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  1. Sons of bitches?

  2. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Great job by Russell.
  3. Sons of bitches?

    Yea, his experiences in combat and the military in general probably compelled him to go out in the tunnel and stand for the anthem. That doesn't equate to questioning his bravery and service. If Tomlin's got a problem, he barked up the wrong tree doubling down on his answer.
  4. Sons of bitches?

    What in the hell are you talking about? I have said nothing about bravery or service. Tomlin was the one that said they wanted a 100% participation in whatever course of action the team wanted to take. They opted to stay in the locker room. When asked about Villaneuva, Tomlin repeated the same answer again about looking for 100% participation. Quite clear that he was miffed that there was someone on the team who didn't fully participate in what he was looking for. Problem is the guy who he appeared to single out happens to be a veteran. Bad optic all the way around.
  5. Sons of bitches?

    In the context of Ron Mexico and "Rapelisberger" jerseys, yes, entirely different. Villanueva has no reason to be embarrassed and he shouldn't be. He was in Afghanistan on three different tours, Tomlin looked like a total jackass by indirectly calling out Villanueva. He experienced things that no one else in that locker room has. Something obviously compelled him to stand outside the tunnel for the anthem.
  6. Sons of bitches?

    Dude, the QC is pretty fun.
  7. Sons of bitches?

    Felix Sabates? Really? He owns (or used to) the premiere Mercedes Benz dealership in south Charlotte and owns a Ford-Lincoln dealership. Reading now he is part of Chip Ganassi's racing team.
  8. Sons of bitches?

    I went once because my uncle that was visiting likes NASCAR (a born and bred New Yorker no less). If you're a real NASCAR enthusiast, you can get stuck in there for hours on end.
  9. What are the political ramifications of...

  10. Sons of bitches?

    What's next, SEC football is racist?
  11. Sons of bitches?

    The sport is not inherently racist. Everyone calling it racist has clearly never been to a race to see there is more than just one demographic that attends these events. I went to one, I was shocked how much I enjoyed it. Maybe that's just the sports enthusiast in me to see a different type of competition. I work with someone who goes to about 5 races a year, camp's out for a few days at each track. I need to tell him he's a racist when I see him tomorrow.
  12. Sons of bitches?

    The reason for Villaneuva's jersey sales are entirely different.
  13. Sons of bitches?

    Best one I heard many years ago: Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. These guys are athletes though, it's hot as shit in that car with that equipment on and how fast they go in person is nothing close to what you see on TV.
  14. Sons of bitches?

    Have you ever been to a race? I used to trash NASCAR all of the time growing up as the sport of rednecks. But going to a race and being immersed in that demographic is an entirely different perspective. Psssst, black people go to races too ya know! NASCAR is also the only sport that allows fans to bring in their own coolers of beer inside the venue.
  15. Sons of bitches?

    I envy both of you and Sonic, as a lifelong Notre Dame football fan I have never made it to South Bend. It's on the list, as well as a Giants home game. I saw them play for the first time at Virginia two years ago. Just tell your co workers you're meeting a friend that you became friends with going to Bruce shows. Have a great time, the stadium renovation looks fantastic.