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  1. Letter To You is an amazing and instant classic! The music and production are stelar! Magic is also a great album musically but O’Briens mix is just plain awful! It makes it hard to listen to. Would love a remix... much like Rush did with a Vapor Trails
  2. In no particular order: Prove It All Night The Fever Incident on 57th Street Backstreets Frankie Kittys Back Racing in the Street Jungleland Drive All Night Thunder Road
  3. Hi everyone. My CD drive on my Windows 10 PC is broken and was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent external USB CD drive that I can plug I to my computer and upload CD’s to my computer and iTunes library? Thanks!!!
  4. Roxy 7/7/78 Passaic 9/19/78 Passaic 9/20/78 Nassau Coliseum 12/29/80 New Jersey 8/20/84 New York 5/23/88
  5. Hi everyone. Just asking for some opinions on the Pittsburgh 2016 remix? i know it’s much better than the original release/mix. However, when listening to the samples, Bruce’s voice sounds very distant or buried in the mix. is this overly distracting when listening to the show? I’m on the fence about purchasing it and am hoping to hear everyone’s thoughts. Thanks!
  6. I’m really looking forward to this weeks release. With everything going on in the news, it just feels right and something positive to look forward to... regardless of the era they choose to release
  7. I don’t think Backstreets announced the Winterland shows before the release....
  8. I don’t mind the wait if it’s a strong release. However, the communication from Nugs is really poor. Even the above statement was shared by Backstreets (not on their page or twitter page) and was very vague.
  9. No worries. I was able to find The Italian Promise (6/7/12) still active on Jungleland! Hopefully, someone has A Love Affair? thanks again for all you do!!
  10. I always liked Bakerstuff’s recordings over the years. I agree...always quality stuff!
  11. Hey all! Does anyone have the following Godfather titles they can share in FLAC, if possible? Italian Promise (Milano 6/7/12) Our Love Is Real (Milano 6/3/13) A Love Affair (Milano 6/21/85) Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey everyone! So in addition to the recently shared Roma, Torino, and Udine Dream Night(s) from Crystal Cat (thank you again!!), what other Crystal Cats would everyone recommend from the 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2013 tours.... in terms of sound quality? I’ve been out of the loop the last few years on the various releases and have been trying to get caught up. Thanks!
  13. Thanks mickb! Really appreciate all you guys do!!
  14. 9/21/12 Met Life actually on Jungleland! Thanks all!
  15. Hi everyone. I think we're about due for another archive release any time now? I believe the last one was about 7-8 weeks ago. Any rumors as to what show may be on tap? Thanks!
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