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  1. I Fought the Law (and the law won) Bobby Fuller
  2. Lol. Anyway good game today. Tell the Sheikh to help get his nieces out of jail.
  4. It's a disgrace that a despotic nutjob like the Sheikh is allowed to use football to whitewash his image. I'm proud to support a club owned by a self-made man with genuine community and fan outreach.
  5. Huh. I kept hearing Arkansas. He will immediately make a difference there.
  6. You Dropped a Bomb on Me The Gap Band
  7. News: LFC will visit Wolves for third round of FA Cup
  8. I for one am quite enjoying the Penguins' collapse this season. A win for the east in the PA Derby! (Mods, can we get a sticky for this thread? @JudgeBrown)
  9. Great win! That goal was the definition of clutch.
  10. Alabama game was egregious officiating. Another year, another CFP not watched by me. Saban is ruining college football.
  11. Pitt wearing retros in the championship today. Clemson favored by 26 ½. Sounds like a challenge to me.
  12. NOVEMBER 26, 1842 On this date, a FRENCH priest by the name of Edouard Frédéric Sorin, from a FRENCH order of priests, founded the University of Notre Dame (FRENCH for "Our Lady"), named after an historic FRENCH cathedral in the FRENCH capital. To honor this heritage nearly a century later, the school decides to call their athletic teams the "Fightin' Irish." In this vein, they also adopted their legendary anthem: Victory March, followed by the shouted oath: "FAUX IRISH!" At least they're self-aware.
  13. I think we can all agree in this thread.... F PENN STATE!
  14. USC playing for all America tonight vs. ND's crap fanbase. Only PSU is worse.
  15. Hot take: this may negatively affect Michigan's chances at the playoff.
  16. Only Living Boy in New York Simon and Garfunkel
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