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  1. He's Guilty (Send that boy to jail)
  2. House of the Rising Sun Animals (actually a version of a 400+ year old song. Snapple fact for you)
  3. Everything is alright Motion City Soundtrack
  4. Show Me the Way to Go Home AS Standard
  5. Did you see this? https://www.nbcsports.com/video/watch-crazy-nhl-goal-scored-referee-st-louis-blues-robert-bortuzzo
  6. Trapped in the Drive Thru Weird Al Yankovic
  7. I have to be in court! Grrrr (not for me lol) Tpbm is thinking fondly of vacation next summer.
  8. He Stopped Loving Her Today George Jones
  9. Mountains o' Mourne Traditional, Don MacLean
  10. I'll gladly congratulate anybody on their team winning. Colts, Cards, UNC, Falcons, you name it. But it's also possible to recognize that Man City and the City Football Group are the PR face of a repressive government, meant to whitewash their image worldwide. I'm sure their investment has helped the stadium area out or whatever. Doesn't make him a good person and doesn't make it morally acceptable.
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