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  1. That looks really bad. I dont understand the infatuation with head first slides. When I played the only time I ever dove head first into a base was a pick off throw. Never liked the idea of having all of that momentum from running and then diving head first into a base like that. Great way to jam a hand, finger, collarbone or shoulder.
  2. Awful news to hear. May lend some reasoning behind him seeming like he didn't have it all together in recent testimony.
  3. Well, what do you know. Wikileaks cables showing HRC research team killing Bloomberg story about opposition to Magnitsky Act. http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/18/hillary-clintons-opposition-to-russia-sanctions-coincided-with-bills-500k-moscow-speech/ https://mobile.twitter.com/wikileaks/status/885697735407611904
  4. You clearly popped a cherry that night, it just wasn't the one you intended for.
  5. It's been said that OJ more than likely suffers from CTE. That I would not doubt.
  6. If talking at dinner is categorized as a secret meeting then I need to reclassify some of the encounters I've had talking to people while out to eat.
  7. Officers said they heard a "loud noise" before Noor fired his gun. This is their corroborated story? Yikes.
  8. Why did Obama's DOJ approve of Veselnitskaya being in the country when her visa to say here was denied?
  9. LOL. No they didn't.
  10. Kahnle, Robertson, Frazier to Yankees for Clippard, Blake Rutherford (Yanks 3rd overall prospect), Ian Clarkin and one other. White Sox now have 8 of Baseball America's top 100 prospects. With the last two trades made and prospects recouped, they are going to be good in the not too distant future. I like getting Houdini (Robertson) back, not entirely thrilled they are losing Rutherford. Will see if change of scenery helps Frazier. Frazier a native of Point Pleasant, NJ. Frazier and Headley appear as if they are going to do LH, RH splits.
  11. The way the media reported it you would have thought someone from the KGB was flown in there as the translator. Instead it was someone who currently works with a woman who used to work at State Dept for HRC. Like I said, points back more to HRC. That's the whole point.
  12. The ABC News/WaPo poll where they purposely over sampled Democrats +12 in their latest poll?
  13. Are you sure you aren't skyjocky?
  14. 2015 Yes & No vote.