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  1. Yep, that's what I have! No thanks to getting a code myself though - all thanks to the wonderful generosity of a Bruce bud that I got lucky. Very grateful.
  2. Steve gives a big clap to all those lucky Broadway-bound Lakers (yours truly included).
  3. Agreed @wildbilla. Good things will come to @AMIW He deserves good things.
  4. Well done @aussiek. TM must have scoped those nice pics of you posted on the Lake this year. Clearly they didn't like the look of @Raced Off The Street, @Aussie Johnand the rest of our Laker motley crew.
  5. The debt is much greater than just 2 pics. I'd raise it to a pic a day until the Broadway shows start and we get our next dose of fresh stage photos. By then I may have been able to forgive @jukebox trying to sully these pages with Robbie Williams.
  6. Oh bugger. I'm a day ahead of myself. Got myself all confused being 12 hours ahead of NY time.
  7. This time last week, the lucky chosen ones had had their emails confirming their golden-haired status and us not-so-blessed down-under and European types were agonisingly on stand by or, worse still, awaiting verified fan status. Nothing yet today. Maybe TM is holding off until later to leave less time for all the complaints to roll in. Has anybody had good news or bad yet?
  8. Fingers crossed for you, Selena. You're Australia's one big hope.
  9. Good luck to all you lucky buggers who got a code. Not jealous ... much ... at ... all.
  10. Can't wait for that boat trip. Plenty of sharks off Rottnest Island, so we could do a package deal of quokkas and sharks there.