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  1. I was just listening to this earlier on my way to class and after the song ended I was amazed that 6 minutes could go by so quickly so I played it again! This is definitely the definitive version it's just so powerful!
  2. Can anyone put up Boston 3/23-24/77 and Philadelphia 2003
  3. Can anyone upload 6/24/1993 and Sheffield 4/15/1993
  4. Can anyone put up Cleveland 4/7/76, MSG 8/23/78, Philadelphia 7/15/81
  5. Which of those Rochester recordings would you say is the best?
  6. On my phone I have Backstreets- 21 versions (all from 76-78 with exception to one or two) Favorite: Boston 3/25/77 Quarter To Three- 11 versions (all from 76-78) Favorite: Seattle 6/78 NYC Serenade- 10 versions. Favorite: Main Point ‘75 Growin’ Up- 9 versions (all with a story in it) Favorite: Chicago 9/78 Detroit Medley- 6 versions Favorite: Wembley 81
  7. Does anyone have Carter Baron Ampitheater 7/28/75, Cleveland 8/10/1975, Bottom Line 8/13/75 and Houston 9/14/75 they could upload? Thanks in advance
  8. New York City Serenade Geneva Theater, NY 7/22/75. So beautiful!
  9. Streets Of Fire Passaic 9/20/78. Love how you can hear Clarence’s background vocals. Could never hear that before
  10. Can anyone upload Gillette Stadium 8/18/12. Thanks!
  11. I have no preference so whatever one you choose is fine with me. Thanks!
  12. Could anyone put up Toronto 2/13/1977, Binghamton 3/15/77 and the final night of the Darkness Tour at Richfield Coliseum. Thanks!
  13. Can anyone put up Geneva Theater 12/7/1974 and 7/22/1975? Thanks!