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  1. Thank you thank you!! You guys are the best!
  2. No worries. I was able to find The Italian Promise (6/7/12) still active on Jungleland! Hopefully, someone has A Love Affair? thanks again for all you do!!
  3. I always liked Bakerstuff’s recordings over the years. I agree...always quality stuff!
  4. Hey all! Does anyone have the following Godfather titles they can share in FLAC, if possible? Italian Promise (Milano 6/7/12) Our Love Is Real (Milano 6/3/13) A Love Affair (Milano 6/21/85) Thanks everyone!
  5. Hey everyone! So in addition to the recently shared Roma, Torino, and Udine Dream Night(s) from Crystal Cat (thank you again!!), what other Crystal Cats would everyone recommend from the 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2013 tours.... in terms of sound quality? I’ve been out of the loop the last few years on the various releases and have been trying to get caught up. Thanks!
  6. Thanks mickb! Really appreciate all you guys do!!
  7. 9/21/12 Met Life actually on Jungleland! Thanks all!
  8. Huh? That’s not me! Leaked? That’s not my post.... thats me who started the original thread about the archive series, but I never claimed to have sources! I don’t know anybody!
  9. Thanks very much! Looking forward to these!
  10. Hi everyone. Does anyone have the following Crystal Cats in FLAC? Roma Dream Night (7/19/09) Torino Dream Night (7/21/09) Udine Dream Night (7/23/09) Thanks so much!
  11. Once again, thanks so much for your generosity!
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone have “A Good Job In The City” (Godfather) From LA 4/16/09? It’s not on Jungleland or Dime. Looking for Flac, if possible? Thanks so much!