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  1. We’ll never see or hear from @Daisey Jeepagain lol
  2. Let us all have a moment of silence for the one and only “Big Man” Clarence Clemons whom we lost 8 years ago today. RIP C
  3. I thought Tucson Train would be my favorite but then I found myself listening to WS on repeat. But out of no where, MM pulls out in front and have been listening to that on repeat for the last day or so
  4. Started em young with Badlands. Fist pumping and all. I’m goin down is another big one. Devils and Dust. Maria’s Bed. Waiting on a Sunny day.
  5. My cat Gibson was so low maintenance. He would eat whatever I ate as I would share things like pizza crust with him. If he was eating, he was sleeping either on or right next to me. He used to sit on my shoulders when I’d walk around the house. If I meowed, he would meow back and vise versa. It was like our own game of Marco Polo. My ex wife used to complain because if I wasn’t home, he would drift from room to room meowing and wouldn’t stop until he saw my headlights pull into the drive. He was a great cat. Never clawed at anything or tore around the house.
  6. I have personally owned one cat in my life and he was great but died a few years ago. Any other cats I have encountered have never seemed nice enough. I like to be affectionate with my pets and these cats weren’t fans. So I just stick with dogs. If you act excited for no reason, they get excited. Dogs are legit down to party anytime over anything.
  7. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing as I know Huskys can be a little scatterbrained and have that urge to run. My goal is to not have to put a training collar on her when she goes outside. She has a little bit more trust to gain but I have nothing but faith in her. Clarence needs quite a bit more work but considering his past, i expect it. I’m sure he will be fine in time. Even Franklin does really well outside
  8. I still love “I’ll wait all God’s creation just to show her a man can change”. However, the opening and closing lines of Western Stars is great “I wake up in the morning just glad my boots are on”
  9. We have done some outside off leash training against my better judgment but surprisingly she has done phenomenal. If she starts to stray, all I have to say is “C’mon Soph” and pat my leg and she immediately rushes back.
  10. Disc 4 is probably my favorite disc off of tracks. I’m a fan of the late 80’s and Human Touch and Luckytown era though
  11. Thank you!!! They can be a pain in the ass but I wouldn’t trade them for the world
  12. I have listened to the entire album start to finish a few times now. I really dig the music and melody of Western Stars. I’ve repeated it a few times on full album listens. I read somewhere a week or so ago on a review that the melody resembles “All that Heaven will allow” and I definitely hear it. Just so I’m clear, the “little blue pill” is for depression and not the other thing right?