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  1. Concession stand sales set to increase or one pop will last the whole show.
  2. If it’s a Nice Rest Area they could call it “The Promised Land” opened all night for 24 hour convenience.
  3. I feel the same way on Journey and throw Patti Smith in there with Paul Simon on top of the heap. No interest in even seeing a short clip from this.
  4. The reason I have 3-5 backups of every show I purchase.
  5. "There's a code of silence that we don't dare speak"
  6. Also. Meeting into Jungleand studio or live is always great.
  7. Winterland 12/15/78: Mona into She’s the one is great. Cleveland Agora 78 Not Fade Away - Gloria - She’s the one is also a favorite. TOL tour Ain’t got You into She’s the one is outstanding.
  8. Love High School Confidential. Great song by the Killer and Bruce.
  9. A couple of.other great ones I witnessed was: Double Shot of Baby's Love in Charleston, SC 2008 and The Iceman in Charlotte 2014. Both great openers.
  10. Hot Rodder gearing up for the warm up shows and Bruce surprise appearances to prep for 2022.
  11. That was an incredible show. I pulled tix at the last minute on a drop then drove 6 hours to St Louis for the show. Absolutely amazing concert. On top of TSKM we got Mountain of Love.
  12. Summertime Blues from the Agora. honorable mention Then she Kissed Me in St. Louis 2008 Rave On from Hollywood and OH Boy from Charleston. BITUSA was a great opener on the 84/5 tour.
  13. Holding it to be released on the shows 50th anniversary.
  14. Some of my favoriteS Irvine Meadows, Irvine, Ca - Saw the last Buffett show there before they closed it. Hollywood Bowl - Great sound, love that place. Saw a bunch of shows there, would have loved to see the Doors there but I wasn’t alive then. The Greek Theatre in LA (Griffith Park). Perfect sound, beautiful place. The venue for Hot August Night, one of the greatest live albums ever made. Red Rocks. Riverbend in Cincinnati Timberwolf at Kings Island, Cincinnati the Old Band Shell on Daytona Beach. Saw some great acts there. Deer Creek, Indy. a new one just opened close called the Barnyard, three couples started it and getting some good acts. another new local one is in Beaver Dam, KY a couple of hours away. May go to the Beach Boys show there.
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