  8. Wow! That show must have been a great experience for you! Some great performances there
  9. Yeah, I think it is. And a bit polarizing between fans. When Detroit was released earlier this year the reaction was pretty good for some, but others dismissed it immediately for having the same "boring" setlist (besides 'Walk Like A Man' that is). That has been the case all along regarding the TOL Tour! And I do agree and believe that the tour was more underrated a few years ago and now it has some sort of bigger appreciation, but even now I still think it is a bit underrated. And I'm with you, the encore on the Stockholm show is one of my top Bruce moments ever! But I don't know, I
  10. The Tunnel Of Love tour is criminally underrated!
  11. 'Chimes Of Freedom' was the first cover I obsessed with, followed shortly by 'Quarter To Three'. 'Drift Away' was the first one that genuinely made me cry and I always had a soft spot for 'When You Walk In The Room' and 'Then She Kissed Me'. 'Across The Border' is so beautiful, 'Trapped' is amazing and 'Twist And Shout' is always pure madness. Plus, 'Jersey Girl' is an absolute favourite of mine. But... I mean... Is there anything that beats a '81 'Detroit Medley'? No, no way.