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  1. Winterland 78 Main Point 75 Bottom Line 75 Vets Show 81 Full Tempe Show (audio) 80
  2. The night before was a much better show... set list wise
  3. I like Tucson Train! Good song...melody and production are very good. The strongest of the 3 thus far...
  4. ROXY 7/7/78 Passaic 9/20/78 New Jersey 8/20/84 Stockholm 7/3/88 St. Louis 8/23/08
  5. Hi all! What a wonderful release! Great performance with impeccable sound quality! Even The Rising and Lonesome Day sound remarkably fresh! Quick question....I noticed during Steve’s guitar intro on WOASD, there is an “off beat” clicking sound that sounds digital but I’m hoping it’s another instrument. Anyone hear this? I’m hoping someone with better ears might be able to clarify? Thx!
  6. Thank you!! I was leaning towards Albany due to the complete SITN, so this definitely reinforces that!
  7. Hi everyone. I still haven’t purchased the Albany or Rochester downloads yet, but am planning to shortly. I was on the fence initially due to the cuts and edits in several of the songs but am no longer concerned for the most part. however, which of the two is the most complete with the least amount of these cuts? Thanks!
  8. So I’m really on the fence now about purchasing this download because of the Hungry Heart overdub issue. Should I really allow this to be a buzz kill for me?
  9. Wembley 02 would be great indeed! But are there multi tracks of that performance! Agreed....the Crystal Cat audience boot was stellar...especially for its time!
  10. What a wonderful release!!! Such amazing music and performance!!