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  1. It's had me smiling these last few weeks!
  2. Just popped up in my news feed. https://amp.tcpalm.com/amp/4420195002
  3. Lazy Sunday Afternoon. Small Faces
  4. To be honest, i've been well oiled all christmas. My machine is coughing and spluttering still
  5. If I remember correctly he said Heart of Gold was his foray into pop music, it was a interesting journey, or words to that effect. May have been on the sleeve notes to Decade. best song! Reberta Flack by a soul mile, Imho.
  6. Across the Borderline. Ry Cooder
  7. Please, don't trouble yourself!
  8. There's a couple more on there I wish they'd banned!
  9. I'm four short, I was probably more interested in the UK charts at that time.
  10. Ordering book for janeymarywendy. Hoping I spelat. It right
  11. Venus in Blue Jeans. Jimmy Clanton.
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