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  1. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    The Pats were getting beaten across the board on both sides for a large part of the game.
  2. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Rooting for the Vikes and future Giants coach Pat Shurmur.
  3. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Clete Blakeman don't forget good game.
  4. Official 2017 NFL Thread

  5. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Unconscionable to let Lewis convert that 3rd down on a run play.
  6. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Myles Jack one of the best LB's in the NFL. Guy has a motor and never quits on plays.
  7. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Refs just gave the Patriots 60 yards. Unfuckingreal. Not to mention the weak delay of game call after the Jaguars completed a 3rd down pass. Refs usually give a one second count once it hits zero.
  8. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Not far out of the realm in my opinion. Bill is a genius. Should Brady sustain an injury going forward and at his age they are up a creek at QB. Jimmy G is clearly able and ready and Bill had a succession plan in place that never involved Brady playing into his 40's. He never subscribed to it. The banning of Brady's business partner and trainer Alex Guerrero from being on the sideline and road trips was Bill's signal. Kraft will rue this decision in the future and they will deserve every bit of the struggle that comes with it. Belichick won't oversee that rebuild either because his plan was sabotaged by Kraft. Had Jimmy G still been there there would not have been a rebuild from the QB position which was probably the main philosophy behind wanting to keep him. Swift transition with less growing pains. Now there will be.
  9. Optimistically speaking I think there is one more good ride. I have always held the belief that he wants to play Yankee Stadium and it's one of the more historical places in the northeast they have NOT played. They tried in 2003 but the Yankees were in the playoffs and the Mets were not so that's why Shea Stadium got the nod.
  10. Could be 15 degree weather on 68 year old joints. Or maybe that's just my optimistic viewpoint.
  11. Love the first tweet comment after that. Sums up my feeling perfectly.
  12. Steve did say this in an interview back in December. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/stevie-van-zandt-chatty-premiere-article-1.3701394
  13. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    I said the same thing to get out of bounds. I had no idea he was in the clear.
  14. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    He tried and he whiffed. They were in a fairly soft zone coverage to the outside. He's a rookie and he'll learn from it.
  15. Official 2017 NFL Thread