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  1. Yep. Huge artistic misstep and Bruce Springsteen are rarely used in the same sentence around this house... Springsteen's "missteps" (i.e., making stuff not to a particular listeners taste) are often more interesting than others entire careers.
  2. I would assume that things were done as safely as possible for the performers... but putting Covid qualms aside, I LOVED IT. I guess I'm easy, if it was sloppy or whatever I didn't notice, maybe because these guys on a bad day are better than most bands at their peak.
  3. Just more E-Street shows will do. And maybe some neosporin.
  4. Listening to it right now... sounds great. Of course I've heard the Atlanta show before, but very happy to have this in optimum remixed quality. My first two Springsteen show experiences were Portland Oregon, Summer and Winter 1978, so I am of course partial to this era. I'd also love another Rising show, but frankly I'm eager for any shows, any era featuring Bruce with the E-Street band. Solo and Seeger sessions are nice, but today's release scratches an never-ending itch.
  5. I have all the officially released shows (I skip Starbucks and instead invest in Bruce) and the 2/16 show was never released, which was devastating to my "gotta have 'em all!" collector's mentality. I have heard the audience recording and yeah, there are some goofs but I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to my Springsteen. I did get the 5/18/14 Uncasville when it was first released, and I'm glad I did, I love their live take on "Seven Angels." (Can live without the cover of Jump, however...)
  6. Well this hits the spot... Incident is glorious... I'll never understand the "I pass" and "not for me" comments... $12.95 for the lossless download and I'm transported back to 1999, which beats the hell out of 2020 right now. But to each their own...
  7. I loved the 2009 tour and especially the onslaught of great covers, with Expressway to Your Heart among the favorite of favorites. Listening to it as I type... ahhh.
  8. Just re-listened to those tracks. You just may be right, Doc!
  9. I also saw Bruce in the Summer of '78 in Portland Ore. (my first Bruce live experience)... I think it was a $2.00 show (!). Little did I know, 41 years later I'd still be reliving the excitement of that year. I hope the Nugs series goes on for another ten years. And if they wanted to release a spruced up audience tape of 12/19/78, I'd be first in line. (Didn't the Sirius channel play audience shows back in the day? Can't recall if 12/19 appeared there tho.)
  10. Ahh...now that's the ticket. Listening to 12/16 right now... incredible quality, fantastic performance. Of course the selfish me would also like the 12/19/78 show from Portland Oregon, since I was there... but happy to settle for these riches.
  11. Is it just me, or were they saving the best for... later? (I hope not last!). Listening now, did a quick compare to the excellent version that has been circulating for years, and... yep, this knocks it out of the park. Of course it helps that, yes, I was there... magical night...
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