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  1. Yes, I always thought that Long Time Comin' was an every-nighter as well. It took me by surprise, and I only realised it after listening to the whole show.
  2. I love the album! I find the production great and the flow of the tracklist is terrific, in my opinion. Great songs (We Take Care, Wrecking Ball, Death To My Hometown, Shackled, LOHAD...) and great instrumentation. I wouldn't put it in my top 5, but I do think it's one of his stronger efforts post-Reunion!
  3. That's a great list, I like it very much. Interesting concept!
  4. My last (and first) Bruce Springsteen show was the Rock In Rio Lisboa show, May 19th 2016. The show was amazing, I loved every single bit of it as I thought I would, but it was a shame he decided to drop all but 3 The River songs. I was so excited to catch so many songs from that album (Ties, Sherry, Two Hearts... just from Side A!) but that didn't happen. But I need more Bruce concerts!!! One just isn't enough
  5. My God... Terrible, terrible news. I did not know her well, just by reading her posts here but her presence was always noticed and I always enjoyed reading what she had to say. My condolences to all her loved ones.
  6. This was one of the first Bruce Springsteen bootlegs I've ever downloaded and listened to, and what a show it is. Can't wait to listen to this again!
  7. Well, I would say not to overreact regarding Bruce's voice, although this performance of 'Ghosts' was indeed a poor vocal performance. He famously doesn't warm up his voice and this a perfect example of why that isn't always a good idea! But I really wouldn't worry too much about that, remember that his vocals on 'Meet Me In The City' at SNL 2015 were not great whatsoever, and the band even dropped the key half a step (from E to D#) on that performance, but he couldn't reach the higher notes and wasn't really in control of his middle range. And still, when the tour began in Pittsburgh three or four weeks after that, the band played the song in the original key and Bruce absolutely nailed it, all the high notes and with great phrasing and he kept doing that throughout almost every performance of that song. Once he can get back in musical shape with the band, and with proper rehearsals, I do believe his voice will be as good as it has been. For example, that note on 'The Ties That Bind' - he did stop trying to reach it early on in 2016, but he also did the exact same thing in 1980/81, and his voice was mighty fine back then. He began the tour by trying to go there every gig, and then he stopped trying because the note is there anyway sung by the background singers. This is just my two cents, and I do agree that 'Ghosts' was not a good vocal performance by any means, but 'I'll See You In My Dreams' was beautifully sung and I do believe that's because his voice was more warmed up by that point.
  8. I really enjoyed this as well. I thought it was a good, interesting and funny interview!
  9. SNL always posts the sketches and musical performances officially on Youtube a few hours later! I'm so excited, can't wait for a new E Street Band performance!!
  10. This show is pretty amazing. So many highlights, tremendous release!
  11. Oh my God, if it is indeed Hammersmith night 2 I would be so thrilled.
  12. Well, I'd see this happening if we were talking about those Archive playlists on Spotify, where they compile songs from different releases with a theme. Maybe if he would release one of the Asbury Park Christmas shows a compilation would be made and released there, but I can't imagine him recording a whole album of Christmas songs and selling that. Would be a bit weird for him!
  13. This is a tremendous show. So happy it's on the Archive Series, superb performances all around!
  14. So glad to know you're back with your blog! Great read as always.
  15. A couple of those are absolute great solos. The solo on 'Badlands', and 'Be True' are great, plus his sax work on 'Dancing In The Dark' adds a lot to the song.
  16. That's interesting. The first and the last song above the actual single...
  17. Indeed, the sound is gorgeous. And the performance is even better.
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