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  1. Yeah the funny part is that separate from Scaramucci's financial disclosure forms being given to Politico (which was not a leak, they are public record) was the the White House's access and protocol details are believed to have been leaked to Politico as well. That would be a rather serious matter. Eyes on Priebus.
  2. The military is not a social experiment and is not responsible for being in identity politics.
  3. My points I made are the points I made, I'm not repeating myself ad nauseum like I have on this thread. It boils down to this. But just for you, if you have a person with a gender reassignment who is transgendered or "transitioning" and in the military they cannot be in a full male or full female barrack, think about why? Someone would absolutely try to sue the daylights out of a body like the US Military that is worth billions of dollars. If you don't think so, youre naive. Once again they would CLAIM discrimination even if there wasn't any. Last but not least. The military doesn't engage in identity politics. Not their place, not their job, not what they are designated to do. The military is NOT a social experiment and the previous President attempted to make it one.
  4. I still think it's hilarious that you thought a gender reassignment surgery and vasectomy were fair and accurate comparisons. It's about the military not playing identity politics.
  5. The military is not in the business of identity politics. A pregnancy is a natural occurring reproductive process, I would say that you could draw some similarities as far as being put out of duty for reasons in regards to post pregnancy complications making one unfit. I don't think the military is going to view that the same way as someone who has their current set of genitals removed, replaced and their hormones completely reversed to that of another gender.
  6. Look in the mirror. Does a pregnancy run the risk of complications? Sure, it could happen and that is an elective decision to have a baby. The Army states that a woman who becomes pregnant after enlistment but before active duty will not be involuntary discharged and the woman cannot return to active duty until pregnancy is completed.
  7. Does taking a Viagra run the risk of making an individual unfit for duty or keep them out for an extended period of time on disability?
  8. They aren't taking the risk. Look, I'm sure there are transgender individuals who currently serve in all branches and there is no problem. I see this as something viewed as a potential future issue that is being nipped in the bud. Not taking on individuals who could miss significant time or become unfit for duty. Military is not spending time renovating their barracks and facilities to accommodate across the entire nation and world for that matter. Not going to run into a situation of denying such a treatment to be turned around and slapped with a discrimination lawsuit. The military is not a therapy or identity validation clinic. There are other professional and accredited services to help with that.
  9. I said nothing as a stamp of authority, I said "probably", not definitely, not absolutely or with any certainty. As for transgenders, do you think the fact that any of the statistics I cited from the USA Today showing how reassignment surgery carries 90 day medical disability or how a M to F reassignment can leave a person out for up to 135 days and possibly make them unfit for duty has any bearing on this? Why would the military want to invest time in people that could require such extra assistance that could make them unfit?. The hard truth is that is not what they (the military) are there for. Like I said, it's the military, not a gender exploratory or a therapy clinic. All of the bases that would have to be renovated to accommodate showering and restroom facilities. It's not happening. I just drove by Camp Lejeune this past weekend on the way back from the beach. It's freaking enormous, all of the barracks and facilities that are there stretch for acres. The military is not going to retrofit these facilities. Comparing a gender reassignment surgery to a vasectomy......apples--->oranges. Fail.
  10. The fun is just beginning.
  11. If the Red Sox could eat Pablo Sandoval's contract, the Yankees could eat Jacoby Ellsbury's since thats not a contract other teams want to be saddled with via trade. Aaron Hicks is due off the DL soon and its been hinted Clint Frazier would have to go back to the minors. He's 6-10 with 4 XBH and 10 RBI with RISP since his call up.
  12. As someone who served, would you want people who have a suicide rate 25x higher than the general population serving in combat?
  13. Says the one who talks in circles.
  14. There you go again, cherry picking what makes you look good. A small minor detail. Why dont you address all the other points I've made?
  15. The part about vasectomies which I put on here (which mentions Tricare) states that there are many guidelines for an individual to be considered for a vasectomy. Including age, number of children, etc. The discretion to perform vasectomies is solely up to the doctor and it's not a slam dunk for them to be done. That might not be such a bad idea to not put people with an enormously high suicide rate into a potentially deadly situation. Or surround them with a plethora of lethal weapons. Or maybe it's this, would a vasectomy put someone out for this long? Enough of the high virtue signaling. How many military bases and posts would have to be refitted for bathrooms and showering facilities? The military isn't the gender exploratory clinic. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/09/29/military-could-spend-up-84-million-annually-reassignment-treatments/91218672/