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  1. More difficult to find a good one. Always thought his music sucked.
  2. We got the 16 track tape machine rollin' out back. If you'll sing with me just a little bit, I won't guarantee it, but you just might end up on an album
  3. "Is there anybody alive out there?' Bruce Springsteen
  4. The Hotlanta show was incredible and I keep it in the rotation. Would love a clean release of it. Even a screwed up one like the official Agora release would be better than nothing.
  5. Winterland. Best version of Mona/She’s the zone, best story and performance of Santa Clause, excellent SOF, Jungleleand etc. Just a great show. Performance wise I would put Winterland just ahead of Passaic and the Agora tied with Winterland. Love Raise Your Hand on the Agora and my favorite versions of Darkness and SITN.
  6. Great history, yes there has always been a lot of questions about the Doors legacy, rumors/truths, recording dates and methods along with Jim's "condition" during recording and live sessions and even the rumored faking of his death by the author of "No One Here Gets Out Alive" book by Jerry Hopkins. Later refuted by R.M. and many others but it was an interesting take. Elvis and Jim are probably sitting on the pier at Venice Beach as we type this :-) Bruce Botnick is a wealth of knowledge too, always interesting to watch his interviews.
  7. Interesting, I saw an interview with Paul Rothchild saying it was done in one take with no overdubs but it sounds like the two takes with splice and no overdubs may be the released version. "The song was recorded live in the studio with no overdubbing.[3] Two takes were done and it has been held that the second take is the one that was issued.[4] However, it has been speculated that the issued version of the song is an edit of both takes, with at least one splice."
  8. Loving this song, great sound for the band and Bruce's voice sounds good. Love the fact that it was recorded live in the Studio and no overdubs. Kind of like "The End" by the Doors, one take, no dubs, band live and perfect result.
  9. This post made me think of: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  10. Live sessions band version of Open All Night Sounds like Born to Boogie by Hank Jr. Especially some of the live versions of BTB.
  11. Maybe Covid delayed April Fools day to Sept. 4 and this was Bruce Inc.'s Gag.