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  1. Shhhhh! The Empire is still looking for him
  2. I still to this day don’t know why people shit on those two albums but love TGOTJ. TGOTJ is one of my least favorite albums ever. DAD is far superior in my opinion. Must be a matter of preference. Is it the lack of the ESB? The style in which he sings or how the songs sound? It was new and different from the Bruce we knew. Don’t get me wrong, the ESB will always hold a special place in my heart but the other band did great too. HT and LT were the first 2 albums I ever owned of Bruce’s. They are full of great songs. Granted, there are a few songs I skip over but I personally think those albums are great.
  3. It definitely is! It was one of the songs I had always hoped to hear live and I’m beyond thankful that he was gracious enough to oblige. Crush on You would be amazing live I’m sure. I’d love to hear either that or Cadillac Ranch. There is always the upcoming E Street tour so im hopeful.
  4. When I saw him at Vernon Downs, I kept tweeting him a picture of 4 requests. It read: Shane’s Vernon Downs wishlist: 1. Anything from Human Touch 2. Anything from Luckytown 3. Devils and Dust (Full Band) 4. Crush on You Must have worked because like I said, I got Human Touch
  5. If it sounds anything like this, I’m totally on board!!
  6. I got Frankie in Vernon Downs in 2012 along with Human Touch. Both were fantastic
  7. Maybe Moonlight Motel on acoustic with Patti like they did on empty sky on the rising tour?
  8. You make some good points but he says he pulled the bottle of jack out of the paper bag. Does that change anything as far as context?
  9. I thought I missed something big like an actual moonlight motel video.
  10. Wait, there’s a vid? What fucking rock have I been living under?
  11. God damn it’s one beautiful song all around. Western Stars the album is an ok album at best in my opinion. This is by far one of the best tracks. Top 3 for sure. If I put them in order of favorites: Moonlight Motel Tucson Train Western Stars