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  1. Honestly, I'm probably in the minority, but i would much rather have a full show archive release than No Nukes. As great a show as it was, i’m more excited about a classic 3 hour show than No Nukes. again, just me….:(
  2. Hi everyone. Just wondering if versions of Tunnel of Love, Human Touch, and Lucky Town on iTunes are the remastered versions that were released on the Albums Collection Volume 2? They’re Mastered For ITunes but am not sure if it’s the same as the recent remaster. Thanks!
  3. Love any TOL release! Can never get enough of those wonderful horns! Such a great tour!
  4. Thank you. Do you know why it may be more prevalent in that song as opposed to others in the recording?
  5. Hi everyone! Just a quick question... first off, LOVE the show and mix!!! Just an amazing release! im hearing during Hungry Heart what sounds like a “clicking” sound as Max is playing. It may be from his drums as it’s in sync with his beat. For you audiophiles and engineers, is it the sound coming from his kit? It’s pretty much throughout the song. I also hear it for about a second right after Bruce counts in No Surrender and Max starts with the foot pedal. I don’t hear it again after that. I don’t think it’s a glitch but just want to k ow if others hear it? Thanks!!
  6. Agreed. Way overrated. Not a bad song... just... well... eh
  7. Letter To You is an amazing and instant classic! The music and production are stelar! Magic is also a great album musically but O’Briens mix is just plain awful! It makes it hard to listen to. Would love a remix... much like Rush did with a Vapor Trails
  8. In no particular order: Prove It All Night The Fever Incident on 57th Street Backstreets Frankie Kittys Back Racing in the Street Jungleland Drive All Night Thunder Road
  9. Hi everyone. My CD drive on my Windows 10 PC is broken and was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent external USB CD drive that I can plug I to my computer and upload CD’s to my computer and iTunes library? Thanks!!!
  10. Roxy 7/7/78 Passaic 9/19/78 Passaic 9/20/78 Nassau Coliseum 12/29/80 New Jersey 8/20/84 New York 5/23/88
  11. Hi everyone. Just asking for some opinions on the Pittsburgh 2016 remix? i know it’s much better than the original release/mix. However, when listening to the samples, Bruce’s voice sounds very distant or buried in the mix. is this overly distracting when listening to the show? I’m on the fence about purchasing it and am hoping to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!
  12. I’m really looking forward to this weeks release. With everything going on in the news, it just feels right and something positive to look forward to... regardless of the era they choose to release
  13. I don’t think Backstreets announced the Winterland shows before the release....
  14. I don’t mind the wait if it’s a strong release. However, the communication from Nugs is really poor. Even the above statement was shared by Backstreets (not on their page or twitter page) and was very vague.
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