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  1. Nate Silver is a salty Giants fan. The Phils have easily the best lineup in the NL East this upcoming season.
  2. I swear if golly gee Roy wins another frickin title, with a Pitt transfer as his best player, I'm done with basketball. Ffs.
  3. Please Come to Boston Dave Loggins
  4. Along those lines @took me long enough
  5. I'll always love my Birds but the NFL is seriously starting to lose my interest. I think I'll start watching that new AAF next week.
  6. Nah Nick Foles went to Arizona. But congrats on the win Judy can't be too mad a year after Philly won it all.
  7. Consider yourself lucky. Well actually I don't mind either. 21 has a really distinctive style and Post Malone is really good but a bit overhyped at this point.
  8. Lil Bow Wow was a rapper about 15 years ago. 21 Savage is really popular right now. Most famous for "Rockstar" with Post Malone.
  9. They'll be crying in the streets of Etihad Airways tomorrow
  10. Thanks dirty Pats for pulling the plug on McDaniels and getting the Colts to hire Reich. I hate everything about the Patriots, from their hateable personnel to their obvious and regular officiating gifts. Their dynasty is tainted and will never be as great as those of the past. And Brady is a creep. Belichick is a whiny joyless douchebag. But congrats on the great season JJ, if Reich can beat the dirty Pats I consider that to be worthwhile.
  11. Tom Brady is a weird dude. This is who the NFL bends over backwards for to make sure he doesn't lose. Not watching the shit show this year. Screw the NFL. Good night.
  12. 900 Miles - traditional Covered by Guthrie, Dylan, etc