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    I got Mary pregnant
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  1. Please, don't trouble yourself!
  2. There's a couple more on there I wish they'd banned!
  3. I'm four short, I was probably more interested in the UK charts at that time.
  4. Ordering book for janeymarywendy. Hoping I spelat. It right
  5. Venus in Blue Jeans. Jimmy Clanton.
  6. Just booked a ticket. Mon 2nd, hope the gaslights are working!
  7. Your knot impressed with knots,. I can tell!
  8. Finally found a copy at the right price, great reference book for anyone interested in the art of knots.
  9. I haven't seen enough of her to call her anything other than frightened, I'm happy to take more time. I have to confess my apathy for Beatles more of.....but happy to be proved wrong. How many album's do you buy per month?