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  1. SOB on until June?

    Maybe Its Blackfoot.
  2. SOB on until June?

    I blame the guy in the checkered jacket!!!!
  3. SOB on until June?

    I am surprised by the move if its true, but have no issues with it. I am looking forward to seeing it and still would not be surprised to see it change as the show goes on. Bruce seems to get bored doing the same thing, would love to see him bring back Acoustic Rosie and the slow version of E-Street shuffle if Broadway continues. I still think it may be a way of performing on stage while staying close to his mom with her medical concerns.
  4. SOB on until June?

    Setlist Vision will soon highlight a change in the set of the Spoken Word. 11-11-17 Of used in the story on Growing Up. 11-12-17 But replaces Of in the setlist on Growing Up.
  5. Cincinnati Music Hall would be a great stop. Ranks acoustically as one of the finest performance venues in the world. I would love to see Bruce return there. Also built over a Paupers graveyard and considered one of the most haunted places in America.
  6. When I first read this I thought it said "Do the SATAN tour". That doesn't sound like a good time (SATAN Tour). Shouldn't read stuff while designing fuel injectors late at night. Anyway, back to planning a fun tour......Just don't go too far South!
  7. 7/1/2000- A Perspective

    Great show, nice Saint in the City that night too, plus Candy's Room. That was a nice vacation, caught a Bruce concert, Mopars at Big Daddy Don Garlits in Ocala and hit the Turkey Rod Run on Thanksgiving weekend in Daytona.
  8. 7/1/2000- A Perspective

    Same here, I was lucky enough to be at the Orlando Show when he dusted it off for the first time on an audible, have caught it several times since. I have been lucky enough to see it several times before through the 80's and late 70's as well. Always a highlight for me.
  9. Maybe he is going to tell the story about getting hit on his motorcycle by a caddy and breaking his leg while the driver was yelling at him......
  10. Soup and a Sandwich

    The St. Louis Break Company is the same as Panera. A good Muffin is fun to eat.
  11. Biscuits

    For Clarification: Biscuits: Cookies:
  12. Just coffee

    A horse is s horse. Of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, unless of course, the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.
  13. Just coffee

    Clouds in my Coffee
  14. Just coffee

    Clouds in my Coffee
  15. Biscuits