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  1. During the one of the Cincinnati shows a fan was screaming in his ear and he jokingly asked her to scream into the other ear since he was already deaf in that one. Always wondered how much truth there was to that.
  2. Steve Goodman did write it and also wrote You Never Even Called Me By My Name for David Allen Coe but from what I heard/read Prine contributed to both but didn’t take credit. The reason for no credit on the Coe song is Goodman was already diagnosed with Leukemia and he wanted Goodman to get all the royalties.
  3. I have to admit feeling a little guilt for liking the Dodgers. I grew up in Cincy listening to Marty and Joe and used to go to the Nuxhall batting range in Hamilton at Joyce lark and met him several times. Once a summer he would bring in the greats froM the Big Red Machine and I was lucky enough to to meet Bench, Rose, Morgan along with others such as Casey and Larkin. Used to see Joe around town some too, always a friendly guy. Grew up disliking all the West Coast teams plus the Cards, Cubs, Phillies and Yankees and still dislike all of them. Started liking the Dodgers several years ago when visiting LA so much and seeing Dodger stadium and since the Reds haven’t done much adopted LA as my second team, head to head I still pull for the Reds. Saving grace, a visit to St Louis made me like the Cards even less.
  4. RIP. A little sad Irony, he co-wrote the "City of New Orleans" for Guthrie, died of Covid and New Orleans is one of the major hot spots for Covid now.
  5. One of the best shows I have seen. Crowd was great too and Bruce fed off the energy all night.
  6. Same here, working at home designing parts but also getting a lot of personal stuff done after work and weekends. Admittedly it is a good time to be a car guy, classic car projects in the garage to work on.
  7. I was there, one of the greatest versions of Lost in Flood ever performed. Incredible. That whole show was great.
  8. Reds fan here, Dodgers are my second favorite. Dodger stadium is a great place for a game
  9. Thanks for posting and welcome aboard. You title made me think of this one by The Who.