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  1. Remind me to avoid Sandy Hook next time one of my many fans hands me a cold brewski (sorry, tequila's not my thing). With my luck I'd draw the cop who hates Bruce, tattoos, beer and V8s. Wait, isn't that the textbook definition of a communist?
  2. Now that's more like it, thx Roy. Wow, that's some major league detail work, can't think of much that he missed. Must've run into the thousands, not to mention the time and, uh... discomfort. Is that a '69 Camaro?
  3. Wow, Buzzy McBuzzkill with all the hate on tattoos here. I thought this was going to be a fun thread when I started it. At least I didn't have a DUI...
  4. I'm paraphrasing a little, but the federal law (Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 4.23) that applies to national parks makes it a crime to operate a vehicle while your BAC .08 or more, OR while under the influence or alcohol (or drugs) to a degree that renders you incapable of operating it safely. In other words, the government needs to prove one or the other beyond a reasonable doubt. Since it appears they won't be able to show BAC at or above .08, they'd have to prove he was unable to drive safely. That's where the results of the other field sobriety tests (horizontal nystagmus, walk 9 steps, etc.) and the officer's (subjective) impressions about glassy eyes, swaying, etc. are relevant. That will also be where the defense counsel make their money... cross-examining the heck out of him, casting doubt about this and that, introducing their own evidence, etc. And I'm pretty sure Bruce can afford a better lawyer these days than the one who represented him in his motorcycle injury case.
  5. Sorry if this comes across as sanctimonious, everybody, but I for one do not make misteaks.
  6. It occurred to me as I woke up a few minutes ago that maybe all of us have missed - or avoided - an important larger point here. Jut for argument's sake, let's assume the phantom fans and 2 shots are BS, the .02 BAC is some one-off technical glitch, and our man really did polish off a good portion of that bottle. If that cop hadn't stopped him from driving home, this thread could look very different. Instead of joking or sermonizing or making clever memes or wringing hands we might all be eulogizing Bruce. Now that would truly suck. In all seriousness, I'm glad this thread is about a DUI and not "Wreck on the Highway."
  7. Wait, Bruce is a liberal? Why didn't President Trump warn us? That does it... I'm burning all my Springsteen CDs. As soon as I can get them out of storage. And deleting all the MP3s. Take that, Comrade!
  8. That's probably the closest one. He looks like he's skulking in the beach grass, waiting to catch an unsuspecting rock star let his guard down, doesn't he? "That's right, Bruce... finish that shot. It's the end of the month, one more citation and I can reclaim the Crown of Gondor."
  9. Sometimes, and sometimes. The thing is, this was a federal park ranger, not a city cop or a state trooper. Who knows what their protocols are...
  10. Actually it makes a certain amount of sense. Why incriminate yourself, especially if the other evidence of drunkenness isn't overwhelming (or, on the other hand, if you know you're going to blow off the charts)? You're going to lose your license anyway, so better to have a misdemeanor conviction for that than a full-blown DUI. The problem is, the federal law that covers this particular incident permits the refusal to be admitted as proof that you were under the influence (as do most state DUI laws), so you're probably screwed either way.
  11. Hi Guys. Been a Laker for a couple of years, but this is my first time posting on this forum. I decided learning guitar would make a good quarantine hobby, so Santa brought the family a moderately priced acoustic, and I also picked up a 3/4" size one for my 7-year old daughter. Neither of us has ever played an instrument of any kind, so it's all brand new. Anyway, any tips would be very much appreciated (especially five and ten dollar bills). I'm not dead set on playing just Bruce songs, though it seems like they're a logical starting point since many have fairly simple chord progressions. So far I've managed to butcher Glory Days, Nebraska, Downbound Train, and Waitin' on a Sunny Day (that F chord is killing me). Any other suggestions?
  12. If I were Bruce's lawyer I'd play his last few video interviews for the magistrate. Glassy eyes and swaying back and forth seem to be par for the course for him these days.
  13. That's probably just the cop tossing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. So far none of the available information - including the arresting officer's statement of probable cause - mentions any specifics about his driving actually being reckless. The closed area thing is kind of BS, especially since Sandy Hook was traditionally (until 2019) the one place on the shore you could have alcohol, but I suppose it's hard to beat. Ultimately the Assistant U.S. Attorney assigned to the case will decide what charges to pursue. My guess is that Bruce will wind up cutting a deal to plead to the breathalyzer refusal and the consumption offenses, and the rest will get tossed. As others have already noted, there's a big gap between probable cause to arrest and proof of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and any defense attorney worth his/her salt will use that .02 BAC to shoot holes in the DUI charge.
  14. Seriously? Not one other person is going to 'fess up to a little Boss-related inkage? I'm so angry I'm quitting Greasy Lake for good.
  15. Yeesh, definitely not. Mookie Wilson's soft roller in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series was one of the greatest moments in history. Oh wait, you meant the band Boston. Yeah, they're okay.
  16. OK, I'll go first. We've all got Bruce under our skin... but how many of us can say that literally?
  17. I had similar thoughts when the two different studio versions of The Promise were released (at different times) a few years back. The earlier one (from disc 2 of The Promise) was full of a young man's bitterness and vitriol at the basic unfairness of life. The narrator was down, hard maybe, but not out for the count. I believe Bruce re-recorded the vocals for the later one (on 18 Tracks), and the more mature voice says it all. The husky edges have been ground down, the anger and resentment have given way to acceptance, and you can just hear him hang his head as the last few bars fade out. One more reason that Racing and Promise have long been tied for my #1 favorite song.
  18. For me it will always be the July 6, 1981 version at the Meadowlands (the one on Live/1975-85). The Bittan/Federici keyboards just kill me every time. Second is September 19, 1978 (the one on Passaic Night)… "midnight blue with a Hurst on the floor..." Sadly, I'm still waiting to hear him perform Racing live at a concert I attend.
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