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  1. I recently purchased the Buenos Aires show from November 2011. I know that's not exactly in your time frame, but it's a great show and includes an amazing version of "Mother" by Pink Floyd. Highly recommend.
  2. My dad and uncle have already given up on baseball.
  3. Much to Mick Jagger's chagrin, he'll probably drag out "You Can't Always Get What You Want" yet again. In this case, what we wanted was a uniform federal response to an unprecedented pandemic that he was wholly unwilling and incapable of delivering.
  4. Eight teams left. Quite a few Lakers' teams were eliminated last night. But not mine.
  5. Defunding the police doesn't mean abolishing the police. It means redirecting some of their (often massive) budget to programs that can help reduce the need for police by improving social outcomes. But the righties never get that. Even though they've been defunding education and everything else for years, which have a hell of a lot more long term benefit than the police.
  6. You consistently make comments like this without reading other comments that directly refute your "opinion". So here, read this. Or don't. https://www.barrons.com/articles/usps-louis-dejoy-post-office-pelosi-mail-in-ballots-51597687253 I'm sure you'll keep making the comments either way, though. For your convenience, I'll post the most important quote. "In 2006, Congress essentially told the post office to set aside $110 billion over 10 years. That, by our math, is $11 billion a year. The annual free cash flow reported by UPS, for comparison, was about $6.4 billion in 2018."
  7. What New Zealand has now sounds a lot like how the USPS used to operate, such as with postal banking. What the Republicans would probably like to do is an outright dismantling of our postal infrastructure. Someone will make a bunch of money if this happens.
  8. Yeah but the military has a much bigger and identifiable amount of deadwood that has never been treated. In fact, as much as I trash the Pentagon, they regularly ask for less money than they get. Plus, the money spent on things like health, education, and veterans can be trimmed without a decrease in services, with badly-needed regulation of things like pharma prices and tuition profiteering. But the DoD should absolutely be priorities A1 and A2 for huge budget cuts.
  9. The Post Office is already in the black, it is a self-sufficient agency. It's funding issues stem from a Republican plan to force them to fund pensions for the next 75 years, a standard which no other office is held to. Privatization would result in $15 letter fees and an immediate reduction in accessible options offered around the country. The USPS is a service, not a business, and should be treated as such.
  10. It was because of Trump. I was a conservative, then a liberal, then a leftist. The two issues that really did it for me were the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the military budget. I really came to see that Republican policy is not about benefitting the average American and hasn't been since Eisenhower. As for Bruce, I don't think he ever really changed my thinking, he's opened my eyes a lot in many ways in the years listening to him, but when he was with #44 in the WOAD/WB era it annoyed me because I found Obama to be ineffective and better at orating than legislating. I think I understand th
  11. You are right. Anything can happen. But my personal belief is they are the best looking team in the NHL right now. If not this year, then soon, but time will tell. That goalie's performance was sublime, around 100 saves.
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