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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone have the following Crystal Cats in FLAC? Roma Dream Night (7/19/09) Torino Dream Night (7/21/09) Udine Dream Night (7/23/09) Thanks so much!
  2. Once again, thanks so much for your generosity!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone have “A Good Job In The City” (Godfather) From LA 4/16/09? It’s not on Jungleland or Dime. Looking for Flac, if possible? Thanks so much!
  4. Hi everyone. Does any have the following that they may be able to share the FLAC version: Milano Night 1985 (Crystal Cat) 6/21/85 Breathless In Paris (EV2) 6/29/85 thanks all!
  5. Thanks so much again for your generosity!! Much appreciated!!
  6. I’m sorry... yes... Tempe 11/5/80 Same as the official release but the official audio was only 10 songs. EV2 version was patched with other shows...
  7. Hi all! Does anyone have a link for “Heart and Soul” by E Street Records? I know it has a few cuts but it’s still my favorite. Thanks!
  8. Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone would have the following shows in FLAC that they could provide inks to? Oakland 10/26/99 (Frisco Second Night - Crystal Cat) Oakland 10/28/99 (Frisco Third Night - Crystal Cat) Thanks so much!
  9. Winterland 78 Main Point 75 Bottom Line 75 Vets Show 81 Full Tempe Show (audio) 80
  10. Wouldn’t mind a 2013 WB show with a full album performance of Darkness or BTR
  11. The night before was a much better show... set list wise
  12. I like Tucson Train! Good song...melody and production are very good. The strongest of the 3 thus far...
  13. ROXY 7/7/78 Passaic 9/20/78 New Jersey 8/20/84 Stockholm 7/3/88 St. Louis 8/23/08
  14. Wembley 02 would be great indeed! But are there multi tracks of that performance! Agreed....the Crystal Cat audience boot was stellar...especially for its time!
  15. I’m hoping for a show from Summer ‘81 or Spring/Summer ‘03. But i’ll Be thankful for anything!!
  16. Very disappointing there’s no planned CD release.
  17. Releasing a Seeger show wouldn’t make sense since we’ve already got Live in Dublin. im betting on a 2003 Rising Show....
  18. I would also welcome a Rising show....preferably from the 2003 stadium leg where he started playing lots of rarities.
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