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  1. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Meanwhile in Buffalo d
  2. Is That, or is That Not....

    Just 2 or 3 tix for Broadway show covered it
  3. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Bagley poked in the eye for Duke, not returning. Yikes.
  4. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Thanks JB!
  5. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    If the Niners end up winning today, I wouldn't be upset in the slightest. Giants need a full organizational house cleaning. To think two proud and historic franchises are at these low points right now, pretty bad.
  6. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA YANKEEBALL Thread

    Auburn beating Alabama is a real possibility. Alabama was on the ropes last night. If Auburn were to win vs Alabama and Georgia beats them in the SEC title game that would knock Alabama out and put UGA in. That's the best to hope for. This is going to be a fantastic finish. My guess is that CFP has SEC, ACC, B10 and B12. Washington sunk the Pac 12's chances on Friday.
  7. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA YANKEEBALL Thread

    Things are going to look significantly different on Tuesday. I'm guessing Alabama Clemson Miami Oklahoma Wisconsin still on the outside because the SOS for them is terrible even though they are unbeaten. Clemson vs Miami is the ACC Championship game. Going to be some conference championship games with major implications for the CFP.
  8. RIP Roy Halladay

    Damn. I saw a report on this online but at the time it wasnt confirmed that he was on board. Horrible. RIP.
  9. The OFFICIAL 2017-2018 NBA Basketball Thread

    The Knicks?? Overcome being down 19 as Porzingis dropped 40 on Indy tonight and had 6 blocks. Including this one.
  10. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    Giants surrender a 50 yard touchdown on a two yard screen pass on 3rd and 33 earlier vs LA. Cowboys on last play before half time----hold my beer.
  11. The OFFICIAL 2017-18 NCAA YANKEEBALL Thread

    Notre Dame at Miami next Saturday night, major CFP implications.
  12. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    DAMN. He was well on his way to ROY. That is terrible, he is so much fun to watch. This has been brutal season for notable players suffering serious injuries.
  13. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    The pace of the game can be attributed to the Dodgers putting runners on and extending innings only to drive no one home.
  14. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    LA should have started Kershaw at this rate. Darvish soft between the ears.
  15. Official 2017 NFL Thread

    I don't follow the Panthers but I did read a bit about this. Saying that they had two big receivers, Benjamin and Devin Funchess who are both similar height and weight. Benjamin tore his ACL in camp in 2015 and they had a 15-1 regular season without him and scored alot of points that year enroute to the SB. He came to either OTA or camp overweight the year and had to get in shape quick. Work ethic has been in question. They want receivers with different skill sets and also now don't owe him $8.5M. What I have gathered from fans about this year's team is that they can't run the ball, and Cam is really inaccurate. They should have commanded higher picks in return or a player they could use.