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  1. 1974 would likely include the E Street Shuffle, so that alone makes it Listenable;-)
  2. I think he needs to Rise Up and give us a 1974 Show.
  3. That is my favorite version of No Surrender, also love that Jersey Girl. Darlington County is always a favorite for me, reminds me of Summer.
  4. Still wonder why Jungleland didn't make the cut on the 75-85 Box..
  5. New Archive: Meadowlands, 20th August, 1984

    I Love the Beach Boys and in the middle of a long winter they can free my soul by providing a glimpse of Summer.
  6. Tower Records Founder Passes Away

    "Drop the Needle and Pray"
  7. Badass

    Reno is badass
  8. 70s Country/Rock

    Blackfoot, Marshall Tucker, Skynyrd, Grinderswitch, Molly Hatchet were all great southern rock band, Charlie was a mix of Southern Rock and Country Rock 38 Special was kind of a pop Southern Rock. Love them all.
  9. Who are you seeing? For Me Buffett in Cincinnati in July ZZTop and John Fogety in Cincinnati in June Buffett in SoCal Seger when he announces his new dates
  10. New Archive: Meadowlands, 20th August, 1984

    So the job provides the means to allow you to download it, but the job denies the time to go home and download it ;-)
  11. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Wembley 2002 Figured I might as well get it started.
  12. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    I think he release the audio version of his Saturday Night Live appearance in 1992.
  13. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Seger has an incredible catalog and maybe the best live album ever officially released in Live Bullet.
  14. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Cant Stand U2 or Bono. Never was a fan either.