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  1. Hi all, Just stumbled across Southside & the Jukes coming to my town - Columbus, OH on 9 March - and figured I'd pass on that they are on tour Other dates are: 3 Mat - Evanston IL 5 & 6 Mar - Minneapolis, MN 8 Mar - St Charles, IL 9 Mar - Columbus, OH 16 Mar- East Greenwich, RI 17 Mar - New York, New York
  2. Nah, wasn''t furtunate enough to be at a table Was literally standing right behind the back wall for the mixing board using the small shelf that was on it to set my food/drinks on and leaning on the wall every once in a while
  3. I was by the mixing board in back of the main GA floor and he sounded good but like Power 13 said, his vocals we re a bit down in the mix
  4. Echoing what Power 13 has said on this show. i also made the trip to Chicago to see it and if Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul happens to be nearby anyone would recommend you go if you can., Great show! I wasn't a Bruce/EStreet fan the last time Little Steven went out solo so was really interested to go see them - enough to deal with the traffic in Chicago Very tight band with some members of the horns from EStreet and as Power 13 mentioned, the backup singers (with Cindy) up front . Great to hear the trip through Soul and Doo Wop music and of course Stevie's old and new music
  5. Badlands is spot on for this occasion Only songs that might be more spot on would be something from The Rising
  6. "So, in the morning-after sunny sky, and hindsight keenly at least close to 20-20, I believe it's a good conclusion to draw that those 3 aforementioned white vans were likely the Bruce entourage stopping by to check out the theater while he was in town to appear at that other thing later in the evening. I missed this opportunity and shamefully accept all forthcoming ridicule and criticism.(Note that after all the brouhaha on here regarding The Australian restaurant, I did not go near that establishment, as nice as it may be!)" Well, those 3 vans plus the SUV on the right of the picture are white vehicles versus the black vehicles that we normally see
  7. Might have to plan a trip to Chi Town for the Oct 8 show Bonus that it's a Sun night - good reason to make it a weekend
  8. Wow, looky what happens when I don't take a look at this site for a few days. I did however see the announcement of this on the CBS news night before last Good luck to all of those trying for tickets! Not that this affects anyone here but me, other than making 1 more ticket available to someone else As much as it pains me to say it, i don't think I'll try for tickets I really would like to see him in a small venue and unfortunately I was not a yet a fan during the D&D tour . He was in Denver, CO in May 2005 and so was I, had just been transferred there early in 2005. From what I have read about that tour, this run of show shows sorta sound like they might be a lot like the way the shows were on that tour I still feel incredibly lucky to have gotten a ticket to one of the Soldiers and Sailors shows (#2) in May 2014 - the smallest show I've been to . Hey Bruce, Columbus, OH has 3 beautiful vintage theatres built in the late 1890's that are not terribly big audience capacity wise. Hopefully I'll get another chance to see shows like that with some solo material -but not in NYC or LA - no offense intended for those who live in those cities. I'll go to every other city in the US to a show but those two- too much city – not that I can’t figure out how to get around a big city - I managed figuring out the subways in Paris and London Good luck to those trying for tickets and I’ll be checking GL here for the post-concert reports and hopefully NUGS will have releases on these shows. Thinking about it, these events might the only good use I see for google glasses.
  9. Awesome post Jerseyfornia and Congraulations I have not been a Bruce fan as long as some of you but this postconveys so well what being a Bruce fan and what his music means - he and his music can speak different things to different people but he's still speaking to all of us and we all enjoy it To a non Bruce fan it's hard to explain the way 3-4 hours are just gone and you're taken away by the music once the show starts. From all the concerts I've been to, only Bob Seger and his band comes really close to Bruces' show and like alot of you all I've seen U2, the Stones and other bands. Just like the train on Land of Hope and Dreams all are invited to come on board
  10. But you did get Prove it Daisey! and watching it through periscope his guitar solo in the middle of the song was just as intense as the one in Columbus 2014
  11. Never fear Daisey, he'll be loud Maybe not s loud as in an arena (arena = enclosed space) but leaning on my one outdoor Bruce show (New Orleans Jazz Fest) He'll be loud
  12. There's a cooking sub forum here on GL??? Oh wait.. that just might be Beyond the Palace
  13. I would hedge a guess and say different. The gravy that is usually served with American biscuits is a thick cream gravy (see attached picture) usually with sausage bits in it
  14. Looks like another nice day in Denver - bit on the chilly side but at least not below 0 degrees F Great to see the Tattered Cover again and the record store next to it - that would be the building to the right - Twist and Shout is it's name - visited both these places many times while living in Denver . Was on the Twist and Shout website recently ans saw that Tommy Emmanuel played there recently Great to see the pictures of everyone who got a ticket here and got to meet Bruce - - lucky people!