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  1. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Bears at Packers SNF opener.
  2. Official 2018 NFL thread

    You could go see the Giants! They play in Indy this year. Many local media outlets will probably have full schedules leaked out by 5 or 6 PM.
  3. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Week 1 Texans at Pats Bucs at Saints Vikings at Eagles Week 2 Pats at Jags Week 3 Jets at Browns TNF.
  4. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Jets @ Lions MNF opener in early slot.
  5. Official 2018 NFL thread

    Yea schedule comes out today. I'm sure leaks will start to make their way out in the late afternoon. Get to see when the Giants are coming to Charlotte so I can plan accordingly.
  6. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    The way it goes now the top two teams in each division play the two wild cards teams. The teams seeded 2 and 3 play each other.
  7. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    The weather does hurt. Teams have to pay for days off later in the year when they're more valuable. Yanks now have a double header June 4th in Detroit in between going from Baltimore to Toronto. The travel from Detroit to Toronto isn't strenuous but it's the jackassing between three cities in three days and playing 5 games in 4 days that is. It was also a week that featured two off days between series.
  8. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    In the last labor deal they nixed the WS in the ASG incentive and thankfully so. I think I said last year they should reduce the season to about 148 games. But it should probably be less. That cut two weeks out of the regular season and the WS would end in Mid OCtober. But the off-season in baseball seems like the shortest of all and if you make it to the WS you're looking at about roughly a little more then three months off after playing for 7+months.
  9. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    You like the Sharks, right? I remember talking during the SCF a few years back when they played the Pens. I also think this begs to have the NHL format go back to the standard 1-8, 2-7.... etc instead of what they have now. It will be a great matchup in all likelihood assuming SJ closes out, just wish the stakes were higher.
  10. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    Yea you're right.
  11. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    SJ/Vegas would make a hell of a WCF. I know I'm getting ahead of myself.
  12. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    As much as I love baseball, I would have to agree.
  13. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    RIP John Amirante. Sang the Star spangled banner before Rangers games for years.
  14. NHL Playoff Thread, 2018???????

    Vegas has a great GM and Gallant is an excellent coach. I think the next expansion whether it's Seattle or Quebec (again) will be given a chance to succeed. The league doesn't want these teams to have miserable seasons starting out.
  15. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Judge fastest to 60 HR's.