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  1. Nate Silver is a salty Giants fan. The Phils have easily the best lineup in the NL East this upcoming season.
  2. Please Come to Boston Dave Loggins
  3. They'll be crying in the streets of Etihad Airways tomorrow
  4. 900 Miles - traditional Covered by Guthrie, Dylan, etc
  5. Ballad of Billy the Kid - Billy Joel
  6. Right, but don't sleep on the Wolves. They've already beaten Spurs and Chelsea. I'm not expecting that obviously but a draw wouldn't shock anyone.
  7. Just like that, it looks like the Premier League is a two horse race now. It always was but Spurs had a small outside shot. Of course, the seven point differential is tough enough for City to overcome.
  8. Yeah, they look good and I feel for their fans but the penalty was the difference.
  9. Some of the books I got for Christmas... been reading the de Gaulle book at work. Great man who doesn't get enough credit for his part in the salvation of the Free World. And a book about the greatest football player of all time, and not just on @Jimmy James's Colts. Some books are in the process of arriving, thanks to Amazon gift cards. Much thanks to @Ann Jones for the recommendations to continue with the Galbraith series. And of course I'm planning on starting our great writer @Jerseyfornia's series - again thanks to Amazon gift cards.
  10. Crazy stat: This was Saban's worst loss since 2006 - as head coach of the Miami Dolphins against Buffalo.
  11. Fantastic beatdown. I hope this spells the beginning of the end of the Saban Era. Pitt lost to Clemson by a similar margin - Pitt wants Bama??? Anyway great season, any season without Bama's clown show winning a title is a great season.
  12. Within You, Without You Beatles Written by the greatest Beatle
  13. Bit embarrassing. Wasn't able to watch today but caught the highlights just now. Moreno looked really bad. I think he's probably the worst player on the team. I know AMIW has been beating that drum for a while now. But like I've been saying all season I care not at all about the FA Cup. It's a prestigious trophy but a PL title is what Liverpool has been hungering after for years, and I think Klopp has been managing to win it, and nothing else. Off to Brighton and then the real test which is Spurs away.
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