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  1. Yeah it's going to be tough. They asked arenas to be available until July, but it took China three months of very strict quarantines to get under control so I would wager this is going to take a bit longer here. They may choose to wait a month and then play without fans if the players are cleared.
  2. Sadly I'm not in the Philly area for the time being.
  3. I have a feeling this will be the first of many times Billy Gilmour is a thorn in the side for Liverpool and any other PL side. Small but mighty.
  4. That's actually a huge hire for Blackpool. Glad they're righting the ship after the Oystons were finally pushed out.
  5. If i had to guess the most likely option would be to play the matches in empty stadiums like they do when clubs are being punished by banning supporters.
  6. Probably tourism. But could be vocational or educational as well. I know here in Pittsburgh there's apparently something like 2,000 students from Wuhan going to colleges in the city according to an article my coworker was quoting. Which raises the question, why the hell are we educating so many Chinese kids at institutions which are supported by American tax dollars? So we're probably a ticking time bomb to be honest.
  7. Watford. Hell. First time they've been down two goals in a match since March... of 2018.
  8. I'm not too sure why it's so blurry but it represents each team's playoff chances, from making the playoffs to winning the cup. Each circle is the likelihood of them making it to the next round. They're giving the Knights the best shot at winning the cup I think, followed by the Lightning, Blues, Flyers, and Bruins or Capitals.
  9. Been a while, just wanted to share this. Looking good for several fans here.