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  1. Much will hinge on how they draft and the positions they fill. I dont think they take a QB, I think it's going to be a defensive end at #6 and will probably target a bigger bodied WR.
  2. Landon Collins wasn't getting money he commanded from the Giants, was brutal in coverage the last two years. They were smart to pass on him and let him walk, because the return that was offered for him in the middle of the year wasn't strong enough (4th rd pick). What I think ( I hope anyways) is partly what you said, build from the inside out. People talk about Kansas City model, but what I really think they are doing is trying to build the rest of the roster up and then add the new QB.
  3. After yesterday, Eli better be cut or retire with his $23M contract. John Mara has essentially put Eli in a position where he is going to be loathed by the fan base and I am there now. The sheer STUPIDITY of signing OBJ to an extensions, paying him $25M for 12 games and then being forced to eat $16M in dead money against the cap after trading him is unfathomable. Gettleman should have gotten back a first, second, player and next year's first for OBJ. He didnt even get the higher pick in the 3rd round the Browns have. They also have dead cap money tied up in Oliver Vernon ($8M), Snacks and Eli Apple, those figures I don't have handy. John Mara is a fucking fool, he should sell the Giants. He didnt fire Coughlin soon enough, replaced him with a guy who had no idea what he was doing, and let Jerry Reese ruin the roster afte the 2011 Super Bowl. This decade has been a total wash. The only apparent silver lining out of this is the Giants are expected to have an estimated $103M in cap room in 2020. 2019 is going to be a waste of a season, ugly, ugly football.
  4. My alma mater, UNCG, is back in the SoCon Finals tomorrow night against a tough, tough Wofford team. Wofford is undefeated in conference play this year and beat UNCG twice by 30 points.
  5. We were buried way upstairs in the back corner of the stage.
  6. Club: No Theatre: No Arena: Charlotte Coliseum April 21st, 2000 Stadium: Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill. September 14, 2003--Terrible stadium for a concert, great show. Opened with I Walk The Line and played Living Proof for the first time since 1993 plus Jungleland.
  7. I think this is going to run rather deep. Another Boston businessman was named in the bust, and I would think would be a pal of Kraft's. Apparently 175 names are in the report. Jupiter is a wealthy area of Florida with retirees, and I think in regards to this spa, only people "in the know" would know what was actually going on at the spa. These places are many times fronts for other operations, and in this case human trafficking. This is a sting that the authorities had been working on.
  8. I still think the hold up on a lot of these are the length of the deals. Yes, they can be structured to be front loaded but I think if they were going for the 6-$180M range the deals probably get done more promptly. But then I also get these guys want a contract they can basically play out their careers on. A good joke I saw was what happens faster, Machado gets to first base or the Padres get to the playoffs?
  9. What a freaking comeback by Duke at Louisville. AMAZING!
  10. Brutal, Brady led him right into getting bulldozed.
  11. The league's rules regarding uniforms have become even more strict over the past 5 years. But for the sake of consistency, the league SHOULD let them bring these back for next year so they have the matching road jersey to accompany the home one. But they won't be. I read yesterday they will have new uniforms for 2020 that are a more modern take of the blue and yellow. The helmet is staying as the centerpiece.
  12. That’s my opinion. I don’t find a lot of today’s music to be that good. It is what it is.
  13. I'm in my late 20's (will be 30 in a few weeks). I dont listen to anything modern, it all sucks. Everything I listen to is from late 90's early-2000's, obviously Bruce and anything from the 80's on back to the 60's.