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  1. Can anyone put up Norman December 1, 1978 and St. Louis February 28, 1977. Thanks abunch!
  2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo 12/17/75
  3. So many rarities in that show! Solo Thunder Road, Knock On Wood, Thundercrack, Prove It 78 and Quarter To Three. What are your memories of the show?
  4. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine Atlanta August 1975. Love this version!
  5. Was searching for a movie to watch and found this 2002 movie called "Skins". In the very beginning you can hear the LINYC version of Born In The USA. Honestly I felt like this was a cool use of the song. Here's the link to the movie. Its free to watch.
  6. The 6th anniversary of my second Springsteen show. While this is one of the shorter concerts on this tour at 2 hours and 50 minutes but this show is red hot. I was literally feet from the left side of the stage. In front of Tom Morello! Some highlights are the INXS opener “Don’t Change”, Treat Her Right, Mary’s Place, Seaside Bar Song, Better Days. During Born To Run I was able to strum Bruce’s guitar when he went out into the crowd! In the third photo you can see my big forearm with my hand on Bruce’s guitar with him looking down and laughing. What a great concert memory! Thank you Bruce!
  7. Oh man both shows look awesome! I always loved their versions of Let The Good Times Roll! And Louie Louie I don’t think I’ve ever seen them play that song. Def an eventful run of shows!
  8. Do you guys think they have any official recordings from the Philly Spectrum run right after this?