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  1. Not so rescued possum:
  2. Well we are all allowed to be selfish in our wishes and desires, but I think that some of this material has led to him doing some of his best rockin work. Without Seeger sessions would we have Death to My Hometown, which I consider one of his best from the last 20 years. I am also a fan of the GoTJ live with Morello on the High Hopes tour as a live rocker (I know I will probably get skewered or that :) )
  3. Good point - or he could easily decide to go the Billy Joel route, and do regular (monthly) shows at MSG and a few other east coast venues for a more extended period. Though this may not include the full ESB if he does - don't know why I think that but I do. Doesn't really strike me as his style, but as said given his family circumstances he may want to stay close but keep playing and this would be an option.
  4. I don't watch it either, was sent to me by a friend a few years ago. For me there was one other thing, but I won't post it here as its more of a Fight Club trigger (Karl's response to Peter Dutton about refugees coming to Australia )
  5. Well part of me says you can have him, but he will always have a place in my heart for two things: 1) Wearing the same suit for a whole year on air, and only revealing it when the year was up as a shout out to female colleagues criticised over their attire. and 2) This:
  6. Well given Max and Roy are all over Bat out of Hell it's not that far off, but yeah kinda agree.
  7. Leave it on the shelf where it belongs, it has no value and serves no sensible purpose.
  8. Relax mate, you're marrying someone from ONE state, as such you need to learn that lingo, and then scoff and roll your eyes and tell all the others that they're wrong, or crazy or whatever you like. Unless of course her family are from a different state, then best learn that one too, when the in laws send you to buy the beer knowing what is ordered is critical!!
  9. Yep - listening to the second Melbourne night from 2017 ATM Wish I could forget the drunken Irish woman that was right in front of me being really annoying. Would still put up with it any day for another show.
  10. I don't think a single Australian approved of what he did, his explanation/excuses for it over the years haven't really cut it to me. The spirit of the game was not there, sure the letter of the law was maintained but that's BS and most fans called him out at the time. The Australian team lost me in the Ponting/Monkey gate period, no excuse for the bully boy behaviour that they had been carrying on for years. Arrogance/Hubris and the sense of entitlement was out of control then, and the ACB not doing anything about it are to blame for the cheating more recently. It is a direct result of that era and the ACB unwilling to see the team sledging as anything more than "good tough fun". If they had rethought things back then, Warner and his arrogant sledging would not have been part of the "leadership" (and possibly he wouldn't have been in the team given his behaviour) and he wouldn't have told a young newbie to get the sandpaper. Sorry bit of a rant - I used to love following the cricket, but the past few years....
  11. I caught the second half last night, it was interesting, but more for the people it interviewed and the aftermath than the event itself. As you say Daisey - they were gods to us then (for me the Australian team). Most interesting was the various players on both sides who are all kinda meh about it now. I suppose 35 years of having to talk about it will do that. I do know from reading other stuff, that Trevor is probably sick of hearing about it.
  12. I always thought of a slab as 24 cans of beer (generally wrapped in plastic):
  13. Goanna is a trigger word for me and I now have Austen Tayshus'' "Australiana" stuck in my head. If you don't know it then, to quote the great Aussie icon: "Do yourself a favour"
  14. That was a horrible weekend, that should never be forgotten (for all the wrong reasons). I hope that SA does not have a similar result out of it. It was still 40.8 when I got home here at 7pm today - FAAARK so glad we have some air con.