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  1. 65pacecar

    New Setlist for Broadway last night

    I agree, I Hate getting beside some drunk prick that screams every word to every song, I didn’t pay good money to hear them. I’ve told a few “Good, you know every word, now STFU so we can hear if (insert artist) knows the words too!”
  2. There's a Thrill on the Hill, Let's Go, Let's Go...
  3. Maybe by saying he is a Thespian now it is code for "I am done touring with the E-Street Band and the world now, I will only be doing Broadway from now on!"
  4. 65pacecar

    Bruce's summer songs

  5. 65pacecar

    Bruce's summer songs

  6. 65pacecar

    Bruce's summer songs

    Bruce covering a song from the ultimate Summer band the Beach Boys.
  7. 65pacecar

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

    Agreed. The opener with Summertime Blues is one of my favorites, best Raise Your Hand ever, incredible Jungleland and my favorite story in Growin' Up (An Interior Decorator, That's you?). Also one of the all time great versions of Darkness and Spirit, it has always been my favorite show of all time followed by Winterland. I was also disappointed in the official release, still good but I was hoping it would be a huge improvement on the already impressive versions I had.
  8. 65pacecar

    Bruce's summer songs

    The Whole BITUSA album is a great summer album, always reminds me of the Summer of 84. Also E Street Shuffle, Sherry Darling, Crush on You, RamRod, I'm a Rocker, Thunder Road, Jungleland, Lost in the Flood, Spirit, Saint, Big Payback, Johnny Bye Bye, Pink Cadillac to name a few..
  9. 65pacecar

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

  10. 65pacecar

    New Archive: THE ROXY '78

  11. 65pacecar

    40 years ago today..

    Cant forget this Rosie either....
  12. 65pacecar

    40 years ago today..

    The Hot August Night Live Version of Cracklin Rosie can rival anything every recorded or performed. It is pretty amazing.