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  1. E Street Shuffle Kansas City 9/28/1975. At 24 and a half minutes this has to be the longest rendition of the song!
  2. Songs For Orphans Max’s Kansas City January 31, 1973. Wow! Such a great version!
  3. The Growin’ Up story for this show is a good one. Bruce cracks me up when the sister/nun asks him what he wants to be he says “I Wanna be a cheeseburger” hahaha
  4. Man I was going to comment that Kansas City version! Glad someone else agrees with me too. A haunting rendition no doubt
  5. I would have to say Stadium wise: Philadelphia! Great atmosphere. Cool venue (Citizens Bank Park). Always an interesting/wacky setlist! Arena: Blue Cross Arena Rochester. A small arena that Bruce has been playing since the late 70’s. Any seat in the arena is a good one! I also saw the Halloween show there in 2012 lol
  6. I love that live Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live album "4 Way Street". I finally got in on vinyl recently too!
  7. I thought Growin’ Up was a big part of these 85 shows? I have some bootlegs from Sydney and Toronto. And Growin’ Up is apart of these shows. I remember these were pretty stationary by the summer of 85
  8. I did the hardest thing today! I had to delete some of my Springsteen bootlegs off of my phone.
  9. Backstreets Miami March 6, 1977. A really intense rendition of the song. One of the best I’ve heard
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