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  1. Man I was going to comment that Kansas City version! Glad someone else agrees with me too. A haunting rendition no doubt
  2. I would have to say Stadium wise: Philadelphia! Great atmosphere. Cool venue (Citizens Bank Park). Always an interesting/wacky setlist! Arena: Blue Cross Arena Rochester. A small arena that Bruce has been playing since the late 70’s. Any seat in the arena is a good one! I also saw the Halloween show there in 2012 lol
  3. I love that live Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young live album "4 Way Street". I finally got in on vinyl recently too!
  4. I thought Growin’ Up was a big part of these 85 shows? I have some bootlegs from Sydney and Toronto. And Growin’ Up is apart of these shows. I remember these were pretty stationary by the summer of 85
  5. I did the hardest thing today! I had to delete some of my Springsteen bootlegs off of my phone.
  6. Backstreets Miami March 6, 1977. A really intense rendition of the song. One of the best I’ve heard
  7. Haha Backstreets is separated like this on my bootleg for Seattle 12/20/78 show
  8. Don’t Change- Albany 5/13/14. 7 years ago. I was front row just to the left of the stage in front of Tom Morello
  9. That Local Hero sounds great! Bruce’s voice is loud and powerful in this rendition
  10. Gothenburg 1985 wow I’ve never heard this extended intro to Racing In The Street. It’s an amazing rendition of the song!
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