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  1. Feel free to share mine with whoever you'd like. And if they like that, get ahold of me and I'll drop you my Facebook music page.
  2. I think that just shows you the number of people that voted for that
  3. The gypsy lied

    I can confirm after just listening to that section a few times that there is no one in the back ground. Funny how the ears and mind play tricks sometimes
  4. Think we can make this an every year event? There doesn't need to be prize just bragging rights and title of King or Queen (if they ever decide to join) of the mountain. I found that this challenged me creatively as I had to arrange and write little bits here or there. It also made me step outside of my comfort zone vocally.
  5. So then it'll sound like the entire Rising album?
  6. Ha! You should hear some of my own material. There are very close similarities between my stuff and Bruce's. I wrote a song called Scarecrows and Devils and I basically combined Devils and Dust and Blood Brothers and tried adding my own elements too.
  7. The problem I know I'll run into is when I make the moves from some of Bruce's simpler songs to songs that have these grand arrangements like Rosalita or Jungleland. I can give ot the Cadillac Ranch treatment all day but ot wont end well. I chose to do Cadillac Ranch because with dropping sax, keys, and organ from it, it would still sound like Cadillac Ranch. I dont have access not do I have the ability to play keys or anything like that so whatever song I pick, I have to be able to compensate with guitars. Will I ever try and tackle something like Born to Run, or Thunder Road, or The Promised Land? No. As much as I'd love to wail on my harmonica for the latter of the three, I'd need way more than a months notice. That is also because the studio I use needs a lot of notice. Then I have to hope the guy that drums for me can get the drumming down. But if this were to be a guaranteed thing every year, I'd give it he'll. But I digress. If you do infact finish it, I'd love to hear it.
  8. This has been a very fun experience. So many talented people here. Thank you for organizing it. Hopefully, we can make this an annual thing
  9. You can use the cover I made a few weeks ago if you'd like.
  10. Holy Shit! Every single one of those is amazing! Everyone of those blows mine out of the water. Excellent excellent excellent job!
  11. No rush amigo. Just very excited to listen to everyone's songs is all
  12. No problem bud. I believe it was out fearless leader that said something to the effect of "...and remember, in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins..."
  13. I guess I just hope you get the songs up sooner than later